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Are Democrats That Smart?

Arguably, this economic crisis began with the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In 2003-04, the Republicans and the White House tried to warn Congress as to the seriousness of financial mismanagement occurring within these two "Government Sponsored Entities", however, the Democrats (Namely Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, Gregory Meeks, Chris Dodd and Chuck Schumer), defended their lending practices. ( Watch the following video for a taste of their arrogant neglect. The music is a bit much, but the point is made.)

A skeptic could conclude that this was an orchestrated attempt by powerful Democrats to, down the road, allow both institutions to fail, having them ultimately become the catalyst for our current economic mess, thus ushering in a Democratic majority and paving the way for a timely Democratic presidential win.

Fast forward to the stimulus package. Is all the pork that Chuck Schumer pooh-poohed away just a diversion to keep our focus off of the more important, dangerous socialist aspects contained within the bill? Or is all of this fortuitous timing just a coincidence?

And is the fact that the Democratic leadership is trying (successfully) to rush the largest, most expensive bill in our country's history through Congress (No one has the time or ability to read ALL 1000+ pages in TWO days) another tactic to hide the true intentions of the bill and its proponents?

Are they that smart?

Are we that dumb?



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Comments (30)

I vote for they are NOT tha... (Below threshold)

I vote for they are NOT that smart.

As for the other, sadly enough, I am not prepared to rule that out.

They could not control the failure timing. Consider, w/o the collapse, O or HC could have possibly won a narrow victory anyway and six calm months later had it all collapse totally on Dem watch and had the voters massively give it all back tp the conservatives the next election.

"...just a diversion to kee... (Below threshold)

"...just a diversion to keep our focus off of the more important, dangerous socialist aspects contained within the bill?"

Hardly a coincidence. Rom Emmanuel stated that "you don't waste a crisis". They know damn well what they put in that bill. Pelosi provided the pork, you can bet Emmanuel provided the socialist programs.

When the scumbag Schumer le... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

When the scumbag Schumer let it slip that one of the banks was in trouble he was the beginning. When the second American Revolution starts, I hope these bastards get what is coming to them.

Geesh, where are all the ob... (Below threshold)

Geesh, where are all the obama supports, there are about 4-5 posts dealing with subjects directly related to the current bill and none of them are to been seen.

Could it be they are all out on a binge drinking spree?

Yes.... (Below threshold)


Well, they've gotten what t... (Below threshold)

Well, they've gotten what they wanted, God help us all. We'll see in a year or so whether they're still happy with it...

"We'll see in a year or so ... (Below threshold)

"We'll see in a year or so whether they're still happy with it."

Not to fear, I'll be checking back in with them every 6 months, at the same time apprising them of what the current unemployment rate is and querying them as to "when will your leader's stimulus package kick in?" I have no doubt the socialist programs will have top priority as far as implimentation. And I'm sure Nancy will personally deliver the $50 MILLION earmark for the salt-marsh mouse in San Francisco. It's all a matter of priorities.

"A skeptic could conclude t... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

"A skeptic could conclude that this was an orchestrated attempt by powerful Democrats..."
Well, a paranoid lunatic might conclude that, but a "skeptic" would realize that the Bush reform attempt of 2003/04 failed because Republicans as well as Democrats failed to support it.
See? No conspiracy theory needed. Just "Democrats were wrong to oppose these reforms, and it's a damn shame the Republicans couldn't muster enough support to pass them anyway."

Yeah, there wasn't anything... (Below threshold)

Yeah, there wasn't anything ELSE going on at the time, was there? Nah, there's wasn't anything at ALL going on that needed attention or political capital! Things were so quiet, it's amazing everyone didn't fall asleep in the House and Senate!

Frankly, our politicians don't multitask well when it comes to big issue, and I seem to recall this little conflict in Iraq that was getting all their attention...

