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Late Thoughts On Obama's Speech

We all knew this bill would pass the Senate with RINOs like Specter, Snow, and Collins. But Obama feels as if he needs some pathetic form of validation in the form of adoration from the American people. Thus, his lame attempts Monday to evoke spirits of yesteryear.

Seeing support for his Godzilla of spending bills drop like ashes from one of his Newport Lights (support among the American people for the current bill is now down to 20%), President Obama tried to re-kindle his 4 year (ugh) campaign, holding 2 town hall-style meetings: One in Elkhart, Indiana, and the other with his White House press corp groupies. Only one tough question was asked of him, and that was by a lone dissenter from the batch kool-aiders in Elkhart, and she got booed for daring to question the 'bama.

As for the White House press corp, it seemed as if they didn't know how to act, let alone do their jobs. They seemed intimidated, if not stifled by the scary rhetoric belching from his mouth. When one of them could even get a question into Obama's rambling, sleepy campaign shtick, it was from the usual soft ballers, who were purposefully pre-picked by Obama, as if they were campaign plants in a room full of "objective" journalists. In the 45 minutes I was able to stay awake for, I heard not one follow-up question.

If the press conference didn't convince you of the abject narcissistic nature that is the Obama, then you have been blinded by his heavenly light to the point of willful denial.

Each answer given was a constant retreading of talking points passed out earlier in the day at his campaign rally. It wasn't convincing. He seemed, in both arenas, to come across as impotent and self-absorbed. Telling lies and believing them, like some sociopath, who just happens to sit in the biggest seat at the table, offering nothing but economic fire and brimstone.

His opening statement was nothing but a recitation of his confidence-inspiring campaign-style rhetoric of his Elkhart speech. In what can only be described as fear-mongering, Mr. Hope and Change used confidence inspiring phrases like "deepening disaster", invoking the Great Depression, and implying that without this bill, the current state of the economy could become "a crisis that at some point we may never be able to reverse", turning into a "national catastrophe". (Que scary music.)

One constant theme was to discredit the failed policy of the last eight years. He seems not to realize that for the past 2, he and his crooks on the left have been in charge. Quite a coincidence things started breaking apart then.

Though some of our resident leftards are fond of proclaiming "Conservatism is dead", I offer this lack of support from the American people proof that Conservatism is not just alive and well, but its bucking for a whiplash-inducing comeback.

This is not just opposition to a few billion dollars spent unwisely. This is a total rebuke of the Liberal agenda which includes ramming social engineering programs and socialist stepping stones down our throats. They are ignoring the negative politics of radical, arrogant leftists, whose sole purpose is to change this country into something resembling a third world Europe.

This is opposition to big government and big spending, and is an embracing of strong, free-market, fiscal capitalism.

That is Conservatism.

That this is the reaction to legislation of which Obama deems to be of paramount importance, only underscores the fact that his cult-like status, although still popular, is not unassailable.

I sure hope it is a sign the the American people will be a little more serious about this bill's opposition than they were when they haphazardly put Obama in charge with his leftist spend-freaks handling the nation's purse strings.

If this passes completely, it may well be a rotten albatross around his neck for 4 short years.


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Comments (42)

What color is the sky in yo... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

What color is the sky in your world, Shawn?

Although no one in the MSM ... (Below threshold)

Although no one in the MSM would ever mention it, The One emerged from the same swamp of Chicago politics as former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, who has been called a sociopath more times that I care to count. BHO was mentored by former Illinois Senate President Emil Jones, who has said: "Some call it pork. To me it's steak." The sad fact is that the Stimulus Bill will not stimulate anything but more government (which is what the Dems designed it to do); there is absolutely nothing in it to help the private sector of the economy. We can't spend ourselves rich; the only road to recovery is production - and there is no incentive in this $800 billion monstrosity providing incentive for anyone or any business to produce anything. Likewise, Tarp 2.0 will be just as ineffective as Tarp 1.0; it will put us deeper in debt without "saving the banks." Does anyone with an once of sense think that having the government borrow $2 trillion dollars will loosen up the credit markets for home buyers and new car purchasers? The only one who thinks that is the guy who believes his own sycophantic press clippings, our new President. Good luck.

Only about 20% of the publi... (Below threshold)

Only about 20% of the public supports the President on the Spendulus bill. President Obama is seriously out of touch with the American electorate. That is no surprise. The man belonged to a racist church for 20 years and thought no one would care.

