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Queen Bitch

The title has nothing to do with anything except as an excuse to post this classic from David Bowie when he was at his thin white duke-iest.

Then again it's also a suitable segue into this video of Ron Paul channeling his inner Slingblade:
Well, it looks like the Senate has come to an agreement on the spending package - some people call it a stimulus package - but it's not a stimulus package it's just a spending package...

You go Dr Paul. Sure some of your supporters were off-putting, but what were conservatives thinking when they rallied behind John McCain...


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"Queen Bitch"Oh, I... (Below threshold)

"Queen Bitch"

Oh, I thought this post was gonna be about Pelosi.

"what were conservatives th... (Below threshold)

"what were conservatives thinking when they rallied behind John McCain..."

That when it came to national defense Dr Paul was worse than 911 Truthers and Medea Benjamin of Code Pink combined.

If your city is blown to ash what good is a job, some food or a mortgage?

I didn't like McCain either however at least he was not a paper kitty.

And to think, if we had kno... (Below threshold)

And to think, if we had known that 54% of Catholic voters would end up betraying their faith anyway by empowering the candidate more extreme than NARAL then we could have fiscal conservative strong on national defense Rudy Giuliani in the White House.

In that case, thank God for... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

In that case, thank God for 54% of Catholics. Giuli911 is a joke.

Ron Paul is a great America... (Below threshold)

Ron Paul is a great American.

Did Conservatives rally beh... (Below threshold)

Did Conservatives rally behind John McCain?

The dollar is already dropping Dr. Paul.

That when it came ... (Below threshold)
That when it came to national defense Dr Paul was worse than 911 Truthers and Medea Benjamin of Code Pink combined.

Yes. But I think we must admit that by pulling off most of the conservative cranks, misfits, and kool-aid drinkers, Dr. Paul is performing a valuable service for the Republican Party.

Like every other politician... (Below threshold)

Like every other politician Ron Paul is doing a wonderful service for himself.

Ron Paul is not only a grea... (Below threshold)

Ron Paul is not only a great representative of the American people. His detailed expositions (in the face of bleak oppositions)and votes reveal him to easily be in the same league with the founding fathers of the USA.

Ex. He would never have allowed Hamiltonianism to take root in HIS administration, nor the Alien and Sedition Act to be proposed, nor the removal of the pacified eastern Indians west.

I put Paul alongside Washington despite Washington's lapses in judgement of policy in his second term. Alongside Jefferson, too. Ahead of the Adamses; ahead of Madison and Jackson. Ahead of Cleveland. The rest are not even close. Sucking exhaust fumes.

Ron Paul is a great American.






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