What's your point, Mr Lawso... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

What's your point, Mr Lawson? That the Democrats were focused on their eeevil plan to destroy the economy and thereby elect Democrats, while the Republicans were distracted by a shiny war?
Surely you, Mr Lawson, aren't the kind of "skeptic" Mr Mallow is referring to? The kind who thinks that blocking GSE reform was part of a Dr. Evil plot to destroy America and grab power?

"Are they that smart?"... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

"Are they that smart?"


"Are we that dumb?"


Nope - the only 'Dr. Evil' ... (Below threshold)

Nope - the only 'Dr. Evil' plot I think exists is that Democrats aren't interested in anything but what power they can grab as quickly as possible. Very few can think beyond the next election and over the last 6-8 years as a group they've been pretty much automatically negative politically.

But it's all kind of academic at this point, isn't it? They've demonstrated they're in control with this bill - not that they even bothered to read the damn thing... and have shown their 'ideals' of transparency and communication are pretty much a joke.

"Are we that dumb?" - If you're referring to the voters - yes. The American electorate's well and truely screwed itself this time.

As I've said before - I hope I'm wrong about Obama. But... so far, I'm having a hard time persuading myself he's got anything more than the (temporary) good of the DNC in mind.

I wasn't referring to the v... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

I wasn't referring to the voters.
I was referring to anyone who would seriously suggest that Barney Frank's obstruction of GSE reform in 2003 was part of a plot to destroy the economy and thereby elect Democrats, as Mr Mallow did.
I'm glad to know that you, Mr Lawson, are not among that number.

What's the penalty for Cont... (Below threshold)

What's the penalty for Contempt of Congress, and where do I go to turn myself in?

"Geesh, where are all th... (Below threshold)

"Geesh, where are all the obama supports,..."

I've been wondering the same thing myself every time a post goes up about this gargantuan spending spree. Any of them that have popped in haven't addressed any of the actual points in issue. They're quick to criticize anything anyone else says, gab on about what Booosh did, engage in ad hominem assault, etc. Why I've even gotten the distinct impression a couple of times that, in a round about way, they're trying to get a jump on the situation by assigning blame on Republicans for something they're not willing to admit is a bad thing.

The only people I've seen come out and openly defend this bill are a sock puppet named angellight and Paul Hooson.

The first law of revolution... (Below threshold)

The first law of revolution is this:
In order to seize power you must make things WORSE

If the populace is generally happy, they will go along with the status quo. Humans DO react like herd animals, and getting a stampede going is frankly not all that touhg.

Consider that during the Bush years, no matter how GOOD the economy got, we still got doom & gloom stories about "Depression is on the horizon:, etc..

We have a FAITH-BASED ECONOMY...i.e., it only works when enough people BELIEVE it works. Period. Go re-watch the bank-run scene from "It's a Wonderful Life". That is exactly how our economy works. When people TRUST it, it works...when they don't it doesn't.

Now the MSM is desperate to re-build the trust they worked so hard to destroy.

This week the stock market FELL 5.2%. A 400 point selloff led the week. The DOW went UP exactly one day...by FORTY-EIGHT points. The A/P declared: "Stock Market Rebounds Based on Obama's Stimulus Plan". 48 points!

So yesterday, the DOW was down by 78 points and the A/P declared: "The major indices traded sideways"

Let's see...UP by 48 is a REBOUND. DOWN by 78 is SIDEWAYS.

Welcome to 1984...Big Brother NOW wants you to know that everything is just fine.

Where you are erring, Oyste... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Where you are erring, Oyster, is in assuming that liberals march in lockstep to daily talking points, as conservatives do. They don't.
As for myself, my comments here were regarding Mr Mallow's conspiracy theory, and trying to get you guys to admit that Barney Frank could not have possibly blocked GSE reform all by his lonesome.
And it's kind of funny that you accuse people of ad hominem attacks, and in the next paragraph call someone a "sock puppet."

Brucy, this mess is a total... (Below threshold)

Brucy, this mess is a totally owned mess from the democratic leadership.

To answer the headline of the post: No. ww

Geesh! Where are all the Ob... (Below threshold)

Geesh! Where are all the Obama supports(sic)...and none of them are to be seen"

It Valentines' Day, Baby Huey.

