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A "New" New jersey?

Living in New Jersey can suck sometimes.

Yes, we are the butt of many jokes, are looked upon with disgust by our oh-so-sophisticated New York neighbors, and the state's very diverse geography is often overlooked in other's assessments of the state.

But, it mostly sucks due to the Democratic stranglehold on its politics.

Astonomical property taxes, disasterous state-level spending which has created a budget shortfall of over $2 billion, and an ex-Goldmen Sachs executive in Governor Jon Corzine who believes the best way to help New Jerseyans economically is to take more money from them, creates a terrible atmosphere for giving people a reason to stay here, let alone to want to come here.

That's why this news is exciting for one of the state's 20 or so registered Republicans:

From the National Review:

A SHOCKING Poll Out of New Jersey

New Jersey has broken the heart of every Republican running statewide since, oh, 1997, and in the process, offered the world some of American politics' most ignoble moments: Sen. Bob Torricelli's tearful withdrawal from his reelection bid ("When did we become such an unforgiving country?"), Jim McGreevey's "I am a gay American" declaration, and Jon Corzine suffering terrible injuries because he didn't wear his seatbelt as his motorcade sped to a press conference with the Rutgers women's basketball team after the Don Imus brouhaha.

But as a Democratic incumbent, Governor Corzine ought to be essentially untouchable.

Quinnipiac polling says otherwise:

While few New Jersey voters know much about him, former U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie, a Republican challenger, leads Democratic incumbent Gov. Jon Corzine 44-38 percent in this year's Governor's race, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.
This reverses a 42-36 percent Gov. Corzine lead in a November 19 poll by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University.

In this latest survey, Democrats support Corzine 72-10 percent while Christie leads 86-7 percent among Republicans and 49-24 percent among independent voters. Men back the Republican 51-32 percent while women go Democratic 42-38 percent. Black voters back Corzine 68-9 percent while white voters back Christie 52-32 percent.

In a Republican primary, Christie tops former Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan 44-17 percent, with 5 percent for Franklin Township Mayor Brian Levine and 2 percent for Assembly member Rick Merkt.

Voters disapprove 50-41 percent of the job Corzine is doing, continuing a six-month string of negative ratings. Independent voters disapprove 62-30 percent, matching the same 2-1 anti-Corzine margin from the election matchup.

"Republican Christopher Christie has broken out of the gate as a strong challenger to Gov. Jon Corzine. In less than four months, he has come from trailing the Governor by six points to leading him by six points--a 12-point shift," said Clay F. Richards, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

New Jersey voters say 54-33 percent that Corzine does not deserve to be reelected. Democrats want him back 61-22 percent, while Republicans say no 87-8 percent and independent voters turn thumbs down 64-23 percent.

Corzine is stronger against other challengers, but not by a ton; he leads Lonegan only 42 percent to 36 percent. Lonegan's a virtual unknown, with a favorable response from 15 percent and a negative from 6 percent.

Hopefully the only stink coming from New Jersey will be that of Governor Corzine's rotting political career.


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Comments (10)

I know it's probably no con... (Below threshold)

I know it's probably no consolation for you politically, but I visited New Jersey once - Point Pleasant. After all my life hearing what a scenic cesspool New Jersey was I was surprised at what a terrific town it was, and at the beautiful scenery as we traveled the interstate. The whole southern part of your state, especially the coastal areas, is truly lovely.

Only time will tell! Lets ... (Below threshold)

Only time will tell! Lets hope no skeletons or scandals are lurking in the shadows. It will most definitely be very interesting to watch. I travel the parkway almost on a daily basis and I'm fed up with paying tolls. My property taxes have tripled in the last ten years I am so ready for change!!!

And yes Oyster, Jersey is a great state to live in. We have it all in my opinion. The beaches,mountains,close to two major cities which brings you to airports,shopping,dining,numerous sporting arenas,theater just to name a few. I've seriuosly considered moving to the Carolinas but Jersey has my heart.

i am happy to see that you ... (Below threshold)
sketcher Author Profile Page:

i am happy to see that you are back on track with your writing,seems your writers block has passsed. However, I did enjoy your "off the subject" tail of a young man growing up with music as his base. Very nice. As well as your other opinions on life issues in previous writings..

tale, not tail.. i'm a goof... (Below threshold)
sketcher Author Profile Page:

tale, not tail.. i'm a goof ball

as DSL says, it is a cool s... (Below threshold)

as DSL says, it is a cool state to live in.

And, Oyster, yes, there are many shore points that are quite spectacular.

If you're ever here again, try Island Beach State Park.

It's a strip of pristine barrier beaches rife with simple beauty and stark shapes.

And the largest Osprey colony in Jersey. (I love birds, so it's a place of particular interest)

sometimes people say stupid... (Below threshold)
sketcher Author Profile Page:

sometimes people say stupid things for reasons that are hard to explain. we are all human beings and sometimes the impression we leave are not what was intended.

Corzine has plenty of perso... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Corzine has plenty of personal cash to spend to win any office he wants. You can pretty much expect that to happen.

I wish people would stop ju... (Below threshold)

I wish people would stop judging New Jersey for what they see on I-95 and the Sopranos.

That being said, I think Christie is a great candidate because he recognized statewide as a US Attorney who has bagged quite a few corrupt elected official during his tenure.

I hope he wins the governor's race, but knowing New Jerseyan's love for incumbents, this will be tough for Christie.

Christie is an Establishmen... (Below threshold)

Christie is an Establishment type who will collapse like the other blueblood that gang likes. The guy to watch is Lonegan who has the money and his own organization so he doesn't need the Whitman gang.

Sorry, but Christie is a li... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:

Sorry, but Christie is a liberal squish who went out of his way to pander to illegals. We already had one Christie, a deadly RINO, and we don't need a second to deliver the final death blow to the NJ GOP.






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