"When the people find they ... (Below threshold)

"When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic." -- Benjamin Franklin

Pelosi and Reid will keep o... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Pelosi and Reid will keep on pulling Obama's strings. Load up more bills with pork for democrat projects and send us into a socialist spiral.

America - Welcome to 1930s Germany.

Our long national nightmare... (Below threshold)

Our long national nightmare has begun.

Shawn,One small qu... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


One small quibble in an otherwise excellent piece...it will be a LONG 4 years.


Have some more Kool-Aid. It's delicious.

I am not shocked about Barr... (Below threshold)

I am not shocked about Barry not having a clue. He has been end runned by the democratic congressional delegation. At his press conference, Barry said to wait for Tim's outline for answers on specific fixes on the economy. What did Tim say? The plan is being worked on. Wall Street lost 400 points when they realized Barry and team are lost. Way to go liberals. ww

From Imprisis, monthly pamp... (Below threshold)

From Imprisis, monthly pamphlet from Hillsdale College:

Henry Morgenthau, FDR's loyal Secretary of the Treasury, was frustrated at the persistence of double-digit unemployment throughout the 1930s. In May 1939, with unemployment at 20 percent, he exploded at the failed New Deal programs. "We have tried spending money," Morgenthau noted. "We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work. . . . We have never made good on our promises. . . . I say after eight years of this Administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started. . . . And an enormous debt to boot!"

Third, the New Deal divided and politicized the country in tragic ways. Those who lobbied most effectively won subsidies and bailouts even if their cause was weak. Others, who had greater needs, received nothing.

The entire article by Burton Folsom is an interesting yet short read.

Which poll has the 20% figu... (Below threshold)

Which poll has the 20% figure?

Who is going to buy all the... (Below threshold)

Who is going to buy all these government bonds? China? ACORN?

I get the feeling the real reason that Obama is halting oil exploration, is so that he can prop up Chavez' government, which depends on oil revenues.

This stimulus package remin... (Below threshold)

This stimulus package reminds of me a gambler who lost thousands of dollars gambling...so his solutions to get out of the debt this cause???
Guest what, he figured if he gamble a lot more and won "big" he would be out of debt. The thing is you don't get out of trouble, by doing the same thing that GOT you into trouble in the first place.
People never learn or don't want to learn.

"The thing is you don't get... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

"The thing is you don't get out of trouble by doing the same thing that GOT you into trouble in the first place."

So, more tax cuts and less regulation is your answer?

Where've you been the last quarter-century?

The only poll that counts n... (Below threshold)

The only poll that counts now is the "Market" poll. Every time Obamamalala or his La La Land administration open their mouth the market drops. Americans and the world are voting with their dollars and they are not liking what they are hearing.
The first rule of holes is, STOP DIGGING!

"Sixty-seven percent of the... (Below threshold)

"Sixty-seven percent of the American people approve of how President Obama's handling his efforts to pass an economic stimulus bill, as opposed to 48% for Democrats in Congress and 31% for congressional Republicans.

Congressional Republicans actually have a staggeringly high 58% DISapproval rating for how they're handling the stimulus debate, compared to 42% for Hill Democrats and only 25% for President Obama.

Gallup says that 51% of those polled believe that passing the economic stimulus plan is "critically important" for the economy, with 29% saying it's important. Only 16% say it is "not that important."

bh,my answer is yes.... (Below threshold)

my answer is yes...tax cuts, and a lot less corruption, less gov't interferance, but yes some regulation is needed, less social programs, . but guest what, you can pay my taxes since you seem to think that is the answer to everything. my brother was always talking about raising taxes until he bought a home for the first time in his life and started to make a hefty paycheck.

Barry has to stop saying we... (Below threshold)

Barry has to stop saying we are headed for a catastrophic economy that we cannot recover from. Every time he does that, investors and businesses just hold on to their plans and money.

Politics of fear. Even though he promised to change that.

The left is still muttering: "Obbaaammmaaa, Obbaammmaaaa! ww

I wonder why the messiah an... (Below threshold)

I wonder why the messiah and his Huffpo plant didn't mention inquries into Dodd's home loans or congressional connections to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac? Oh, I'm sorry, this was about the eeevviill Booooooossssssshhhh.

