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What If?

What if the Republicans, who held Congress for 6 years, didn't embark on a spending spree which helped to cost them their seats?

What if the economy didn't tank when it did?

What if the main-stream media did its due diligence and focused its efforts on outing Obama for the radical liberal we all know him to be?

What if people like Chris Dodd, Chuck Schumer, Barney Frank, and Maxine Waters were not in charge of regulating the banking industry these past 2 years?

What if banks and creditors weren't forced, by the above mentioned, to hand out loans to people who should never have received them, based on their lack of income or their credit scores?

What if McCain won, and handled the economic crisis with bold tax cuts instead of an immoral spending abomination?

What if McCain would have announced these tax cuts yesterday and the market was 400 points up instead of down, adding much needed confidence and worth to the portfolios of the American people?

What if we had a President, whose interest was sincere in helping the country, instead of the current one who lies about what's contained in his bill and lowers himself to using scare tactics and fear-mongering to advance his socialist agenda?

What if we took this opportunity to remind ourselves of the fact that we put these scoundrels in office, and we have the power to kick them out?

What if we do that in 2010?

What if we choose to forget?

What if?


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Comments (31)

What If wingnuts stopped th... (Below threshold)

What If wingnuts stopped their incessant whining? Oh never mind......

What If?Posted by Sh... (Below threshold)

What If?
Posted by Shawn Mallow

Good schtick. Writers' block away!

"What if the economy didn't tank when it did?"

That's the beauty part (praise the Lord!);
It DID tank when it did; otherwise could you just IMAGINE the delusional Bushbot danse d'triumph? To the confusion of all? And the amusement of futurity?

Thankfully, as things stand, we'll all have to consider the situation, free of partisan folderol..PTL!

What if trolls acted like a... (Below threshold)

What if trolls acted like adults instead of taunting little children? Never happen.

No doubt the republicans spent their way out of office. Barry and his corruptocrats have this huge debt hanging around their necks.

We have people in town hall meetings telling Barry to give them a house with a bathroom, a job, and make up the difference in pay loss when on unemployment. This is the electorate Barry attracted. Leeches. ww

"What If wingnuts stopped t... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"What If wingnuts stopped their incessant whining? Oh never mind......"

JFO you really shouldnt talk about yourself like that.

The Republicans were on a h... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

The Republicans were on a huge pork spree from 2001-2007. They thought bringing all those goodies home to their districts would HELP them, not hurt them. Bush NEVER ONCE vetoed a spending bill, until Dems took over. Pork was just fine till then. Deficits "didn't matter."
Know what? Pork DID help them. Many wouldn't have held onto their seats as long as they did if they weren't bringing that pork home, baby.
Contrary to wishful-thinking conservatives, voters didn't reject Republicans in '06 and '08 because they "weren't true conservatives." They rejected them because Conservatism had its chance, and failed.

What if McCain won, and ... (Below threshold)

What if McCain won, and handled the economic crisis with bold tax cuts instead of an immoral spending abomination?

Talk about your other dimensions.

I really believe that McCain would have handled this only slightly different at best. McCain is slightly less of a socialist than our President.

That's what we better remember. Or keep on losing.

b henry - "Deficits "di... (Below threshold)

b henry - "Deficits "didn't matter."

And apparently they matter even less now that the dems control everything.

What if Unicorns shit Gold ... (Below threshold)

What if Unicorns shit Gold Bars?

They would be in Jefferson's freezer.

Brucy, isn't it funny that ... (Below threshold)

Brucy, isn't it funny that the democratic leadership when the republicans had the majority, would threaten a filibuster to stop judges, but never to spend. So, don't throw stones boy. ww

What if only Republicans we... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

What if only Republicans were allowed to vote in the Republican primary and a real Republican had been nominated and voters actually had a choice between someone other than a Socialist and a Socialist-Lite.

What if...the A/P (e... (Below threshold)

What if...
the A/P (et al) treated the economy under Bush the way they are treating it now?

Yesterday the stock market fell FOUR HUNDRED POINTS...and the news was downplayed by the A/P. Today it gained FIFTY (50) points...sparking THIS headline:

"Wall Street rebounds as lawmakers agree on stimulus plan"

"rebounds"?? 50 points is a "rebound" after a 400 point dump?

"lawmakers agree"?? DEMOCRATS in secret session agree

the A/P carries more water for Obama than Gunga Din did for the entire British army!

Re # 10: Like who? W... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Re # 10:
Like who? Who do you think the GOP could have nominated that could have won after 8 years of George W. Bush?
Re # 7:
My point here is that it was Conservatism itself that the voters rejected. Voters didn't vote for Democrats all of a sudden because they thought the Republicans had been spending too much. They rejected the whole sorry borrow-and-spend, trickle down poop sandwich you guys keep trying to sell, because it had so manifestly FAILED.
Jeez, Marc, i heard you were a lawyer. Can't you read a paragraph and see what the point is?

