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Why Are Liberals Giving Eric Cantor So Much Attention?

Republican Party Whip Eric Cantor is using a combination of Aerosmith, Newt Gingrich and Churchill to celebrate GOP unanimity against the Democrat's spending bill that President Obama will sign tomorrow.

While the Aerosmith sountrack might be questionable, a quick perusal of the blogosphere shows that liberals are in high dudgeon over Cantor's embrace of Gingrich and Churchill as his opposition model. There's even the characteristic Cantor is stupid post by Josh Marshall (hmmm, what would a liberal riposte be without the customary query about the opponent's ignorance? BTW, Marshall's criticism is better directed to the authors of the Post article, not Minority Whip Cantor.)

All of this begs the question: Why do liberals even care? After all, they won.

Or is it that Democrats are perhaps a bit nervous about the budget busting monstrosity they have created? Maybe they are suffering from a bit of buyer's remorse now that they can't return this bill if its stimulus effect comes to naught and voters make them pay in 2010? How else to explain this singular attention to the House Minority Whip on a day they should be doing a victory lap?


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Comments (31)

Eric Cantor is smart and ap... (Below threshold)

Eric Cantor is smart and appears to be unstoppable. He may be as talented as Newt but may have the potential to be even more popular. Cantor for prez in 2012 or 2016? Dems want to nip this one in the bud.

That's a good question. Thi... (Below threshold)

That's a good question. This liberal couldn't care less about Cantor or anyone or anything Republican. I'm still pissed Obama tried to work with them.

Wait the stimulus isn't goi... (Below threshold)

Wait the stimulus isn't going to work? And the dems are now worried that there is going to be a backlash?


they're upset about because... (Below threshold)

they're upset about because the dems are trying to do actual work in a time of national crisis while the repubs are playing political games and positioning themselves for their next election. Its the same short term thinking and mentality echoed by those on wall street who brought on this econmic collapse. I guess all is fair though in war and politics, heres some context on who came out on top with the stimulus. http://www.newsy.com/videos/u_s_winners_losers/

Why is using Aerosmith ques... (Below threshold)
kbiel Author Profile Page:

Why is using Aerosmith questionable? Both Joe Perry and Steven Tyler have outed themselves as republicans.

"they're upset about becaus... (Below threshold)

"they're upset about because the Dems are trying to do actual work in a time of national crisis"

Yes, we can tell it's a crisis by the way Obama took his first vacation already after less than a month on the job, and the way Congress basically shut down over the all-important Valentine's Day weekend.

There's a saying: "If you want me to believe it's a crisis, ACT like it's a crisis."

Jesus, you guys won and hav... (Below threshold)

Jesus, you guys won and have total control of the executive and legislative branches. Stop Whining.
"the dems are trying to do actual work in a time of national crisis while the repubs are playing political games"
Once again you have total control, stop moaning just because the oppostion won't roll over. If it truly is a national crisis and you can pass your bill anyway and your bill is 'sooo awesome' then why should what the GOP does matter to you?
God save us from sore winners.

.....and incredibly sore an... (Below threshold)

.....and incredibly sore and perpetually whining losers.

If the stimulus package is ... (Below threshold)

If the stimulus package is successful the Democrats will get ALL the credit and it will kill the Republican party. Celebrate.

"I got rights too" - Song b... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"I got rights too" - Song by Hank Williams.

The reason why Obama has to... (Below threshold)

The reason why Obama has to keep telling everyone he won is because he hasn't shown any leadership ability.

they're upset abou... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
they're upset about because the dems are trying to do actual work in a time of national crisis while the repubs are playing political games and positioning themselves for their next election.

When you're driving on a multi-lane road and you want to pass someone in front of you the only real option is to get in the other lane and hope the traffic pattern changes to your advantage.

Its the same short term thinking and mentality echoed by those on wall street who brought on this econmic collapse.