BTW, WTF is a Huffpo troll doing at the presser? And get called on?

Nice Mr. President. That's the change we've been waiting for.

ODAYou ought to kn... (Below threshold)


You ought to know Bush wasn't evil, just incredibly

ODS... (Below threshold)


JFO,I no longer care... (Below threshold)

I no longer care if the Republican Congressional disapproval rating is even 100%. The Generational Theft Act of 2009 is a bad bill. I would not want my name attached to it no matter how many people disapproved of my position. If this bill passes at it is the disapproval rating for the current Republican position will go even higher because it will expand the parasitic public sector at the expense of the private sector. It is a situation which is not sustainable.

Yesterday we came to find o... (Below threshold)

Yesterday we came to find out a couple of our esteemed senators admitted they did not fully read the bill and still voted yes, do you think in between bam bam's town hall meetings he's fully read this bill line by line? Or is he just going to sign off on it too? This is so disturbing to me. I think before we spend more money maybe it would be a wise to find out where the overpayment of $78 million went so we don't make the same mistake again. I dunno just a suggestion Washington! As far as the press goes, they did a bang up job with their line of questioning. The clown who asked about A-Rod should be fired. I know that story is at the top of everyone's agenda. Where is America's head?

Failed President Barack Oba... (Below threshold)

Failed President Barack Obama. Rolls right off the tongue, doesn't it?

Worst president ever.

I have never seen (besides ... (Below threshold)
NJ Liberal:

I have never seen (besides other posts at this crazy website) such lame attacks against the President. It's refreshing to have a President that can actually communicate in the English language with well thought-out answers and a vision to match. What planet do you live on?

Ummmm....errrrr....uhhhhhh.... (Below threshold)
Barack Obama:

Ummmm....errrrr....uhhhhhh....thank you...ummmmm...NJ Liberal....errrr...for your...uhhh....kind...ummmm...words. Uhhhhh.... Where the #%@* is that Teleprompter?

For the first time in his l... (Below threshold)

For the first time in his life Obama has responsibilities. The buck stops with him. It must be culture shock for him.

NJ Liberal is the Obot that... (Below threshold)

NJ Liberal is the Obot that starts his day chanting "Obbbbbbbaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmaaaaa!" over and over until the warm fuzzies take him over.

Here is a short incomplete rundown:
Obama walks into a window.
Obama whacks his head on the helicopter.
Obama has high price steak while the economy suffers.
Obama has a superbowl party while US citizens freeze to death in Kentucky.
Obama defers budget questions to his treasury secrtary.
Treasury secretary doesn't even have a clue at this point. The stock market dives.

Obama constantly talks fear.
Obama plays politics with the census bureau
Obama does not think the crime of tax evasion is serious.
And finally, if there is no teleprompter, he is lost.

Wow! In such a short time. I am with Clay, worst president ever. ww

Hey NJ Lib - If you want to... (Below threshold)

Hey NJ Lib - If you want to see some REALLY lame attacks against the president, go through the last 8 years archives of moveon.org, daily kos, democratic underground, etc etc etc. Look closely at what your moonbat brothers and sisters have been blathering and compare that with the pretty mild remarks here. (This is a test of your intellectual honesty.)

WildWillieCompared t... (Below threshold)
NJ Liberal:

Compared to:
Over 4,000 lives lost in 2 endless wars?
National economy in total meltdown?
Lowest presidential approval numbers ever upon Bush's departure?
Dumbing down the American people by rejecting science and favoring religion?
Extraordinary rendition?
Abu Ghraib
Spying on journalists
Outing CIA spies for spite
Face it, the Republicans have become a marginalized, regional party with no presence in the North East, dwindling fast in the Mid West and the West.

JFO, what would you call no... (Below threshold)

JFO, what would you call not knowing the content of executive orders you just signed (closing Gitmo, "what are we doing with the prisoners Craig"?)? What would you call nominating 3 tax cheats, one under-investigation governor, and a labor secretary with dubious foreign labor organization connections to cabinet positions? What would you call proposing the invasion of a nuclear-armed ally?

Yup, Bush was incredibly incompetent.

