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Wars Don't "End," They are Won or Lost

Uncle Jimbo at his best:

My biggest fear about a President Obama was that he has a totally flawed view of what to do about our two ongoing wars. He was spectacularly clueless about what to do in Iraq and had we followed his bad advice we would have lost there. His continual demand that we "end" that war is symptomatic of his misunderstanding of the gravity of having US troops on a battlefield.

It is just this simple Mr. Wannabe Commander in Chief, and I say wannabe because while you hold the title you haven't earned it or the trust of the troops yet. The first SF team room I walked into had a sign over the Captain's desk that said "Shut up sir, we'll throw you a pen when we need you to sign something". That sign stayed up for every new Captain assigned to a team of seasoned NCOs to serve as their Detachment Commander, and it only came down when he had gained the trust and became the Team Leader. Well so far Mr. Obama you can hang onto your pen for a while yet. You have a choice to make about your BS 16 month withdrawal from Iraq campaign promise. It was BS when you first came up with it and it's BS now. Your military leaders came to you and told you this and we'll see if you listen to them or play politics. You, Reid, Murtha and the rest of the defeatocrats did your level best to lose that war and if President Bush wasn't a real leader you might have prevailed. I hope you have learned from that but you still seem to be lost as far as what the job of CinC entails. Well as a courtesy from this NCO to a new Commander, I will give you a very important lesson.

You can't end a war, you either win it or lose it.

Read it all.


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Great post Lorie. When I wa... (Below threshold)

Great post Lorie. When I was in 10th Group 30+ years ago we had a new Lt assigned as our Assist Team Leader (back then they used Lts instead of Warrants). His first morning on the job we had a team meeting first thing. When he tried to share his opinion our senior weps guy (SFC) looked at him and said "Sir, just sit there, shut the fuck up and listen, and you'll learn enough to be valuable to the team, maybe. With all due respect, of course"

I still chuckle thinking about it.

"You can't end a war, you e... (Below threshold)

"You can't end a war, you either win it or lose it."

How do such simple truths escape our elected officials?

"You can't end a war, you e... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

"You can't end a war, you either win it or lose it."

Umm, ever hear of a place called Korea?

Yeah - a stalemate. However... (Below threshold)

Yeah - a stalemate. However, I don't think I'd see North Korea as an example of a functioning society. Monomaniacal, certainly - but take away the 'threat' from the free South and they're lost. If the war ends - NK is screwed.

Bruce"'Umm, ever h... (Below threshold)
retired miilitary:


"'Umm, ever hear of a place called Korea?"

Technically the war never ended. They have been at a ceasefire for the past 50+ years.

Technically, the war never ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Technically, the war never ended, but in reality, it did.
Israel "won" the 1967 War, but how did the 1973 war end? Stalemate. Who won the 1982 Lebanon war? Who won the 2006 war with Hizbollah?
Who won the Balkan War of 1912? Who won the second Balkan War of 1913? Both stalemates.
It's like the argument I had with some idiot who said, "War never solved anything!" I replied, "Yeah, except that slavery thing in 1865, or that Fascism thing in 1945, or that independence thingy in 1781. Except for those and about a million other times, war never solved anything!"
It's equally false to claim that "wars never 'end', they are either won or lost."

Commander in Chief. I doubt... (Below threshold)

Commander in Chief. I doubt this Guy could complete Boot Camp in any of the Armed Services.
He would likely be a section 8 reject, succumbing to mental anguish over the trainers failure to acknowledge his superior Intellect.

I keep hearing that he and ... (Below threshold)

I keep hearing that he and his fellow cultists think he has a superior
intellect yet I keep seeing things on the net saying his IQ is 125. That's
dreadfully average as is our new occupant of the Oval Office. There is
nothing superior about someone who thinks he knows everything because a bunch of sycophants told him that he knows everything!!
I pray for our nation and our troops everyday because of this moron.

RileyB -For what i... (Below threshold)

RileyB -

For what it's worth, I wouldn't take an Internet ad's IQ estimate of Obama as gospel. After all, I've seen the same ad for Brittany Spears at 105 points, which puts her 5 points above the average of 100.

High IQ doesn't mean you're going to be successful - and in politics a cunning mind and a devious nature (as well as syncophantic supporters) will get you a hell of a lot further than your IQ alone will.

When Obama shows any eviden... (Below threshold)

When Obama shows any evidence that he actually cares about the well-being of Americans, I show him a modicum of respect.

Then again, you cannot win ... (Below threshold)

Then again, you cannot win an Occupation either and that is exactly what we are in the midst of in Iraq despite what the right-wing, goose stepping extremists say.

Hmmmm ... Commander In Chie... (Below threshold)

Hmmmm ... Commander In Chief, Bushy vs Obama.

One has never been in the Military and one hid behind his Daddy's Congressional Skirts during Viet Nam, joining the Texas Air National Guard, then didn't show up often enough to retain his right to fly.

But Bushynever threw away his flight suit and used it to land on an Aircraft Carrier under an interesting and lying banner stating "Mission Accomplished".

Weren't we lucky to have little ole Bushy lying us into Iraq!

The last President that served in the Armed Forces of the USA was Pres. Carter.

De Professor,<blockq... (Below threshold)

De Professor,

The last President that served in the Armed Forces of the USA was Pres. Carter.

Carter was not the last president to serve.

Ronald Reagan
April 1937 enlists in the reserve
Active duty April 1942
Separated from active duty April 1945

George W H Bush enlisted in 1941 after
Pearl Harbor.
Separated from active duty at end of
WW2 in 1945.






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