With passage of the stimulus bill the street predicts future inflation and capital is looking for safe-havens. With world economies slowing, commodity prices are likely to drop even for commodities like oil, grain, and metals like platinum that are tied to industrial activity. That leaves gold and so its price is on the rise, but it could be just another bubble. If the stimulus bill is too small and the economy shrinks into deflation the price of gold could drop dramatically and by the time the slide bottoms out we could see gold below $300 again. People buying gold today at over $940 could end up losing 50% to 70% of their money. How much damage a bursting gold bubble will cause depends on how long it lasts and how big it gets. Hope we don't see pension plans getting into gold like they got into oil last year or there will be lots more workers retiring on a lot less then they expected.

If the stimulus bill is too big and it results in inflation, but without creating jobs, the fed will try to hold down interest rates and everyone with savings will see the value of their money shrink, which is the same a losing it in the stock market, but without expecting the risk. That's mostly older people who have saved all their lives for retirement only to see it eaten away by inflation. If there's inflation and the economy starts to grow the fed will have to raise interest rates to fight inflation. That means 15% for consumer loans (common in 1982) and over 30% on credit cards.

I think the odds of the stimulus bill restoring the economy without causing high inflation are about 30%. With those odds the republicans were smart to get in the other lane.

Because he's a <a href="htt... (Below threshold)

Because he's a Joooo?

The Dems obviously don't ca... (Below threshold)

The Dems obviously don't care what GOP Congress types think. They got the votes, the White House and a bunch of loser Supreme Court Justices up there.

They only care about Rush and Hannity because they have a huge audience...that makes them nervous...that and Sarah Palin's popularity.

BTW, is Eric related to Eddie? Just curious.

If ya'll wanna run Eric Can... (Below threshold)

If ya'll wanna run Eric Cantor for Prez-dent, be my guest.


The Democrats know they hav... (Below threshold)
Thomas Jackson:

The Democrats know they have created a monster. They are devoid of cover. They can't claim they didn't understand what they have done nor point to Republican support.

They must claim that the GOP is playing politics and are too dull to obey the Maximum Leader.

Shades of Jimmy Carter. If the GOP gets rid of the RINOs and offers a combative stance that offers a clear choice to Americans and stick to it and do not attempt to curry favor of the media or the Beltway lepers they can win back both houses.

They can win the presidency if they avoid the old boys and the the tired ideas of the limosine RINO crowd. Palin or Jindhal are the way to go. We don't need no stinking RINOs.

Cantor is a nobody. He's ju... (Below threshold)

Cantor is a nobody. He's jumped on the political bandwagon which is the safest place to be right now if you're GOP.

I hope the GOP win in 2010. We saw what a disaster was made of our country when one party controlled both houses and the White House between 2001-06. The Dems risk making the same mistakes so a win for the GOP in 2010 will come as a blessing in disguise.

Cantor won't win if he runs in 2012, neither will Palin. In fact the GOP will dig an even bigger hole for itself than it did in November if it picks either candidate. The people wanted change not another four years of the same. They won't want to vote in another Dubya like government four years after getting rid of the last one.

Bobby Jindhal on the other hand would be a real threat to Obama. Even though he's said he isn't interested in running in 2012, i'm guessing that's political speak for hell yes i'm running. He's done a lot to appeal to a broader electorate, he changed his name and his religion. He's also nothing like most of the old neocons in the GOP, he represents change which is what the GOP need to do to survive.

I'd be very worried if Jindhal or even Ron Paul was picked to run against Obama in 2012, i'd kick back and relax if Palin or Cantor ran against him.

The great seer knows all. Y... (Below threshold)

The great seer knows all. You would think noone voted for McCain the way the dems go on and on. I guess millions of voters opinions don't count. Keep it up Palin, I like it. Good mantra for the GOP "Your opinion doesn't count, vote democratic". ww

It's noteworthy to watch th... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

It's noteworthy to watch the people that liberals are threatened by. They could be the best barometer for our next leaders. What they continue to do to Sarah Palin reminds me of Reagan in the 70's. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

If you think liberals are t... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

If you think liberals are threatened by Sarah Palin, you are mistaken. Palin is arguably THE reason McCain lost, although McCain's campaign-suspendin' hissy fit helped, too.

Eric Cantor gets the attent... (Below threshold)
James H:

Eric Cantor gets the attention, I think, because it goes with the "House Whip" job description. There's even a possibility that he deliberately stirs up trouble and/or attracts attention because of his personality. Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich have similar histories.

