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Iran to Obama: Admit Wrongs Before We Talk

Will Obama do it in order to prove he's discarding the ways of the past? From the AP:

Iran sternly dismissed decades of U.S. policies targeting Tehran and declared Friday that the new American administration had to admit past wrongs before it could hope for reconciliation.

The comments by Iranian parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani at an international security conference in Munich appeared to be the most detailed outline yet of Tehran's expectations from President Barack Obama's administration.

"The old carrot and stick policy must be discarded," he said, alluding to Western threats and offers of rewards to coax Iran to give up nuclear activities the West views as threatening. "This is a golden opportunity for the United States."

Obama has said the U.S. is ready for direct talks with Iran in efforts to overcome concerns that its nuclear program could be used to develop atomic weapons. Tehran denies that and insists its aims are peaceful. The former U.S. administration refused one-on-one negotiations with Tehran on the issue unless it made significant nuclear concessions beforehand.

There was no immediate U.S. reaction to Larijani's comments.


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Comments (8)

I agree that the carrot and... (Below threshold)

I agree that the carrot and stick approach hasn't worked. Time to lose the carrot.

Obambi will do it.... (Below threshold)

Obambi will do it.

I am trying to believe that... (Below threshold)

I am trying to believe that it is only the lost souls on the far left who would not be repulsed by Obama's groveling before Iran, obsequiously beating his breast in humility.

I have to think, to stay sane as this new president pauses in his bamboozling of the American people to consider foreign policy, that kowtowing to nutcases like the Mullah will not ingratiate him with anybody, including the mullahs.

Obama will kiss their asses... (Below threshold)

Obama will kiss their asses, after which they will spit on him.

Looks like a win-win to me.

Secretary of State Madelein... (Below threshold)

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright did the "apology thing" back in 2000, the U.S. went as far as to ease sanctions on Iran, it has gotten us no where.

So much for meeting with th... (Below threshold)

So much for meeting with them without pre-conditions.

It's true what they say, no plan survives contact with the enemy.

I always thought the carrot... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

I always thought the carrot and stick involved hanging a carrot from a stick just out of reach of the jackass so it would keep walking while trying to reach the carrot. Which is a more apt analogy of achieving peace in the Middle East than the idea of rewards and never-to-be-delivered-except-by-Israel punishments.

The word is out. Obamalala ... (Below threshold)

The word is out. Obamalala is a wimp. Our enemies have had a file on him since he was Senator Obamalala. This will not be a fun four years.






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