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Which Is Which?

Looks like the wacky octuplet mom had some lip injections done before her interview on NBC.

Separated at birth?


Duck-billed Platypus and Octuplet mom.

WTF, indeed.......

(I know this does a great disservice to the Duck-billed Platypus. It is much cuter and probably has much more sense than the Octuplet mom.)


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Comments (12)

Sometimes you are interesti... (Below threshold)

Sometimes you are interesting other times not. Personally I am not into making fun of a person's physical appearance. Something my parents were quite strict about.

So sad that you would resor... (Below threshold)

So sad that you would resort to making fun of a person's appearance. It's disgusting.

That chick was effing spook... (Below threshold)

That chick was effing spooky. Give her kids to the platypus...it's atleast got 8 teets!!!

I agree. Leave her alone. ... (Below threshold)

I agree. Leave her alone. Comments like that would be better placed in WizbangPop.

Ok, perhaps a little tastel... (Below threshold)

Ok, perhaps a little tasteless. On the other hand, injections? Did the same people who paid for the 14 treatments in vitro pay for that too?

You "think" she had injecti... (Below threshold)

You "think" she had injections. Of course, you really have no idea, you just want to make fun of the way she looks. Juvenile.

Wouldn't a post about the ethics of the doctor/clinic that did the IVF this time, as well as those who did for her other six children be more interesting?

Or how about what might drive someone to want so many children?

It's not like there's not blog fodder here, yet you choose to make fun of her upper lip.

Donna,Please... G... (Below threshold)


Please... Get off your soap box...

I've already written about this woman before. Find it for yourself.

Have you actully seen this woman before? I have, and those lips were done.

And I have news for you: I didn't make up the "separated at birth" bit. It's been done for years.

Lighten up. You're way too serious.

Me being too serious doesn'... (Below threshold)

Me being too serious doesn't make you less of a juvenile jerk, does it?

Oh, you were serious.... (Below threshold)

Oh, you were serious.

In that case, you really hurt my feelings.

A tad self-absorbed, aren't we?

Sorry people, it's open sea... (Below threshold)

Sorry people, it's open season on this chick! Dumb ass.

Izzat collagen or another e... (Below threshold)

Izzat collagen or another embryo?

This woman truly has critic... (Below threshold)

This woman truly has critical thinking problems. She has brought 14 children into the world and INTENTIONALLY made them fatherless. That's a huge lapse in judgment. Then you add on the expense that is borne by you and me, the taxpayer, in a state that is bankrupt with a piddly personal support system....this woman has serious issues. And she has dragged 14 innocent children into the situation as well. She deserves a level of contempt, not to mention head-scratching.

The fact that she seems to have no inhibitions about plastic surgery (I assure you, that is not the nose God gave her) is not surprizing and it is the least of the problems I have with what she has done. What she has done HAS impacted many people negatively. That is the issue.






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