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RFK Jr says that hog farmers are more dangerous than Osama

It's because of something about how America can only be destroyed from within. And apparently, Kennedy thinks hog farmers are out to destroy America. They've already corrupted every single politician in North Carolina! Even Oprah agrees with Kennedy, which means that it MUST be true.

This little debate between Kennedy and Rep. Steve King (R-IA) gets juicy, so see the video below. It ends with some major pwnage of Kennedy by King.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Wednesday said he thinks hog farmers are a greater threat to Americans than Osama bin Laden.

Mr. Kennedy, son of the the slain New York Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, is an environmental law attorney who was testifying before a House Judiciary subcomittee when Rep. Steve King, Iowa Republican, asked him if a quotation attributed to him in 2002 about hog farmers representing a greater threat than the leader of al Qaeda was accurate.

"I don't know if that [quotation] is accurate, but I believe it and I support it," said Mr. Kennedy, who has been involved in a vigorous legal effort against the meat industry for some years, arguing that manure and other products associated with large livestock producers emit toxic wastes that threaten the environment.

Mr. Kennedy also has said that a single hog consignment can put out more pollution than a city of a million people.

He has also said that every public official in North Carolina has been corrupted by the pork industry. He cited as evidence an editorial in a Raleigh newspaper, although he also said there may be some exceptions.

The Washington Times article also says that Kennedy plans on going after all large farms in America, not just hog farmers. If that is true, then it says a lot. I mean, think about it: how does shutting down every large farm in America do us any good whatsoever, let alone make us safer? But then again, if the goal is to destroy America, then Democrats are surely on the right track. Is there anything they can't -- or won't -- screw up?

Of course, taking a nutjob like RFK Jr seriously is in and of itself ridiculous. I don't recall pigs every flying planes into any buildings, for example.

Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit


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Comments (8)

If you're a liberal, you do... (Below threshold)

If you're a liberal, you don't need facts. If you're liberal lawyer, you really don't need facts. If you're a liberal, Democrat, lawyer named Kennedy you really, really don't need facts.
This screaming, wacko environmentalist has been advising the Governor of California since he was elected. California will soon become a tourist spot and nothing more. As California goes, so goes the nation.

And the aristocracy intends... (Below threshold)

And the aristocracy intends to impose their ideas on the lesser folk, regardless of how ridiculous or unproductive they are.

Pretty soon they'll be trying to restrict the types of clothing worn by various classes. After all - it wouldn't DO to have everyone be able to dress as THEY do!

I think this is a family th... (Below threshold)

I think this is a family thing started by his uncle. Teddy was dead set against a wind farm being placed off the coast of Massachusetts because it would ruin the view. I think by extension the Kennedys feel threatened by anything that has the word farm in it. Sort of a 'can't take any chances' thing. I'd let him keep talking. Although, if I were that bald headed guy to Bobby Jr's. right I'd be slowly easing my chair away from him.

Would anyone even listen to... (Below threshold)

Would anyone even listen to this idiot if his last name was Smith?

All the Kennedy men stopped... (Below threshold)

All the Kennedy men stopped being productive (except JK jr.) after Bobby was killed.

Given their worthless contributions to this country since John and Bobby died I'd say the real hog farmers were the breeders of these spoiled drunken misogynists who live to bleed the taxpayer.

"Mr. Kennedy also has s... (Below threshold)

"Mr. Kennedy also has said that a single politician/lawyer can put out more oral pollution, enough hot air to warm the earth to Venus-like levels, and involuntarily step in more buckets of shit (porcine and otherwise) than the entire population of the planet Earth."

There, fixed it for ya Booby Jr. (misspelling intentional)

Where does electricity come... (Below threshold)

Where does electricity come from? The outlet in the wall. Where does food come from? The grocery store. Life is so easy and simple when you are a liberal.

"He has also said that e... (Below threshold)

"He has also said that every public official in North Carolina has been corrupted by the pork industry."

I'd say every politician in the whole country has been corrupted by the pork industry. It all depends on how you define "pork".






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