OR the board is losing traffic (haven't checked Alexa, etc). Whither jhow66, whither scrapiron?
You might be one of the few "dailies" left.

DavidDAs you posted,... (Below threshold)

As you posted, it's valentines day. And it's
the weekend.

"And I'm sure Nancy will pe... (Below threshold)

"And I'm sure Nancy will personally deliver the $50 MILLION earmark for the salt-marsh mouse in San Francisco."

Total BS.


Don't you guys ever get sick of being blatantly manipulated by the Republican party leadership?

max - you're only correct o... (Below threshold)

max - you're only correct on one count. The 30 mil is to be spent, and spent for "wetlands restoration."

However, and allegedly, the area in question is not in pelosi's district. (as her home town paper points out)

BUT, it is FACT this so-called "wetlands restoration" is costing 30 mil and is in FACT targeted for the exact geographic area where the endangered Salt Marsh Mouse lives.

If you need to argue that 30 mil isn't directly related to this damn mouse, feel free to knock yourself out and make a fool of yourself.


Well, I see that there is a... (Below threshold)

Well, I see that there is at least one sucker who doesn't mind being a tool. Good luck with that.

max[imum lunacy] - "Wel... (Below threshold)

max[imum lunacy] - "Well, I see that there is at least one sucker who doesn't mind being a tool. Good luck with that."

What? No counter argument? Just childish taunts?

No explanation how that 30 mil WON't go the these mice?

From your own link, dumbass... (Below threshold)

From your own link, dumbass.

"The bill does not target the mouse, but rather wetlands restoration; the technique is to pull out items that money might go to and holding them up to ridicule. If they have San Francisco anywhere in the name, all the better."

How 'bout you show me exactly where, in the bill, 30 mil. is set aside exclusively for this mouse?

Holy crap, could you possibly be any more dense?

From my experience from the... (Below threshold)

From my experience from the trolls that have been occupying this site for years, the left does not have the ability to perform an honest analysis of cause and effect. Every time the cause is Bush Hitler and the effect is death and starving. Now that Barry is in office, they demand that we respect their ability to rationally argue a point. Nah! Can't happen. You lefties have already proved your inability to reason. ww

I would like to see the con... (Below threshold)
Samael Howard:

I would like to see the conservatives throw together a good argument against, myself. So far, we've seen jobs in Hollywood, education, environmental preservation, and housing improvement ignored completely in favor of barely concealed name calling. Like it or not, an American job is an Ameican job, whether or not they reliably vote Republican.

I'd also like to see an argument for business tax cuts that includes a guarantee that the money the businesses save will be invested in aiding our economy, rather than being a blank check for say, moving more manufacturing and communications jobs overseas...

Not to let Democrats off the hook either...

How are paying for all of this over the long run? What happens if in the future, we're denied the extended credit we're living on?

Just more conspiracy theori... (Below threshold)

Just more conspiracy theories. After eight years of Dubya, the economy is dead and buried. Why didn't the GOP have the testicular fortitude to stop the banks themselves, remember the GOP controlled both houses from 2001-6. Maybe they wanted all the sub-prime loans, maybe they made so much money out of other peoples misery that they were blinded by greed. See i can do conspiracy theories to.

"...and trying to get yo... (Below threshold)

"...and trying to get you guys to admit that Barney Frank could not have possibly blocked GSE reform all by his lonesome."

What the hell are you talking about? Did you even LOOK at the video? Have you read ANY of the posts here about all the other players (namely congress people) taking part in running interference for Fan/Fred? Have you filtered through ANY of the comments over the last few months to take note of all the other people discussed who took a lead role in driving Fan/Fred into the ground through accounting 'anomalies', etc?


BTW, angellight is a sockpu... (Below threshold)

BTW, angellight is a sockpuppet who has used at least three different aliases posting the same statements, verbatim, all over the web. "Sock Puppet" may not be the right name, but it is certainly not "name-calling".






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