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Detroit: What You Get When Big Government Liberalism Takes Total Control

Rob at Say Anything has a post that will shock you. Detroit is such a sewer of unbelievable poverty and crime that now an entire neighborhood has all but disappeared. All that is left is a bunch of boarded up houses now that outnumber the residents. It's a testament to what happens when big government liberalism has total control of all parts of government for decades. A few of Rob's commenters who are from the Detroit area described their experiences:

I'm from Michigan--born, raised, and currently live. My mother was born and raised within Detroit proper. When I lived in California no one believed the stories I told about Detroit. When I was 16, I went to the Renaissance Center (now GM headquarters) which is the epicenter of downtown Detroit. All of the major streets of the metro area radiate radially from that place. On a Tuesday afternoon at 2 O'Clock, I stood looking down each street and for 2 minutes, it appeared as though I was the sole individual in the city. It was a bizarre feeling. At that time, I had a friend who lived in a particularly terrible part of the city. When I would risk my life to visit him, I rarely ever saw any other signs of life in the neighborhood. I have a co-worker who lived for several years within the city. He claims nothing bad ever happened to him. But recently, a body was "found" frozen in the basement of an apartment building. The residents knew about the body, some even called police who did nothing. It wasn't until a journalist from the Detroit Free Press pressured the authorities to remove the body that something was done. He had to call several times and an article was written about it.

I could tell more stories, but they're all unbelievable. Sadly, this used to be a very beautiful, rich city. It very quickly went to hell.

East Side of Detroit (Grosse Pointe)(no jokes about Grosse Pointe Blank, please) born and bred myself. Same stories to tell and much the same feelings about the place today. Unfortunately I still have some family in the area, way out in the North suburbs, but they tell me the rot is reaching out to them as well. Really too bad that a city with such a rich history and heritage is crumbling like this. I wonder what the Fords, Fishers, Dodges and other car founding families would say about the place today.

As Rob says: "If you want to know whether or not big government works, look at Detroit."


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We will never learn from th... (Below threshold)

We will never learn from the the clear evidence that has been sitting beneath our noses. Socialism and big government have a perennial and pernicious appeal.

It's slowly happening here ... (Below threshold)

It's slowly happening here in Maryland. I mean this is a liberal state, run by liberals, and all agendas dictacted by liberals. Yet, Maryland is in a complete mess, major business do not want to make investments here, taxes too high, crime rate ranks as some of the highest in the country, because liberals care more for criminals than law abiding citizens, the environment has taken several hits, and these champions of the environment have done jack and shit about it except apply band aids.

Bottom line is, Maryland is supposed to be a liberal utopia, because after all they are right about everything, so why is it in such shit shape that the government ruining Maryland is ecstatic about receiving bailout money? Liberals in Maryland have created one of the more expensive and dangerous states to live in...and are proud of it...

I live in the Flint, MI are... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

I live in the Flint, MI area which is about an hour to an hour and a half north of Detroit. A lot of people don't go down there other than for concerts or sporting events. Some areas are so nasty you just stay away from altogether. The place is a cess-pool. We have our own problems in Flint, but not on a grand of scale as Detroit does...

Cool! The first comment re... (Below threshold)
Michael K.:

Cool! The first comment reprinted in this article from Say Anything Blog is mine. Now I'm famous! :-)

One other story I can add is that my mother and grandmother kept moving around Detroit as my mother grew up to move away as the neighborhood went bad. Finally, in the late 70s, my grandmother said she's not moving anymore; it was her house and he was going to stay. That is, until, as an elderly woman, we walked out onto her porch when we was leaving her house and was beaten and robbed by two of the neighborhood youth. She sold the house for a loss and spent most of the rest of her life in a dumpy apartment north of Detroit that had a high rent.

See also California. ... (Below threshold)

See also California.

Every city, regardless of its local politics, has blighted neighborhoods. It isn't a symptom of big government so much as it is a symptom of ineffective government and a broken local culture. Both liberals and conservatives can create such an environment. Liberals are just better at it.

Incidentally, while reading this item did anyone else happen to remember the name of the blighted, crime-ridden city that RoboCop was created to clean up?

But I thought Detroit was a... (Below threshold)

But I thought Detroit was a Democratic Worker's Paradise. Just a northern version of New Orleans. Don't feel bad. Take a look at LA, portions of it look like a 3rd world country now.

Even notice that in these Worker Paradises, the liberal elite who run everything all live in gated enclaves?

Liberalism has absolutely n... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Liberalism has absolutely nothing to do with any financial problems of Detroit, and no serious economist would agree with that conclusion either. 88% of all American cities are having financial problems due to this serious recession.

Detroit's problems are no different, except that many jobs are connected to some large employers such as GM, Ford and Chrysler, and layoffs in these industries have only hurt the city's tax base. But some credit unions such IBEW have worked out special offers with GM and Chrysler that give discounts up to $1,000 for credit union buyers who purchase either a GM or Chrysler automobile.

The fact of the matter is that this is a worldwide recession, not just a Detroit or U.S. recession. And both Japan and China have enacted their own economic stimulus plans recently as have many states in Europe.

