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Obama Donor Starts Anti-Stimulus Bill Campaign

From the Union Leader:

A GRASSROOTS EFFORT. Fred Tausch of Nashua is a frustrated, well-to-do businessman who got tired of watching politicians of both parties spending taxpayers' money. And so, spending $100,000 of his own money, he's trying to do something about it.

In big ads today in this newspaper and others, in radio advertisements and on a new Web site, the 37-year-old entrepreneur and investment manager emerges onto the political scene to provide an avenue for others upset about the size of the stimulus package and likely more spending measures on the horizon.

Tausch is a registered independent who, after voting Republican for most of his life, supported Barack Obama in the last election, even contributing $2,300 to the cause.

Tausch said he "got excited about his message. There was not a lot of fiscal discipline in either party, and I thought that when Obama talked about change, he was including that he would be more cautious about how we spend money. And that's just not the case."

Tausch says the federal government should have a limited role in trying to turn around the economy. He supports tax cuts for "working class" families and government purchase of government-backed securities to stabilize the mortgage industry and "keep people in their homes."

But he said he considers much of the spending in the stimulus plan excessive and fears it will have "a profound effect on the American economy. We're responding to a bad financial situation by borrowing a tremendous amount of money and spending it in a way that I don't think will help the economy very much."

The website is Stewards of Prosperity.


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Comments (21)

I think you can fi... (Below threshold)

I think you can file that one under "buyer's remorse".

Yeah buyer's remorse and no... (Below threshold)
retired miilitary:

Yeah buyer's remorse and not only did he spend his money now he is costing us ours.

just wanted to wish everyon... (Below threshold)

just wanted to wish everyone a "happy darwins 200th birthday"


Let's see...he spent $2,300... (Below threshold)

Let's see...he spent $2,300 to get Obama elected. He's spending $100,000 to try to undo the consequences of that election.
Seems to me there's an "ounce of prevention" line in there somewhere!

(Either that, or one about cheap hookers and the price of penicillin!)

The Obamalala unicorn is al... (Below threshold)

The Obamalala unicorn is already out of the barn. It's a little late for buyer's remorse. All of the indications were there for people to make an informed decision about Obamalala and his anti-American socialistic beliefs. Now everyone is surprised? Forty-seven million weren't duped. If the rest of the country doesn't wake up in two years it will be a long eight years.

Lincoln's Birthday and Darw... (Below threshold)

Lincoln's Birthday and Darwin's Birthday, peabrain.

Well at least Mr. Tausch ca... (Below threshold)

Well at least Mr. Tausch can't claim that he didn't get what he paid for. That makes 1 sucker who has recovered from his coma. For now.

Part of the URGENCY!... (Below threshold)

Part of the URGENCY! to get this porkfest through now, is to give the American people 1 1/2 years to forget about who did it to us...THEN those very same morons who foisted this upon us can claim to be the ones we NEED to save us from the consequences!

Sadly, it will work for most Americans.

Just a thought, but this fe... (Below threshold)

Just a thought, but this fellow is an "investment manager?" Does that mean people put faith in his insight, his common sense and his good judgement by allowing him to invest their money??!! WOW!

Put this in the ad:<p... (Below threshold)

Put this in the ad:

"If you started spending the day that Jesus was born and you spent a million dollars every single day, you still wouldn't have spent a trillion dollars."

I blame morons like this gu... (Below threshold)

I blame morons like this guy for the hell we're in for.

This was no bait and switch, really. The goods on P-BO were out there for anyone with a computer or a radio to find. He voted for him and I wish only those who voted for him get to experience the fallout. Alas, we are all screwed.

That's my New Hampshire pee... (Below threshold)

That's my New Hampshire peep there.


At first I didn't want to b... (Below threshold)

At first I didn't want to be too harsh on the guy, because he seems to understand now what a big mistake he made. Then I read some of the comments and they're all absolutely right (except for peabody, of course, jumping in with the non-sequitur)

However, give him a little bit of credit. While it's too late to change his vote, he can still get a good message out.

Perhaps Fox News could go t... (Below threshold)

Perhaps Fox News could go the courts and get an injunction that would stop the congress from voting until such a time as all the pages have been read on the air. Fox News could ask for several days to read and briefly discuss the entire bill. This would force CNN and the other sycophants to spend their on-air time rebutting Fox's interpretation of the bill and its impact. Sunshine is the only thing left that might kill this bill. Sen. McConnell certainly does not seem interested in fighting anymore.

I thought that whe... (Below threshold)
I thought that when Obama talked about change, he was including that he would be more cautious about how we spend money.

What on earth, other than wishful thinking on his part, did he think this? NOTHING in Barack's background indicated that he wouldn't spend as much taxpayer money as possible!

And that's just not the case.
Duh! Hey...all you "conservatives" that kept telling us that Obama would be a moderate...how's that working out for you?
I'm glad so see that some o... (Below threshold)

I'm glad so see that some of the people who got swept up by the Obama hype are starting to fall back down to earth now. Time to welcome them back to reality

FormerHostage:I, a... (Below threshold)


I, as a conservative, NEVER believed he'd be a moderate. I HOPED he wouldn't be hard left (after acknowledging his win)... but I didn't really believe he would.

DAMN, I hate it when I'm right like that.

Larry Miller had a comedy r... (Below threshold)

Larry Miller had a comedy routine where he poked fun at couples that divorced and then remarried each other. He said it was like opening the fridge, pulling out the milk, and discovering that it's bad. Then putting it back in the fridge saying, "Wellll, maybe it'll be good tomorrow."

Hope (and change) springs eternal.

This whole stimulus bill is... (Below threshold)
Kenny Hatcher:

This whole stimulus bill is ridicules. It does nothing to create long term jobs. These are all short term spending projects that they want to do. What are all of these people working on these projects going to do once everything is fixed? They will be jobless without any where to turn and the economy will go down. If we are going to throw money around, lets throw some into creating jobs outside of the government. One job resource that could us a jolt of life is our manufacturing industry. I was reading articles over at americanboom.com about how much of this problem could have been avoided if we had not outsourced all of our manufacturing to China. We need to stop relying on the government to bail us out and start bailing each other out. If we support companies that employ Americans then maybe they will not move to China.

As someone pointed out on a... (Below threshold)

As someone pointed out on another site a few days ago (and I paraphrase):

There are two kinds of voters in America today - (1) those who remember how awful the Carter years were, and (2) those who are about to find out.

"voter's remorse"... (Below threshold)

"voter's remorse"

pretty scary what they are slipping in the stimulus package






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