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Breaking News: Stimulus Bill Passes Senate

Again the same turncoats who betrayed the Republican Party and the American people voted for it: Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, and Arlen Specter. The vote was 61-37.


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Susan Collins, Olympia Snow... (Below threshold)

Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, and Arlen Specter.

Shame on these fools. Let's find someone to defeat Specter in 2010!


I am fine with them retaini... (Below threshold)

I am fine with them retaining their seats. I am dismayed that Specter did not know there was a healthcare provision in the bill. That is the problem with our congress as a whole. They do not do their work. I hope it is honed down in conference. ww

NONE of those idiots who vo... (Below threshold)

NONE of those idiots who voted for this garbage KNOWS what's in this bill. Don't worry, they and the American public will soon find out.

if you haven't watched this... (Below threshold)

if you haven't watched this clip from the Senate today, please do so now.

In the dictionary under "Arrogance" there is a picture of Chuck Schumer.

A billion here...a billion there...pretty soon it's REAL money, eh Chuck?

BOHICA.Dammit.... (Below threshold)



We must reconcile the accou... (Below threshold)

We must reconcile the account books.
If this stimulus bill had been introduced or fluffed by George Bush, it would have garnered the support of half of the Republican caucus since we all know that the odious stimulus bill Bush DID introduce garnered a Republican majority, at which time Senate Republicans demonstrated their "betrayal" of what you categorize (loosely, of necessity) as the "Republican Party". (Or are you referring to betrayal to the bust of the diefied Reagan? I get lost here.)
1st: American parties are parties of people over ideals. Sad, yes, but Fact. You'd have to go back to the Free-soil, Anti-Masonic, or Union coalition ticket of 1864 to find a party where ideals determined membership (expulsion codicil).
2nd: Let's say I'm incorrect above, or missing your point. Then it is still crystal clear (by actions political) that whatever ideological train the Republicans in Washington had tickets for (alledgedly) had left the political station without them, leaving them stranded round Christmastime.
The Annales can only state as Fact that the "Republican party" has claims upon the ascession of Obama to being Born Again. The CLAIMS being fact, the results a matter of faith only among true believers, and only added as narrative color to the story. And the story isn't over; their is still a hole at the D.C train station with Republican credibility still in it.

BryanD -This monst... (Below threshold)

BryanD -

This monstrous abortion wouldn't have been introduced by Bush, because there's no way in hell the Democrats would have voted for it.

And the rest of your rant... um, "The Annales"? WTF does that have to do with what's just been shoved up (or down) our unwilling orifices?

Justice,Amen to th... (Below threshold)


Amen to that.

On January 19th the economy was running like a well-oiled watch and look at it today!!!!

Why is anyone who doesn't b... (Below threshold)

Why is anyone who doesn't blindly follow party lines a turncoat? So anyone who doesn't think like you is a traitor? I suppose you thought anyone who criticized Dubya was a traitor, so what does that make people who criticize Obama? Patriots? LOL.

The bill still has a while to go before it's acted upon, it'll have some Dem pork taken out and some GOP pork put in.

For those that need a reall... (Below threshold)

For those that need a really solid economics lesson then you need to read this to understand WHY this stimulus package isn't going to help. It's only going to put this country in a tail spin that will happen for sure. (it's not as long as it seems, the article is copied twice, go from pg 1-22) I offer it up as food for thought for everyone.

READ THIS and take heed...

"I'd rather be prepared for the worse and wrong than unrepaired and right"

Folks Common !!!!Wha... (Below threshold)

Folks Common !!!!
What happened to all this comments, when John McCain suspended his campaign calling country first to pass the Bush $700 Billion Bill in less than a week. What happened to all thos republicans who vote for those bills ?Conservative, Country First.....Bi-Partisan Ship...Really..Why is press not asking this questions to any republicans / conservatives who supported the first bill....

Why just a few tax cuts? L... (Below threshold)

Why just a few tax cuts? Let get rid of all federal taxes and let those private corporations that are the strength of this economy take on the job of our national defense, disaster recovery and police/public protection

The reason you can't have 1... (Below threshold)
James R:

The reason you can't have 100% tax cuts is because tax cuts were seen as being very unsucessful over the last 8 years. 22.89 million jobs created under Clinton. 3 million created under G.W. Bush. 2.5 Million created under G.H.W.Bush(During 4 years). That doesn't mean you can't be right, but right now the job statistics aren't seen as in your favor.

See wall street journal article below for previous presidents job creation.


Justrand, Schumer is arroga... (Below threshold)

Justrand, Schumer is arrogance at its worst. "Little tiny porky amendments"? "The American people don't care"?

What a complete ass.






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