You have to remember that before the American Industrial Revolution, every American was a farmer with their own land that provided enough food to eat, wood to burn for heat, and small home. Then these small farmers were lured off their farms to provide the manpower so that the new class of capitalists who were building factories would have a labor force. These workers had no idea that they would be facing possible unemployment during economic slowdowns or dependence on churches, soup kitchens or some new social welfare programs. Detroit is just one good example of the broken promise of capitalism, removing workers from their land, making them wholly dependent on the employment opportunities of others. Capitalism often works well in many ways, especially for the class of industrialists who profit so well during boom times. But it has also created a near permanent underclass living in poverty and near chronic underemployment as well. Many in the African American community in cities like Detroit are not the descendants of immigrants, but the descendants of slaves, brought to this nation in chains in the hulls of ships by wealthy tobacco or cotton interests, not of their free will.

Detroit has many social problems for sure, but certainly it is not the fault of liberalism, but the failure of capitalism to provide the full employment opportunities that it once promised to lure workers to cities, only to leave many in poverty.

As a system capitalism has provided me some great economic opportunities in business. But it also leaves me with a tremendous sense of guilt when some renters who live some property I own work very hard just to pay the rent.

There's actually a pretty serious discussion that we could have here about the basic fairness of our economic system, and the chronic failure of it to provide a decent living for many Americans, even during good economic times. let alone bad times like this.

Paul, I lived in Michigan f... (Below threshold)

Paul, I lived in Michigan from 1980 to 1995. You have no idea what you are talking about. Portland did not have a huge population of displaced southern Blacks, nor the kind of corruption that Detroit politics brewed. The city was circling the drain starting in the late sixties. Portland could go that way in another 40 years at its current pace, with social/political rather than racial tensions dividing the beleaguered People's Republic. Maybe it'll be the vegan/Buddhists versus the pothead/bicyclists, or the Beaver fans versus the Ducks, but it will happen.


Hello Epador, actually Port... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Hello Epador, actually Portland has a large population of Southern displaced African Americans who first came to Oregon to work in the shipyards during WWII. Many other cities also received large populations of minority immigration as well during the war, but then once demand for warships ended with the war, there was a growing problem with unemployment and poverty among these groups. Slowly drugs and guns crept into a growing number of youth street gangs. Now many cities have generations caught in a cycle of poverty, gangs, drugs, guns, etc. All of this largely to blame by displacing many Southern families who might have been sharecroppers or otherwise once had some land of their own and the ability to feed their families.

Strangely the once very poor Northeast Portland which became something of a ghetto at one time, has experienced many African American families moving out of the area into other parts of the city in recent years, which is a sign of some economic integration, except in poverty stricken St. John's area public housing projects where crime and gangs have also followed. On one hand race relations are improving with more integration. On the other hand, gangs and drugs are still stubborn problems in other parts of the city.

Paul Hasoon -Thank... (Below threshold)

Paul Hasoon -

Thank you for explaining the reality in Detroit. I've lived in the Detroit area my entire life and the problems are not "liberal politics," but instead dependence on a single industry.

We're trying to make things work around here, but when GM, Ford and Chrysler are struggling, so goes Detroit.

I see. Detroit's a hell-ho... (Below threshold)

I see. Detroit's a hell-hole "because of this serious recession". Which began in 1975, I presume?

Detroit is the poster child... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:

Detroit is the poster child for what happens when you have 50 uninterrupted years of absolute Democrat-Marxist control with a very liberal dose of racist (that's BLACK racist, kids) politics thrown in the mix. First you had the "well meaning" White leftists that got the ball rolling, only to be displaced with the Robert Mugabe thug-tyrant known as Coleman Young who told the remaining White people this was their (Black) city now, and they left en masse. Followed up by Dennis Archer (well meaning, but clueless), who thought the city's problems could be fixed by bringing in casinos (because, of course, middle-class and wealthy White women from Oakland County were gonna drive into downtown Detroit to gamble. Right). Then you had the Hip-Hop thug known as Kwame Kilpatrick and now a new Mayor, but yet from that SAME party pushing the same failed policies (and expecting a DIFFERENT outcome).

Of course, Democrats won't take responsibility for the messes they've made of most of our urban locales, with Detroit being the premier example. I recall a few years ago writing up an expose on the city and a local State Representative (Dem) chimed in to attack me saying how wonderful his city was, how they'd "cleaned up the corruption", how the city was "coming back" and all the usual Paul Hoosonesque talking points and fantasias. A week after his attack on me, he was indicted on a multitude of criminal charges. I was about as surprised as Claude Rains in "Casablanca."

It's about time the Republicans (since we can't count on the media, as a propaganda mouthpiece for the Democrat party) grew a spine and started to cast a spotlight on the disasters of one-party Democrat dominance from coast to coast, because it isn't a pretty spectacle. They blew a prime opportunity to do so with the State Senate district the False Messiah represented in Chicago before his election to the U.S. Senate. Crime off the charts, massive unemployment, abandoned buildings and businesses, massive "hopelessness." You better believe if he had been a Republican, the media would've crucified him for letting his district wither on the vine as he sought glory for himself.






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