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Gregg Bails On Obama Commerce Appointment

Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH) has informed the Obama administration that the census power grab and spending bill were too much for him to stomach.

Good for him. The Republicans are showing some spine for once.


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As I said, good for him. G... (Below threshold)

As I said, good for him. Great start Obama!

Wow! This is great news! Mo... (Below threshold)

Wow! This is great news! More and more Republicans are returning to their principles and values. There may be some hope yet. And...as a bonus, Obama takes another hit in his "bipartisan" image.

No unicorns for you!... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

No unicorns for you!

Will it be long before we h... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Will it be long before we hear Howard Dean's name for Sec. of Something Underhanded.

Ya think this might have an... (Below threshold)

Ya think this might have an impact on Snowe, Collins or Specter? Probably not. One first has to start with someone with INTEGRITY.

I listened to his press con... (Below threshold)

I listened to his press conference earlier and someone described him as a gracious man. I would have to concur!

Kevin,Please, use ... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:


Please, use the picture currently on the top of Drudge's page as tomorrow's Caption Contest image.

I'd just love to read some entries submitted by our liberal friends.

So he dropped out o... (Below threshold)

So he dropped out on principle and not tax evasion?

Color me astonished.

Hey! How about the former ... (Below threshold)

Hey! How about the former governor of Illinois, I hear he's looking for a job.

I think he actually wanted ... (Below threshold)

I think he actually wanted to be secretary of HHS...actually, that one's open, too!

This is excellent news! Per... (Below threshold)

This is excellent news! Perhaps, the GOP is seeing the light. Hopefully, the rest of the country will before Mr. Obama has us living in a socialist country. The census grab is so frightening because of how many people who just don't seem to get why it's such a big deal.

In an interview with The As... (Below threshold)

In an interview with The Associated Press, Gregg said, "For 30 years, I've been my own person in charge of my own views, and I guess I hadn't really focused on the job of working for somebody else and carrying their views, and so this is basically where it came out."

I suspect that a similar problem may arise with Hillary Clinton, sooner or later. She is also a person of her own views on various matters and I wonder whether she will be able to stomach the situation of having to implement a policies with which she may hold strong differences with Obama. Take for instance, Obama's premature overtures to Iran.

Added to the policy differences, did you view the gaffe by Jill Biden, the wife of he master-gaffer husband, Joe Biden, in some TV interview when she revealed that Obama had first offered to Biden the post of either VP or the Sec. of State and it was she who persuaded Joe Biden to choose the VP's post (because she wanted him to spend more time at home with his family)? Of course, in Hillary's case, there is, probably, not much of a home to come back to. Her faithful Bill, given his other well-known propensities, would be happy if she were always on the move jetting across the globe, trying to put down various international bushfires!

Hillary, therefore, is not likely to forget that she was only a second choice for the Sec. of State's post. Also, after all the mud-slinging against each other she and Obama indulged in during the campaign, I would be much surprised if she is able to maintain really cordial relations (of course, everything will be made to look, in the mean time, very cozy to the outside world) with the White House for as long as four years.

Also, did you notice that it was Joe Biden and not Hillary who was deputed by Obama to some European Security conference which was held a couple of weeks ago to present the new administration's foreign policy initiatives and goals. There is going to be another point of conflict arising from Joe Biden wanting to show off his so-called "foreign policy expertise" and frequently upstaging Hillary in her job. Remember that a similar simmering conflict was evident between Colin Powell and Dick Cheney throughout GWB's first term. Colin Powell could not wait to get out!

Possibly, even now, Hillary is regretting that she did not withdraw in time as Gregg has done and retained her senate seat which she could have held for her lifetime. Of course, she lacks seniority in the senate ranking now but that will not be the case for ever. In fact, she may be able to wield more influence as the senator from New York over the present and successive administrations over a period of time.

It is a toss-up as to who made the serious error of judgment - Obama offering the Sec. of State's post to Hillary or Hillary accepting it. I would, therefore, be very much surprised if Hillary stays on as Sec. of State for the full 4 years of Obama's first term.

Anyone out there willing to take a bet?

Another typically gutless r... (Below threshold)

Another typically gutless republican move. No class, no loyalty. He accepted his president's invitation, then backed out when he realized the president was a democrat. This guy is either a complete idiot or a wimp. Either way, good riddance. The mess the republicans created will take people of sterner stuff than Gregg is made of to resolve.

Who needs enemies when you ... (Below threshold)

Who needs enemies when you have friends in high places (The Capital) doing everything they can to keep the "Good-ole-boy" network alive and well in D.C. We're not even one month in and the political undermining is in full swing. I find it so amazing that the hypocrites in the GOP and DNC who practically gave Bush a blank war-check while at home allowing greedy, unscrupulous CEOs to collectively run amuck with billions in profits and tax-cuts, can't recognize the failure of the last eight years enough to at least TRY to work with Obama for at least two years in order to effect change in our political system! All these so-called "principled" individuals can manage is less-than one lousy month before bailing on him? Lunacy...

Judd Gregg is a complete as... (Below threshold)
George Vreeland Hill:

Judd Gregg is a complete ass.
I live in New Hampshire and I am well aware of Gregg's ego and self desires.
Believe me, Judd Gregg is in politics for himself.
He has even said that he does not answer to others.
Guess what Gregg?
You have to answer to the voters who elected you.
Yes, you are a complete ass.
Get out of politics or we the people will see to it that you will never be elected to another office again.
You are not fit to even be a human being.
See ya, scumbag!

George Vreeland Hill

It's President Obama's faul... (Below threshold)

It's President Obama's fault for trying to extend a hand to the GOP and not fill up his cabinet with useless yes-men like Dubya. Fine, Gregg, you ass, we really don't need you people anymore if you want to get down to brass tacks. Go to hell. Sen. Gregg can go back to his little chair in the ever-shrinking minority side of the Senate and his ilk can go ahead and spout off on Wizbang for the rest of their lives and let the adults America has given the White House, Senate, and House to.

It's pretty ridiculous for this idiot to accept the President's gracious offer and then try to make him look stupid by backing out. You're the only one who looks stupid, Judd. And the fact that he said he won't run in 2010 only shows that he understands the people of New Hampshire are probably done with his bullshit.

There's one more Dem pickup next fall.
notiz=Don't let the door hit you on the way out of Wizbang.

i say te rep. just don't w... (Below threshold)

i say te rep. just don't want to take orders from a black man. hello guys our president happens to be half white. the rep. do not work for the people and i hope everyone starts seeing this for once. obama is a great person and will but bush to shame






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