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Gary Swenchonis: Why I Refused to Meet with Obama

Gary Swenchonis' son, Gary Jr., was killed on the USS Cole. When Gary Sr. was contacted by an aide to President Obama inviting him to meet with the president, he said no thanks. He explains why here. Please read it all very carefully. Here's a portion:

Why attend a meeting when you already know the inevitable outcome. And President Obama has already signed the order to close Gitmo, and a request to stop the trials. Which they did. With only one judge who had the strength, courage and conviction to stand up for the murdered sailors and say that al-nashiri's arraignment would go forward.

I can't imagine how frustrating this must be for Mr. Swenchonis and the other family members who lost loved ones on the USS Cole and 9/11. I was shocked when I read about Obama's decision to dismiss all charges against al Nashiri. I thought Barack Obama would be soft on national security but I was truly taken aback that he could be so callous and dismissive toward those who lost family members. It's even more egregious since those who died on the Cole were US servicemen and servicewomen.

Neil Cavuto interviewed a mother of a serviceman on the USS Cole who also refused to meet with Obama. She said that she voted for Obama but now thinks she made a mistake. Her daughter believes Obama should be impeached. Here's the video:


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Comments (9)

Why meet indeed. Just so O... (Below threshold)

Why meet indeed. Just so Obama can stroke him. Obama will meet with anyone at anytime on anything. He's not seeking input, he's already made up his mind. After all "I won" says it all.

President Obama is being ve... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

President Obama is being very careful about making his paybacks to the far left.

The far left hated former President Bush, hated everything he stood for, went as as far as to root for the the terrorist's which he wanted to dispose of. They thought that simply prosecuting the individuals involved in 9/11 in criminal court would rid us of the threat and make the Arab world like us.

Got news for you, you want to take a trip with me to Mid-East and or parts of the world that have not elevated their culture beyond the Thirteenth century.
In that part of the the world, they don't give a shit if you voted for Obama or Mickey Mouse.
Today, even after George Bush has been disposed of, many of these people would kill you and leave your rotting carcass on the street for rodents and dogs to dispose of.

It is not pretty, neither is watching thirteenth century barbarians kill us because some misguided stooge wanted to make political points.

Perhaps Pelosi or Reid or S... (Below threshold)

Perhaps Pelosi or Reid or SOMEONE ought to remind D'Obama that he's supposed to be president of the USA, not the arab world. He needs to stop kissing their collective asses.

The level of concern for a ... (Below threshold)

The level of concern for a known terrorist is very heartening and I am sure that once Al Qaida learns of this they will end their war against us and send everyone a free puppy.
Excuse me while I gag.
Doesn't Obama have anything better to spend his political capital on?

I would have told him to fu... (Below threshold)
Old Retired Petty Officer:

I would have told him to fuck off.

"He needs to stop kissing t... (Below threshold)

"He needs to stop kissing their collective asses."

For someone who professes to stand for human rights why does President Obama protect a barbaric enemy which treats the female worse than dogs, hangs homosexuals in the public square, uses the disabled as homicide bombers, uses children as defense shields, preaches violence, hate and world domination among other barbaric tactics yet denies justice for those who defend and protect the civilized world?

In any case President Obama has back himself into a corner and has no idea that he will be destroyed by the very barbarians he thought he could protect and defend; the enemy is coming after President Obama because they know he is a paper tiger.

It is over for President Obama, he demanded the enemy be given the right to terrorize.

I'm not happy that you forc... (Below threshold)

I'm not happy that you force me to defend Obama, but that's the position you put me in. And, frankly, the judge was wrong to ignore the request to halt the trial - it was grandstanding.

Obama requested a suspension of all the trials so his team could review them. But the one judge decided to blow that off and proceed. The only way to then stop the trial was to dismiss the charges.

But they were dismissed "without prejudice" meaning he can be re-tried. And he's being kept in custory, so he's not exactly "getting off". It's just that the trial isn't going to happen right now.

While Obama might eventually really screw this up and release these terrorist vermin through his now obvious incompetency, the fact is that there is nothing heinous or wrong with wanting to take the time to review all these trials and the trial procedures to make sure they're done in a manner he sees fit. He won the right to do that in the election.

There are many, many justified criticisms of all hat no saddle Obama. This isn't one of them.

Let me see if I got this ri... (Below threshold)

Let me see if I got this right. The left constantly whined about the length of time it has taken to get the terrorists cases heard. They are finally moving forward but Barry wants to now stop them for review and a judge said no. So Barry decides to set the terrorist that killed 18 sailors in cold blood for his God free? Now I got you. ww

I salute every American who... (Below threshold)

I salute every American who refuses to be paraded by and pandered to by the self-and-own-culture loathing mobbed-up murtadd muslim Marxist megalomaniac at the moment pretending to the "presidency:" Way to go United States' Ship Cole Family!

But let's for Goodness' sakes stop this maudlin madness of making believe that only the family members of those several thousand civilians and servicemen killed and maimed are the victims of the scores of acts of war that have been perpetrated upon our nation since 1979 when the bumbling bloody ineptitude of the execrable Bubbah-Gump Cartah headed us into the present mess!

Wake up!

The war is being brought against our nation -- and the enemy just installed its empty galabia figurehead into our once most hallowed house.

Brian Richard Allen
Los Angeles CalifUBAMBIcated 90028 and the Far Abroad






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