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Barack Obama Promised a Tax Cut for 95% of the American People

So, how much of a tax cut is he delivering to 95% of the American people with that $790 billion? A whopping $13 per paycheck that later gets reduced to $8 per paycheck. Stimuluspalooza!

Q: What are some of the tax breaks in the bill?

A: It includes Obama's signature "Making Work Pay" tax credit for 95 percent of workers, though negotiators agreed to trim the credit to $400 a year instead of $500 -- or $800 for married couples, cut from Obama's original proposal of $1,000. It would begin showing up in most workers' paychecks in June as an extra $13 a week in take-home pay, falling to about $8 a week next January.

So what can you buy for an extra $13, soon to be $8 per week? Hmmm. You could get 2, maybe 3, value meals at a fast food restaurant. How about a Lawrence Welk CD. Or a nifty new t-shirt. That's what the Democrats have birthed. The t-shirt stimulus. That will really get the economy going.


Buy this t-shirt at my CafePress store!

Update: The Anchoress reminds us how Michelle Obama ridiculed the $600 a person tax credit that was issued last year:

I just have one thing to ask:
What does Michelle Obama suggest we do - how we will stimulate the economy with our $13?

As I recall, when there was a $600.00 stimulus check rolling down the pike a while back, Mrs. Obama rather sneered at it:

"You're getting $600. What can you do with that? Not to be ungrateful or anything. But maybe it pays down a bill, but it doesn't pay down every bill every month..."

Hmmmm...I'm not sure I understand how $13.00 a week, reduced to $8.00 a week in January, will do much for "paying down every bill every month." $54 per month (or $32), when offset by the increased taxes that will come from ending the infamous Bush Tax Cuts - which stimulated us out of a recession and brought 7 years of unimpeded growth before this time-suspect strangeness occurred and the additional tax increases that will accompany our ramped-up spending, plus the million little laws, fees and fines that will eat into our incomes...help me out, I'm not really seeing the stimulus, here.

Update: Commenter James queries:

Why isn't this up on Cafe Press yet?

It is!! Welcome to Up North Conservative where you can now buy your absolutely fabulous stimulus t-shirts. Get 'em while they're hot! Only most will cost you a little bit more that the $13 extra dollars you're getting in your weekly paychecks. I do have a value t-shirt for a bare bones price of $8.99, so once your tax credit drops to $8.00 in January, you're still covered. I've only got a few products for now, but I'll add a few more t-shirt colors and possibly other products if there's any demand for them.


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Comments (29)

Will we ne getting a weekly... (Below threshold)

Will we ne getting a weekly check or monthly?

Has he been honest about AN... (Below threshold)

Has he been honest about ANYTHING?

Hey I just realized......</... (Below threshold)

Hey I just realized......

I can buy a box of 50 rds for my Sig556 HOLO every TWO weeks!!!


THANK YOU Mr. President

thats a 40 oz malt and a pa... (Below threshold)

thats a 40 oz malt and a pack of Kools

That's not even enough to b... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

That's not even enough to buy high-protein feed for our new unicorns. Which, by the way, I still haven't received.

Why isn't this up on Cafe P... (Below threshold)

Why isn't this up on Cafe Press yet?

That pack of Kools you were... (Below threshold)

That pack of Kools you were talking about just went up by $.61 a pack, so smokes are going to cost you $18.30 more a month, assuming you smoke a pack a day, or $36.00 a month if your non-gender-specific life partner also smokes.

Fellow 556 owner! Yeah, gr... (Below threshold)

Fellow 556 owner! Yeah, grab ammo while you can!

And if these are the tax cuts he was talking about...can we infer the same results with his great stimulus bill?

John, ever fire the Sig556?... (Below threshold)

John, ever fire the Sig556?

I've fired virtually every NATO and eastern block assault weapon (556 and 762) and this is a GREAT weapon. Light, tough, smooth. I love my FN FAL but prefer the Sig for close work.