In the first freaking place... (Below threshold)

In the first freaking place why would anyone but a wingnut think "liberals" are threatened by anything republican or conservative. Lets see, huge majority in the House, heavy majority in the Senate(good chance to go to 60 in 2010), a very popular president, very unpopular republicans in Congress, obvious intent to obstruct by republicans, a dimwit governor in Alaska who wingnuts think is the second coming of Jesus Christ, no leadership in the party whatsoever and Rush Limbaugh and Hanniity the voices of the party, a party that wants the economic recovery and the president to fail, goofballs like WildWillie who want terrorists unleashed on San Francisco, others who are hoping for a terrorist ataack on our soil.

Want more? There's lots more.

And we're supposed to feel threatened?

Ok, if youre NOT threaten b... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Ok, if youre NOT threaten by Palin, why all the attention? The MSM, the moonbats, rip the crap out of her at every turn. It's almost 4 months after the election and she still gets ripped for one thing or another. I dont see the same energy directed at Rudy or Thompson or Romney or even John McCain.

Just sayin'

And we're supposed... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
And we're supposed to feel threatened?

Most people vote their pocketbook first and their ideologies second. Democrats went all in with their bet that their stimulus bill will work to the satisfaction of the voters. Pelosi said if it doesn't work then vote us out. Even Obama said if they can't fix the economy democrats, including himself, won't be reelected. Yes, there's reason for democrats to feel threatened by anyone offering a palatable alternative.

But there's something you can do to help. Democrats should be on the front line of spending their own money to stimulate the economy. Take your grandkids to Disney world, remodel your home, buy a new car, and eat out every night. It's the new war and any democrat who isn't spending is a chicken hawk.

Pretzel -They can'... (Below threshold)

Pretzel -

They can't afford to NOT rip Palin. Pre-emptive disqualification - if you can get a handle on the narrative, you can control perceptions and shape them to your advantage.

It doesn't have to be a TRUE perception - it simply has to resonate well enough to stick in the mind of the voter.

That feeds into my point JL... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

That feeds into my point JL. Kos is obsessed with her for instance. There's any number of knuckleheads STILL roaming around Alaska trying to find dirt? Who's kid is who's? Who's on welfare? Reminds me of the personal attacks against Reagan.

I think Lee's stalking her ... (Below threshold)

I think Lee's stalking her by proxy, lol.

But seriously - there's two good things about the obsession that's developed on Palin. First - by obviously showing where the attention is, you know what they're looking at... and for.

Second - by being SO obsessive, they're likely missing other candidates that are going to come up and bite 'em. (I've not seen any attempts to discredit Jindal, for example.)

"This liberal couldn't care... (Below threshold)

"This liberal couldn't care less about Cantor or anyone or anything Republican. I'm still pissed Obama tried to work with them." You seem to make free floating comments of this kind regularly. Honestly, let's assume your mind lives in the Manichean universe reflected in your writing style. Then, in order to promote Obama's interest above all else, wouldn't it have been better PR for Obama to have made at least a perfunctory attempt at bipartisanship, peel off a few weak-kneed Republicans, and THEN publicly patted himself on the back for his persistent and ultimately successful effort to "unify the country." From a purely political perspective, it would seem that a valuable goal is to confuse, distract and generally fluster a weakened opponent by fomenting distrust within your enemy's camp. Obama clearly had the chance. Perhaps you, as a certified Obamabot, can explain why the Great One failed utterly to make any attempt at this and wound up strengthening the internal unity of his opponent. I'm interested in your thoughts.

boqueronmanCome ba... (Below threshold)


Come back when you make sense or when you complete your degree in psychoanalysis of liberals.

Has Obama turned all right wingers into babbling fools? Oh, and I have no interest in your thoughts, at least as laid out in your comment.

He asks you an honest quest... (Below threshold)

He asks you an honest question and you reply by calling him a babbling fool.
I love Lib debating styles.

STaylorDo you actu... (Below threshold)


Do you actually read an entire comment and its context?

"He asks an honest question?"

What was this from him:"You seem to make free floating comments...lets assume you live in the Manichean universe....perhaps you are a certified 'Obamabot'......"

You can join him as another "babbling fool."

I love Conservative hypocrisy.






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