Man, ODA315, you were doing... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Man, ODA315, you were doing fine until you got to the part about "proposing the invasion of a nuclear-armed ally."
See, because Obama never proposed "invading" Pakistan, and you know it. He said, "If we have information on high-value targets inside Pakistan, and the Pakistanis won't act, we will."
Well, duh!
When you insist on repeating something known long ago to be untrue, it hurts your credibility when you criticise Obama about something valid, like the tax cheats thing.

Gee NJ Lib, when I suggeste... (Below threshold)

Gee NJ Lib, when I suggested that you visit moveon, du, kos and the rest, it was just for perspective. I didn't mean for you to bring all their talking points back with you.

"Barry has to stop saying w... (Below threshold)

"Barry has to stop saying we are headed for a catastrophic economy that we cannot recover from. Every time he does that, investors and businesses just hold on to their plans and money.

Politics of fear. Even though he promised to change that."
This is a perfect example that Republicans think everything you say should be for the best interset of thier party. Yes, "tell them everything is fine" like King George and McInsain did, the realty of the situation and the truth don't really matter, that can be controlled. If things are bad, don't say so, it will be called fear mongering.

The differnce that goes right over your head is Geroge Bush and his "high Alert code orange" and "We know where the WMD's are" bullshit was all in his head with no supporting evidence. Thousand of economist and millions of unemployed can tell you things are bad. Once again, realty and facts must be overcome, so what does the GOP do? Simple, "lets attack all the news sources that don't repeat our propagand and lies. Lets make up nonsensicle buzz words like "Main stream media" and repeat it over and over and over. All we need is fox news and talk radio to repeat whatever nonsense we think up, and all our followers will believe ANYTHING they are told as long as we stir up hatred for other Americans." What a sad pathetic failure the Republican party has become. Repulcians have yet to hit bottom!

Brucy, you cannot rewrite h... (Below threshold)

Brucy, you cannot rewrite history. You can try, God knows you lefties try, but in the final analysis, it cannot be done. ww

Please enlighten me, O Wee ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Please enlighten me, O Wee One, as to how I am oh so fruitlessly "rewriting history."

BTW, Wee William, you can't... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

BTW, Wee William, you can't pre-write history either.

Willie? You out there? Gonn... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Willie? You out there? Gonna tell me how I re-wrote history? Hello? Hello?

So if "doing something abou... (Below threshold)

So if "doing something about it" doesn't mean entering a foreign country under arms to pursue and eliminate terrorism suspects, some of which may be nationals of said country (wouldn't most countries consider such an intrusion an invasion of their homeland?) then what would the all-knowing-one have meant?

He clearly referred to a willingness to violate the sovereignty of a nuclear-armed ally. One with a huge muslim population.

Absolutely foolish and naive in any case.

So, if we knew where Bin La... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

So, if we knew where Bin Ladin was, and the Pakistanis refused to act, you'd have a problem with the Special Forces going in and renditioning his ass to Gitmo?
I thought you guys were the hardnosed John Wayne types. Turns out you're scared of the "Arab street."

Actually Bruce, I do. Their... (Below threshold)

Actually Bruce, I do. Their our allies.

btw, I spent many of my formative years in the 10th SFGA. Conducting a "snatch and scoot" isn't all it's cracked up to be. Ask the poor bastards that died in the Iranian desert....oh shit, you can't, Their fucking dead. But then again I'm sure you libs know all about it. Probably spent a lot of time training reading SOF magazine. How's your E&E knowledge base? Weapons and langauge proficiency? Done lot's of LRRPs? How about small unit tactics? Static defense? Prefire planning sound familiar? All the boys at the JFK Center or the Q course cadre at Camp Mackall could use some of your tips.

Oh wait, you're more of a strategic thinker I'll bet, hence creating an international incident is more your forte.

Look asswipe, stick to spewing the lefty hatred you enjoy so much. Go down to the meth shelter and helpout. They need leg meatsticks like you.

OK, TomClancyJohnWayneChuck... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

OK, TomClancyJohnWayneChuckNorrisToughGuy, I guess you schooled me.
I now know that I'm not allowed to post an opinion on a Rightie blog unless I've had exactly the same life experiences you [claim to have] had. Thank you. Oh, did I say "Thank?" I was thinking of a different word.

And I might not know much a... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

And I might not know much about weapons, but my "langauge proficiency" is sufficient to know the difference between "their" and "they're", and how to spell "language."
If anybody is "spewing" here, it ain't me, dude. Slow down. Proofread. You'll look smarter.






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