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Non stop

Would you watch television for three days straight to set a record? From AP-

STOCKHOLM - Suresh Joachim has broken his own Guinness world record for nonstop broadcast-television watching, clocking 72 hours in the Swedish capital.

"I feel fine, I drank between 25 and 30 cups of coffee," Joachim said Sunday.

So I'm guessing he had a bedpan or portable toilet handy so he didn't miss anything.

His previous record was 69 hours, 48 minutes, set in 2005.No wonder he wanted a new record. Mr. Joachim lost his mind in 2005.
Joachim, a Sri Lanka native who lives in Toronto, watched three seasons of the drama series "24" featuring Kiefer Sutherland, said Swedish TV4 spokeswoman Janina Witkowski.
At least it wasn't the movie Apollo 13 over and over again mixed with commercials for Progressive Insurance, the movie Lakeview Terrace, and promos for TNT's show Raising the bar. All of which I viewed endlessly when in the hospital for open heart surgery. Look at me now.


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Comments (3)

Apparently you have not yet... (Below threshold)

Apparently you have not yet been completely brainwashed. Gonna go for more?

Raising the Bar? Is that th... (Below threshold)

Raising the Bar? Is that the one with the attorney dude sporting lavish locks?

I wonder what the record is... (Below threshold)

I wonder what the record is for most consecutive hours laying around doing nothing? I'm gonna go for that one.






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