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Chuck Schumer Is An Idiot

Chuck Schumer has done it. He's proven that he is the most arrogant individual on the planet.

His head has gotten so big he'll need a shopping cart to help him roll it around the capitol.

What a pathetic man, devoid of rational thought. Does he really think that we "don't care" about billions of dollars in pet projects stuffed into a bill designed around a leftist agenda? Or does he think we are just dupes.

Even the resident liberals should be offended by this.


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Comments (12)

Greatest example of the rea... (Below threshold)

Greatest example of the reason for term limits. As well as the rest of congress and the senate. mpw

I don't care. Really, I do... (Below threshold)

I don't care. Really, I don't. Not about the little cocktail porkers. It the BIG obscene salami's I am incensed about.

Any resemblance be... (Below threshold)

Any resemblance between Chuck Schumer and a decent human being is coincidental.

"Chuck Schumer Is An Idiot"... (Below threshold)

"Chuck Schumer Is An Idiot"

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - In other news, water is wet and the sky is blue.

"Any resemblance between Chuck Schumer and a decent human being is coincidental."

I didn't even think it was possible.

What Schumer meant to say w... (Below threshold)

What Schumer meant to say was "The fucking idiots who keep voting me back into office don't care."

So who is more stupid. Schumer or the people who voted for him?

Orin Hatch had a few years ... (Below threshold)

Orin Hatch had a few years ago when he labelled Schumer a dumb-ass...

whats sad is that most peop... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

whats sad is that most people DON'T care about this. A lot of people i hear from say "well it can't be worse than bush!"

Oh, yes it can be worse than bush. A lot worse than Bush ansd we are about to see how much worse off we are without someone with at least a little spending restraint in the white house...

The republicans were bad when it came to spending, but the democrats are making it look like chump change. When they get through with the tax dolalrs, the pricetag on the "bridge to nowhere" will look like the price for a loaf of bread...

I'd like to see any of you ... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

I'd like to see any of you speak as eloquently while you're simultaneously splitting atoms with your mind.

I would normally ignore *ag... (Below threshold)

I would normally ignore *agreeable* Wizbang posts, but Schumer is one disgusting Pharisee. His flacking for the ATF/FBI during the Waco/Davidian hearings, marks him as a devil.

His being a camera hog/ media whore just proves my point. Prince of the "air".

Of course Schumer is a thor... (Below threshold)

Of course Schumer is a thoroughly arrogant, utterly shameless clown. After all, he is a leftist and those are key prerequisites. But he is also right about far too many of the American people. After all, look at the occupant of the White House. Lazy, stupid, ignorant, dependent, witless, slack-jawed, gullible...these are legitimate descriptions of a great many voters. Even the legal ones.

Here is a great cartoon tha... (Below threshold)

Here is a great cartoon that fits Chuckie to a tee


He is an ass and not very b... (Below threshold)
John Glass:

He is an ass and not very bright.






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