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Back off -- it's the Chicago Way

"One of your students doesn't do his homework, you body-slam him into a desk. One of them mouths off at you, you shove him down the stairs. They go to the press, you go to the Department of Education. That's the CHICAGO WAY."

Or something like that. Investigative reporters have uncovered massive physical and emotional abuse of students by faculty, administration, security guards and even substitute teachers in the Chicago Public School system. But don't expect former Chicago Public School chief Arne Duncan to be held accountable. He's now sitting atop our nation's educational bureaucracy as President Obama's new Secretary of Education. CBS 2 is reporting:

An exclusive CBS 2 investigation discovered Treveon Martin is one of at least 818 Chicago Public School students, since 2003, to allege being battered by a teacher or an aide, coach, security guard, or even a principal. In most of those cases - 568 of them - Chicago Public School investigators determined the children were telling the truth.

"I'm thinking that I don't really feel safe," Martin said.

The 2 Investigators found reports of students beaten with broomsticks, whipped with belts, yard sticks, struck with staplers, choked, stomped on and pushed down stairs. One substitute teacher even fractured a student's neck.

But even more alarming, in the vast majority of cases, teachers found guilty were only given a slap on the wrist.

And most of this occurred while Arne Duncan was in charge of the Chicago school system. Incompetence? Apathy? What's going on here? I know, I know, I'm forgetting that good education is all about indoctrination rather than organization and discipline. And I'm sure that Arne Duncan ranks up there with the best insofar as his abilities to create indoctrination programs for children are concerned.

Do I even have to say that any member of the Bush Administration -- especially one charged with developing and implementing policies aimed at children -- would already be running from a pitchfork and torch carrying mob of Democrats if he had been involved in this kind of a scandal? After all, the Bush Administration and its Gestapo Chief, Dick Cheney, were directly responsible and accountable for the Blackwater and Halliburton scandals, weren't they?

Once again, the silence from the national news media and liberal children's advocacy groups is absolutely deafening.


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When Obama spent $100 milli... (Below threshold)

When Obama spent $100 million dollars on 'education' and no improvements occurred, it was discovered that the programs had nothing to do with actually learning things like math, English and writing, but political organizing and indocrination.

The only education fostered by Chicago schools is obedience to the One ... Soon to be a standard curriculum throughout the US.

People like this will alway... (Below threshold)
Lee Reynolds Author Profile Page:

People like this will always exist. The measure of a society is what position they hold within it. Once upon a time, people like this would be relegated to the peripheral of society, if not incarcerated. Now they're front and center with their hand at the rudder.

Somewhere something went horribly wrong.

I am shocked, I thought in ... (Below threshold)

I am shocked, I thought in this day and age the students ran everything and teachers were afraid to give a student a dirty look. It is disgrace. I don't like teacher hitting students no matter what unless they were defending themselves for some reasons. What the hell kind of place is Chicago anyhow?
Taking with my elderly family members when they went to school, students were hit and a lot too. And the worst problem the teachers had to deal with was chewing gum in class or running in the hallways.

There is no accountability ... (Below threshold)

There is no accountability for Dems, especially those associated with the Education-Industrial Complex.

Seems like Chicago politics... (Below threshold)

Seems like Chicago politics, and Chicago schools use the same philosophy!

Is this what Obama and Bob ... (Below threshold)

Is this what Obama and Bob Ayers had in mind? ....well they had good intentions!

Hey Julio got a job offer</... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Hey Julio got a job offer


Just goes to show you what happens if you just ask THE ANNOINTED ONE for something.

Hey if I see Obama I am going to ask him for a billion dollars.

Once again, the silence ... (Below threshold)

Once again, the silence from the national news media and liberal children's advocacy groups is absolutely deafening.

The investigation was just reported yesterday, and has so far been picked up by every network and major newspaper in Chicago, and you're complaining about lack of coverage?

I'm sure you'll completely ignore the increased coverage in coming days, as well as the involvement of those "liberal" childrens advocacy groups, as it will show how idiotic your complaint is.

You really are this stupid, aren't you? It can't possibly be an act.

If this had been a republic... (Below threshold)

If this had been a republican administration this story would have hit national news LAST NIGHT! Chris Matthew's leg would have been flopping around and Bathtub Boy would have foamed at the mouth. The Today show would have a "educational child abuse due to greedy, rich conservative" segment.

Wanna bet this disappears into the ether?

I grew up and went to schoo... (Below threshold)
Chris G:

I grew up and went to school in Chicago. My first thought was..."What the heck took so long for the teachers to put in the needed work". This type of "counseling" was sorely missed in my heyday. Kids ran the classroom, and mayhem was the norm at Englewood HS. Most of the males did not have fathers at home to fear, and it showed in their classroom conduct.

Heck, if a teacher manages to push a punk kid down a flight of stairs and choke another kid for mouting off, I say they get to park in the "Teacher of the Week" parking spot next to the front door. That way, the teachers will be motivated and the educational process will be real competetive.






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