This thread sounds too much... (Below threshold)

This thread sounds too much like a John Lennon song for me. Or is it John Lenin? Either way, he'd feel very comforted by today's politics if he were alive today.

Brucy, conservatism wasn't ... (Below threshold)

Brucy, conservatism wasn't offered in the election. You need to learn what it is. ww

So McCain wasn't portraying... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

So McCain wasn't portraying himself as a Conservative? Who was playing the role of Palin, Gloria Steinem? The election wasn't about the "less spending" McCain versus the "most liberal Senator" Obama?
You mean NEITHER party's nominee wanted to be seen as a conservative? And that disproves my point how?

b henry - "Jeez, Marc, ... (Below threshold)

b henry - "Jeez, Marc, i heard you were a lawyer. Can't you read a paragraph and see what the point is?"

There's your problem right there, you read what troll-like asshats write.

And yes, I got it. You ignored the reality that what is happening now is NO different than what has occured in the previous 8 years.

So you're not a lawyer?<br ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

So you're not a lawyer?
notiz=Stay on topic

Elect us and we'll turn th... (Below threshold)
JC Hammer:

Elect us and we'll turn the economy around by cutting taxes and getting government out of the private sector. The modern Republican Party is the party of tax cuts, nothing else. The job of Democrats is to convince the country that we tried the Republicans snake oil and it failed miserably.

What the Republicans forget is that a new generation has begun to vote, and they are starting to make the difference in the election numbers. And growing up with President Bush, I think they'll know damn well whom to blame for things turning to shit. The most depressing aspect of the Republican Party's behavior is that they will trash the American economy in the name of politics.

These same old money Bankers still saying the same thing---as what they did in the T. Roosevelt time---as they did during the 20"s--cut taxes to us and we will create the jobs--

Why would someone say that private spending through tax cuts works but if the money comes from government then it doesn't work? Problem with tax cuts is that nobody can be forced to spend more money gotten from tax cuts that will benefit economy, while stimulus bill is already appropriated to that spending. So private spending works, but government spending doesn't?

No, McCain wasn't/isn't/pro... (Below threshold)

No, McCain wasn't/isn't/probably never will be a Conservative. Look no further than McCain-Feingold for proof of that. He tapped Palin to reach out to Conservatives cause he knew he didn't have a snowball's chance of getting Conservative backing on his own.

And he lost the Conservative backing anyway. I'd say he lost it during the debates when he blamed the implosion on Wall Street greed, when it's so plainly obvious that what TRULY caused the meltdown was bad policies being foisted on them by prior DEMOCRATIC administrations. He was blaming it on people who didn't cause it, though it seemed to be playing well to the "unwashed masses." Lack of integrity on such matters sure shook my faith in the man.

No JC, government spending ... (Below threshold)

No JC, government spending doesn't work that way. Government spending is robbing Peter to pay Paul... ie... a zero sum game. What's worse is that while robbing Peter to pay Paul, Peter IS Paul, and interest is getting tacked on top of the principle... so EVERYONE is losing money.

With PRIVATE investment, the money is coming FROM someone that already has it, going TO doing that has value. It's not robbing Peter to pay Paul. It's Jimmy taking money he has in the bank, and paying Paul. And if you can't figure this simple principle out on your own... then you really have no place discussing these matters.

Right, Mr Nuke, what McCain... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Right, Mr Nuke, what McCain should have done during the campaign was PRAISE the greedy Wall Street fatcats who helped drive us over the cliff. Boy, conservatives would have FLOCKED to that banner!

"What if the econo... (Below threshold)
"What if the economy didn't tank when it did?"

That's the beauty part (praise the Lord!);
It DID tank when it did; otherwise could you just IMAGINE the delusional Bushbot danse d'triumph? To the confusion of all? And the amusement of futurity?

Wait. You're happy that the economy tanked? You're happy that the value of people's retirement and pensions fell through the floor? You're doing a freaking happy dance because people are struggling now to pay their bills, are terrified they will be laid off and may have to declare bankruptcy? You're thrilled with this because it advanced your party into the White House?

WTF is wrong with you? Were you a crack baby?

Bruce,Are you fami... (Below threshold)


Are you familiar with A&E series "Intervention"? If you are, then you know that the enablers are painted only SLIGHTLY better than the junkies. That would be the relationship of those bad gov policies to the "Wall Street fatcats".

Yes, Wall Street brokers and bankers are greedy. Here's a news flash for ya, everyone is. I only know of 1 person in all of history that was completely selfless. He ended up getting nailed to a cross a while back.

