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Today's lesson in irony IV

Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez should take up standup comedy. From the BBC-

Venezuela has expelled a Spanish deputy of the European parliament, over reports that he called President Hugo Chavez a dictator.

Luis Herrero had also criticised a decision to keep polling stations open two hours longer than normal in a referendum to be held on Sunday.

The referendum is on a proposal to remove all term limits on elected officials, including Mr Chavez.

Mr Herrero had been invited to observe the vote by an opposition party.

The Spanish deputy, who represents the conservative Popular Party, was put on a commercial flight to Brazil late on Friday, Venezuelan officials said.

Earlier, in comments to journalists, he had invited Venezuelans to vote freely.

"They should never be carried away when they vote by the fear that a dictator tries to impose in a premeditated way," AFP news agency quoted him as saying.

Dr. Taylor at Poliblog gets it exactly right-

Someone needs to tell Chávez that tossing a guy out for calling you dictator isn't a very good way of rebutting his description.
But would Chavez listen? He's a dictator, the only person Chavez need to listen to is himself. God help the people of Venezuela.


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Ask Debbie Stabenow about t... (Below threshold)

Ask Debbie Stabenow about this.

Well Tubby has to keep thos... (Below threshold)

Well Tubby has to keep those polls open an extra two hours. That way he can figure out how many extra ballots he has to stuff in the boxes so he can go out and locate those who haven't voted yet. Sorta like ACORN but with a South American flavor.

As the global slowdown cras... (Below threshold)
John S:

As the global slowdown crashes into a global depression maybe oil will fall to $5 a barrel. It couldn't happen to a more deserving asshole. Or the rest of the asshole dictators that sell us petroleum.

If Chavez gets any worse, t... (Below threshold)

If Chavez gets any worse, they're going to start comparing him to Obama.

I still think the best exam... (Below threshold)

I still think the best example for irony comes from the cartoon protests a couple of years to go.
How does seeing someone wave around a sign that says "Behead those who say Islam is violent" not tickle your funny bone.

Whats with that chavez cree... (Below threshold)

Whats with that chavez creep dont he like the truth HE SOUNDS A LOT LIKE A DEMACRAT

And this is one of those fo... (Below threshold)
Ken Hahn:

And this is one of those foreign leaders that Obama thinks he can charm. Chavez, Castro, Kim, the Mullahs and all their friends are celebrating the fact that no one in the US government cares about the US anymore.

Chavez was elected and re-e... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Chavez was elected and re-elected in UN-monitored elections. When a US-backed coup briefly toppled him in 2002, the Venezuelan people protested in the streets until he was reinstated a few days later.
A couple of years ago, he narrowly lost a referendum that would have greatly expanded his power. He accepted the results quite graciously, something no "dictator" would have done. What self-respecting dictator would lose an election?
The political opposition in Venezuela controls all 3 TV networks, and they keep right on propagandizing against him. Does a "dictator" allow anti-government broadcasts on a daily basis?
Can anyone here tell us how many political prisoners are being held in Venezuelan jails? I didn't think so.
Chavez is a socialist and is plainly anti-American. Guess what? He has every right to be, if that's what the voters of Venezuela want. And they have repeatedly demonstrated that they do.






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