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The Rush to Spendulus

The Anchoress wonders why all the critics who said President Bush rushed to war have no problem with Obama rushing to Spendulus. Anchoress also points to the fear mongering Bush was accused of and compares it to fear mongering Obama is doing on the economy and Spendulus.

Bush "rushed" to war over the course of a number of months. Obama is rushing Spendulus through in just a few weeks. When Bush "rushed" us to war in Iraq public support for it was higher than current public support is for Spendulus. As the specifics of the bill continue to trickle out I predict pubic opinion will drop even lower.

Where are the inquiring media that told us throughout the Bush presidency that it was their job to question the White House? I think we all know where they are (in the tank). If it passes, Obama will always be able to say, no matter what the state of the economy, that things would have been worse if we had not passed the Great Spendulus. The media won't question that. There will be no way to definitively prove or disprove it and the media will work overtime to push that line. (Bush could have pointed to some of the things that might have happened had we not invaded Iraq, or if we had not used certain interrogation techniques or if we had not passed the Patriot Act, but he didn't.)

I am reading that public opinion polls dropping like a rock are what has caused Harry Reid to panic and accelerate the rush of this porker through the Senate. It is melt the phones time people.

UPDATE: Wow. This thing really is being rushed. Read Michelle Malkin's post for all the specifics. Here is the overview:

From Senate staffer...

Just to give everyone a snapshot of the real debate that has occurred on the largest spending bill in history, as of 2pm today:

* 315 amendments have been filed
* 20 amendments have been considered
* 9 amendments have been adopted
* 11 amendments were rejected
* 14 are currently pending

This is a 736 page senate bill, rushed through committee with no hearings, and could pass after being on the floor for less than one week.

Based on where we are today, about 90% of the more than 300 amendments have not received consideration.

Follow the link for specifics on the amendments that have been considered.


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Comments (7)

He's pushing for all he can... (Below threshold)

He's pushing for all he can get before the 2010 elections because the democrats will lose seats all the way around.

This bill is, to steal an e... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

This bill is, to steal an eloquent phrase from the goddess Monica Crowley, a crap sandwich.

The Senate seems to think if they just put a little mustard and mayonnaise on the crap sandwich America will eat it and like it.

Now maybe JFO, Adrian, and Hyper will eat it with a s--t eatin' grin on their faces, but they'd have eaten the crap sandwich without the condiments anyway. Me, I'll pass thank you very much...

I can't believe people actually vote for these clowns.

This garbage damn near guar... (Below threshold)

This garbage damn near guarantees suspicion of the Dems. More and more it's looking like a scam - they're grabbing what pork they can NOW, results be damned.

Is THIS the transparent, open government promised by Obama? Write up a hell of a bill, don't give anyone time to review it and pass the thing in a hurry? What's next - take the money and run like hell?

Well, the voters supposedly wanted change. That's about what we'll all be left with.

So let's make sure we're cl... (Below threshold)

So let's make sure we're clear on this.

The past few years have seen much dramatic hand-wringing by the press who claim that they should have done more digging into the whole Iraq war WMD thing and they have some culpability for the war in that regard.

But they see no reason to dig into the stimulus bill and routinely portray those in any way opposed to it or even critical of it as obstructionists that need to be thrown out of office at the earliest opportunity.

The Iraq war cost many billions. They say they didn't look hard enough at the war and share some responsibility for those costs.

The spending spree is expected to cost several TRILLIONS. They claim that, if anything, we're not spending enough.

Pretty much everybody and his brother, including all the leading Democrats, all our intelligence, and every respected intelligence agency around the world was convinced Saddam had WMDs. Yet they theatrically claim they should have dug harder (despite the fact that one of their own already had a 'you scratch my back' arrangement with Saddam to get a Baghdad office).

But they see no reason to dig deeply into a TRILLION dollar spending spree that is entirely financed by borrowing that we know without a shadow of a doubt will burden future generations and is (most recently) dramatically opposed by more than 250 noted economists, including Nobel laureates and despite the dumbfoundingly obvious examples of similar plans failing here in the 30s/40s and in Japan in the 90s and the clear, obvious examples of success by other plans (tax cuts) in 2001, the early 80s and also under Kennedy. They see no reason to peer into this with less than a sparkle of glee in their eye.

Finally, as noted, they claim Bush "rushed" us to war, despite the prolonged build-up and repeated warnings to Saddam and despite the decade of obstructed inspections and violated agreements.

But they are completely convinced that what we absolutely have to do without delay and without serious consideration is commit to spending more than a TRILLION dollars (paygo anyone?) that they have already been told will do little to nothing to impact the economy for a year, two, or more and for which the Democrats have clearly admitted contains giant sums for items not even remotely related to economic stimulus and are instead a way to sneak through pet projects of Great Leader, earmarks, and campaign paybacks.

Not that this isn't all obvious. But it bears repeating somewhere since you won't find it in the press or on TV.

IN OTHER WORDS - given their first opportunity to "make good" on their promise to not repeat what they imagine are their 'mistakes" with Bush and Iraq, they instead plunge willingly and without hesitation into the Democrats' tank.

<a href="http://ww... (Below threshold)
Washington Times - CBO: Obama stimulus harmful over long haul

President Obama's economic recovery package will actually hurt the economy more in the long run than if he were to do nothing, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said Wednesday.

CBO, the official scorekeepers for legislation, said the House and Senate bills will help in the short term but result in so much government debt that within a few years they would crowd out private investment, actually leading to a lower Gross Domestic Product over the next 10 years than if the government had done nothing.
But that's ten years out. Eternity as far as politics goes - Pelosi and Reid will likely be gone, Obama will be out of office, so who really gives a damn if it tanks the economy - as long as it's not on THEIR watch!
Whether one is for or again... (Below threshold)

Whether one is for or against any sort of stimulus bill, certainly everyone can agree that spending this HUGE should NOT be rushed through without a thorough examination.

But... but... but... we hav... (Below threshold)
Linoge Author Profile Page:

But... but... but... we have to do SOMETHING! And this is SOMETHING! And Obama supports it! And you would not want to question the PRESIDENT, would you... comrade?


Our press has been failing us for years, and this is nothing more than another indication of that failure. I wonder if they are ever going to realize it themselves, or just continue to proudly march into obscurity...






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