Government MANDATING, as in "Do this or we'll prosecute you" bad lending practices is feeding bad tendencies. In that particular case, it was more along the lines of Drug Dealer to Junkie, rather than Enabler.

Should he praise the "greedy fatcats"? No. But it was FAR from their fault. To give you a better example, I don't steal. However, there have been a couple of times when I learned that a vending machine was broken and giving free soda's, or spitting quarters... and I partook. The "right" thing to do would be to collect all the sodas, or coins, and then turn them in to their prospective owners. I couldn't STOP the vending machines from malfunctioning, and I saw the opportunity to get something "for free".

That's what happened. Left to their own devises, those fatcats wouldn't have taken part in bad lending practices. That's why they're called "bad lending practices." (DUH!!!) But if it's getting mandated to them that they WILL partake in them... might as well get rich off of it.

Which is the symptom and which is the cause? That's right. The bad policy would be the cause. Stop the cause, and the symptom no longer contributes to worsen the condition.

Now STFU. Adults talking.

"The Republicans were on a ... (Below threshold)

"The Republicans were on a huge pork spree from 2001-2007" BH

Maybe you didn't notice but the Republican's got their asses handed to them in the 2006 elections when the Democrat party took over both the House and the Senate.

Sit down and shut the fuck up if you can't get your facts straight, you look like a demented clown pedaling a small tricycle when you post such easily refutable dribble.

I'd also be remiss if I didn't remind you the Democrats had a hand in creating the spending bills also with their own pet projects, something you seem to miss any time you point out that it was solely the Republican party that is responsible for the out of control spending between 2000 and 2006.

By the way, with the Republicans being shut out of *any* input on the new porkulus bill that just passed you can bet your ass that it's their albatross and the Republican Party will remind the public at every opportunity of who created and passed it. The Democrats make the spending bills passed during Bush's presidency look like tightwads hoarding cash for bad economic times...

*TRILLION's* of dollars asshole, don't forget that because if you have kids, and I hope to hell not, they'll be the ones paying for this party.

What if neocons just stop w... (Below threshold)

What if neocons just stop whining.

Don't though, it makes us laugh.

"Wait. You're happy that th... (Below threshold)

"Wait. You're happy that the economy tanked?"-kp

I'm just happy that *What Would Be* didn't happen 1 second into the Obama administration, lest it give ammunition to the folks that caused the *tanking* to blame *What Would Be* on Obama.
BECAUSE... it was the neoconservative/ big gubmint "conservative"'s fault (going back to Phil "Dickie Flatts" Graham).
And with them it should *stick*.
Like glue.
It's called Justice.
are the Democrats implicated?
Does that expiate Republicans?
Hell no!

Plus (yet primarily): Laissez-faire is a THE Republican-neocon *cant* (unfortunately). Adjust.

"WTF is wrong with you? Were you a crack baby?"-kp

I was born an "Honorary Screaming Eagle" (parchment presented) at Fort Campbell, KY, July 1961 (my dad being transferred from the 82nd Airborne Division to the 101st upon its reactivation by Pres. Kennedy).

Wizbang will not be surprised to know that I played the Contrarian, joining the Marine Corps on my 18th birthday, in 1979.

Pops was proud, anyway.

Oh! I forgot!(How co... (Below threshold)

Oh! I forgot!
(How could I!)
Tranquilizers were BIG back then.
My mom might have lived off them when Dad was in 'Nam.
Before then (1967-68)?
I'm clean (except for Salems, maybe).

Enjoy your cookies, pies, cakes, etc.

Umm, Gmac?The electi... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Umm, Gmac?
The elections were in November 2006. The new Congress was sworn in in 2007. Those are the straight facts. Republicans were in charge of both the legislative and executive branches from 2001 until 2007.
Bill Clinton was President until Jan 20, 2001.
I'll sit down and shut the fuck up now, Genius.

My point here is that it... (Below threshold)

My point here is that it was Conservatism itself that the voters rejected.

This is patently false. There wasn't a conservative to reject. And for the ten-millionth time: GEORGE BUSH IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE. HE'S A NEOCON. THERE'S A HELLUVA BIG DIFFERENCE.

You trolls do not know what... (Below threshold)

You trolls do not know what a conservative is. Conservatives didn't even turn out in record numbers this past election. All you see is tax cuts, because all you believe is taxing and then giving it to people who do nothing.

Brucy, you are correct, the financial crisis hit on the democrats congressional leadership watch. Thanks for pointing that out. ww

I have a hard time under... (Below threshold)

I have a hard time understanding why people are sitting idly by and allowing this scary spending bill to pass without screaming.
It isnt the answer and we will be paying for this for many years.
I know O wanted a crisis to handle but he shouldnt be making our country worse.






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