"A whopping $13 per paychec... (Below threshold)

"A whopping $13 per paycheck that later gets reduced to $8 per paycheck."-kp

And Boosh sent $300 to $600 to folks who earn NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING (EITC)!

Please, please, PLEASE!...

...see a psychiatrist.

DAMN, I was hoping for enou... (Below threshold)

DAMN, I was hoping for enough to sterilize each and every pol in D.C. so the breading will stop.

For 13 bucks I doubt if I can neutralize one nut on one pol.

So, how much of a tax cu... (Below threshold)

So, how much of a tax cut is he delivering to 95% of the American people with that $790 billion? A whopping $13 per paycheck that later gets reduced to $8 per paycheck. Stimuluspalooza!

OK, funny t-shirt, but let's cut through the bullshit. That "Stimuluspalooza" is still more than McCain promised most Americans. And while it by itself does not cover what Obama's pre-election proposal was, it's just a single item that gets halfway there for most, and you're intentionally ignoring what other tax cuts the middle class will receive that will fill out Obama's plan.

And while I like the "my government is spending $790 billion" t-shirt, I think it's premature. Do you know where I can get the "my government already gave $700 billion to the banks for nothing in return" shirts? Or the "my government lost $25 billion in Iraq and doesn't think that's a lot of money" shirts?

The Hot Air video you linke... (Below threshold)

The Hot Air video you linked to scared the s*** out of me. I knew the subprime thing was bad, but I had no idea just how bad. The world almost lost all its working capital -- ALL of it. We barely avoided bartering DVDs for grain.

I would propose three simple steps to stop this economic slow-crash:

1. Enact the FairTAX immediately (or by June 1 2009).
2. Halt the collection of business taxes (FICA/SSI) for one month; charge it to "our tab".
3. Do NOT allow the upcoming minimum wage hike to $7.25.

These three steps, with a very public eye on CEO bonuses, would lead to immediate uptic of the Dow.

"Enact the FairTAX immediat... (Below threshold)

"Enact the FairTAX immediately (or by June 1 2009)."
13. Posted by BlueNight

The Fair Tax is great.
Unfortunately, the Republican powers-that-be HATE it, deep down inside.
Even the supposed "conservative" boosters (Boortz, though not Linder) *lay low* when it really matters.

Third Party!

Here ya go, Brian:... (Below threshold)
ODA315, yup, I own one :) ... (Below threshold)

ODA315, yup, I own one :) Waiting for some 69gr Prvi to test against their 75gr.

Now back to the stimulus, remember all the promises Dear Leader promised? No backroom, closed door deals, transparency, wasteful spending, lobbyists, all of it was BS since by his own words the economy is doomed unless the government stimulates it. This bill, filled with pork and nationalization of health care services, with most of the items backended are NOT going to immediately impact the economy. How is it going to help?

Bottom line is, Obama's inexperience and lack of leadership allowed Reid and Pelosi to create this monstrosity. Obama could have LEAD, but instead chose to campaign.

BryanD -You know B... (Below threshold)

BryanD -

You know Boortz is one of the authors of the FairTax, don't you? AND has written a couple of books on it?

And for what it's worth, at... (Below threshold)

And for what it's worth, at THIS point I'm thinking the FairTax may be about the only way out of our financial mess.

Of course, getting foks like Maxine ("I don't think! Why should I?!") Waters to vote for it is problematic. You won't see much support for it in Congress - removal of their power to tax the 'rich' would eliminate a lot of their perceived power...

In case anyone was wonderin... (Below threshold)

In case anyone was wondering if the press was fairly covering this nightmare - check out the rest of that AP story:
Q: How long would it take for highway projects to begin?

A: Lawmakers say most of the projects could be up and running within 90 days, although it could take somewhat more time in northern states with longer winters.
And how many jobs are those projects going to create?
Q: How will infrastructure spending affect jobs?

