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One Thing The "Stimulus" Bill Has Been Good For

The bill has exposed some pretty outrageous hypocrisy. Wall Street Journal:

In 2003, amid debate about the Bush tax cuts and a budget deficit of merely $400 billion, Maine Senator Olympia Snowe demanded that any tax cuts be capped at $350 billion. "At a time of growing federal deficits," the Republican declared to much media praise, "it is especially important that this plan be right-sized without putting our future at risk."
[Review & Outlook] AP

Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, Max Baucus, Harry Reid and Arlen Specter.

Flash forward to Tuesday: Ms. Snowe provided one of three crucial GOP votes that helped Democrats pass $838 billion in new spending and "tax cuts" -- often for people who pay no taxes. The deficit for 2009 even before this stimulus? $1.2 trillion.

If nothing else good comes from this exercise, at least Senators Snowe, Susan Collins and Arlen Specter should be laughed out of town if they ever fret about a budget deficit again.

Read the full article for information about the probable result of the "stimulus" bill, including a seriously scary chart.


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I wonder why the Democratic... (Below threshold)

I wonder why the Democratic side doesn't have such "moderates". Why the so-called "Blue Dog" senators and congressmen who won their seats by opposing the first bailout don't vote against this charade?

people are already asking t... (Below threshold)

people are already asking that locally about Gillibrand. in reality she's a party-line Democrat, but she's been pretending to be a moderate and even (ugh) "a maverick" in the House, including being opposed to the first bailout. needless to say, the moderates that voted for her before are a little disillusioned. but that's what you get for believing what the press tells you about a candidate and listening only to what they say and not how they vote.

I do not see why the Presid... (Below threshold)

I do not see why the President considers IMMEDIATELY passing the Economic Stimulus Package to be a priority, unless it is to hide the contents of the bill. Most of the bill will not become effective for years

The Economic Stimulus Package should be made available to all Americans via the Internet for at least 24 hours prior to the vote

The bill is so huge that there are many undiscovered surprises (earmarks) that will be found out, but not in time to prevent their becoming law.

Once the tax dollar money f... (Below threshold)

Once the tax dollar money faucet is opened it is almost impossible to close. Obamalala needs to get money(our tax dollars) to as many of his donors and supporters as possible for as long as possible.

Not only is the hypocrisy o... (Below threshold)

Not only is the hypocrisy of Specter, Snowe, and Collins been exposed but the "Blue Dogs" have been shown for who they really are--Party Hacks! Blue Dogs are in real trouble in the next election and they can thank Pelosi for losing their seat.


"Senators Snowe, Susan Coll... (Below threshold)

"Senators Snowe, Susan Collins and Arlen Specter should be laughed out of town if they ever fret about a budget deficit again."

Snow, Collins and Specter don't deserve a second chance. They should be laughed out of town ASAP. I will do what I can to see that Specter is defeated in 2010.

PTBitte - "The Economic... (Below threshold)

PTBitte - "The Economic Stimulus Package should be made available to all Americans via the Internet for at least 24 hours prior to the vote."

If memory services, and I'm too lazy to check, several people including more than a few dems promised a 48 hour period after the bill's final incarnation (porking up!) - and BEFORE it was voted on - the entire thing would be posted online for the public to view and comment it.

Well... two notes. First, as of 11pm Thursday night only about one third was available to those voting, you know like Senators and members of the House.

Secondly, remember all the [empty]rhetoric that spewed out of Barack Hussein Obama's piehole about "transparency," and how the public i.e. the people that pay these asshat's salary, and his announcement that a website was set-up ("Recovery.gov.") where all this so-called transparency? was to take place.

This is the only thing posted at recovery.gov:

"Recovery.gov: Check back after the passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to see how and where your tax dollars are spent. An oversight board will routinely update this site as part of an unprecedented effort to root out waste, inefficiency, and unnecessary spending in our government."
[Obama] Transparency... the new "thick as mud!"

The "Hope and Change" mask ... (Below threshold)

The "Hope and Change" mask is sliding off, isn't it?

And under it is something that looks so depressingly familiar. How long, do you think, before a call is made to nationalize all industry, and institute 5-year plans to make sure all the needs of the citizenry are met?

Quality:"Sen. Rola... (Below threshold)


"Sen. Roland Burris (D-Ill.), President Barack Obama's successor in the Senate, seemed baffled by the thought of actually reading the entire bill."

this is in a story about how no one in the Senate can say they've read it or even think they will read it.

Here's a question for you (... (Below threshold)
24usmcr Author Profile Page:

Here's a question for you (anybody/everybody)...if 'none' of the members of Congress have read the bill, who in the hell wrote it?






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