A: The Federal Highway Administration has estimated that every $1 billion the federal government spends on infrastructure projects translates to 35,000 jobs. Collins put the total infrastructure spending -- including highways, mass transit, environmental cleanups and broadband facilities -- at $150 billion. Do the math and that translates into more than 5 million jobs, based on the highway administration's assumptions.
That's right...within 90 days we're going to see most of 5 million new jobs. Sounds about right to me. What I can't understand is why we don't just spend $15 trillion and put those 500 million people to work that Pelosi said were losing their jobs every month. I mean, it seems to be 'just that simple' as they say.

Seeing it would take litera... (Below threshold)

Seeing it would take literally years to get permits and such lined up, about the only folks I see employed are going to be lawyers for the first year or two...

Oh, wait. That's what Congress is primarily composed of... Never mind!

BryanD -You know Boo... (Below threshold)

BryanD -
You know Boortz is one of the authors of the FairTax, don't you? AND has written a couple of books on it?
17. Posted by JLawson

Yes. I know everything regarding "conservative" talk radio. As a painter (fine arts, not walls, thunkyoo) I listen to AT LEAST 20 hours of blab per week (not counting nocturnal Coast2coast emissions), so I have the routine down pat:
Boortz trots out the FairTax meme about once every 3 months, for one week, then *POOF*.
Like I said (in comment #14), Linder is the Mover; Boortz is the man-bitch in it for the $$ as far as I can tell (per evidence).
Otherwise, Boortz would play the harp sweeter and more often. Instead of talking about "Belinda" and her dog aversion, or "Belinda's" stupid kid getting his Crocs stuck in the escalator at Atlanta Int'l Airport.
(See? I know Boortz!)

Happy now?Y... (Below threshold)

Happy now?

Yep, thanks!

BryanD -Oddly enou... (Below threshold)

BryanD -

Oddly enough, I don't listen to him. (Or Limbaugh, for that matter...) Found his book on the FT at the airport once, read it - and the thing made a lot more sense than the mess we've got now.

What's your take on the FairTax?

"What's your take on the Fa... (Below threshold)

"What's your take on the FairTax?"
23. Posted by JLawson

I love the idea of the Fair Tax. Unfortunately, no one is serious about it (except, perhaps, Linder, who's neck-deep in DC quicksand). The Fair Tax is apparently only a politico-tactical device that's relegated to the fruit cellar for 11 1/2 months per year until it's whipped out as an issue when true conservatives ask for an accounting of *WHAT'S ON THE PROGRAM UPCOMING?*, Big Spender?.

I've noticed that the publicizers of the Fair Tax (i.e. Boortz) also tend to loath such (supposedly) kindred spirits as Ross Perot and Ron Paul. That's a gargantuan red flag which causes me to doubt their sincerity.

Tax cuts, schmax cuts. Oba... (Below threshold)

Tax cuts, schmax cuts. Obama makes my leg tingle and that's all that really matters.

$13? Is that before or afte... (Below threshold)

$13? Is that before or after they tax it at 45%?

bryanD -Well, I'll... (Below threshold)

bryanD -

Well, I'll confess I loathed Ron Paul from the outset - his 'minions' spamming the various boards with their love notes made me very disinclined to view his points with anything resembling an open mind. (I don't care how sweet someone may smell in person, if their supporters stink you're going to associate the smell with the candidate.)

And Perot sounded good in his first run... but his second run where he waffled and wiggled and couldn't seem to figure out whether he was running or not - while he was already running - was pretty bizzare.

But I've tossed a few bucks towards Fairtax.org - it may be this current administration's going to get a violent anti-tax reaction when the bill hits... and then the FairTax might just gain considerable ground...

I hope you update with how ... (Below threshold)

I hope you update with how many shirts you sell. I'd be interested to know.

Black african? Excuse me? H... (Below threshold)

Black african? Excuse me? He's mostly arab, not black. His middle name is Hussein for crying out loud! And how can a guy who doesn't even know that America didn't invent the automobile be trusted to make this work?






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