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The Knucklehead of the Day award

I've reached the breaking point. Today's winner is The Orlando Sentinel. They get the award for the following-

Casey Anthony's defense attorney Jose Baez checked himself into a hospital Friday night with a "stomach ache," according to his spokeswoman Marti Mackenzie.

He stayed overnight while doctors ran some tests. It was not stress related, she said.

Baez was back at work on Monday and feeling fine.

This is news? The Orlando Sentinel has gotten so caught up in the Casey and Caylee Anthony story that they've lost all perspective. Does anyone honestly needs to know this. Or what Casey Anthony's television viewing habits are in prison? That was another gem of a story churned out by the Orlando Sentinel since the first of the year. Its gotten to the point I don't take this newspaper seriously anymore. The disappearance and death of Caylee Anthony is a tragedy and the police investigation and trial should be covered, but not to point that the minutest detail involving the players in this case is considered news. The Orlando Sentinel has apparently thrown all standards of journalism overboard in pursuit of sensationalism, and I finally name today's Knucklehead of the Day.

Update- Fixed name error in post.


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I hear you! I'm from the Or... (Below threshold)

I hear you! I'm from the Orlando area and every time I'm home for the weekend that's the first thing I see on the news channels- it get's extremely tiresome!

"Tiresome" was six months a... (Below threshold)

"Tiresome" was six months ago.

This is way beyond that.

Yeah, I'm way over the Case... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I'm way over the Casey/Caylee stuff. Admittedly, it fits all the criteria for a ratings-buster - cute kid, mysterious disappearance/murder, mom not hard on the eyes but apparently a psycho. It's also cheap to cover, and you can always just recap the sensational details. Presto - your reporting efforts (and expenses) are cut by at LEAST 90%, since you're not covering anything ELSE!

It plays on the 'danger to your kids' meme, too. What BETTER way to make sure the audience keeps their eyeballs glued to the screen?

When hasn't the MSM draaaaa... (Below threshold)

When hasn't the MSM draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaged out every minuscule detail on events like these? The interviews with neighbors, the milkman, the milkman's son's 1/2 brother, whose sister is dating a cop working on the case? Just wait until Geraldo plants himself in the middle of the story.

FYI - if you are as overloa... (Below threshold)

FYI - if you are as overloaded with this story as you claim, you would know that it was CAYLEE Anthony who disappeared and was found deceased not CASEY!!

Who's more of a knucklehead... (Below threshold)

Who's more of a knucklehead? The Sentinel for reporting it, or you for blogging about it?

My homeschoolers are using ... (Below threshold)

My homeschoolers are using this story as part of a media literacy projecy. We have been following all news sources on this topic as material, including articles published internationally.

We really liked the "what Casey bought at the commissary" stories. It was fascinating to read about her purchases of cotton socks and cheese puffs. Really!

But it has certainly been educational.

everyone says it's too much... (Below threshold)

everyone says it's too much information...but everyone keeps reading and searching for it...i know i do. i have been obsessed with this case and i can't seem to get over it...yet

By all means keep us posted... (Below threshold)
nanna bee:

By all means keep us posted on the latest in the case but nobody cares about Bozo Baez and his tummy ache. He is getting the ache in the wrong place, ours is a bit lower down than his is. In case you wonder, I am referring to him being a huge pain in the butt! It will be months before the trial, get off this subject occassionally and give us a rest for a while. Only tell us when something notable takes place.

If you don't like it, don't... (Below threshold)

If you don't like it, don't read it or listen to it. That is your choice. We live in America and there are a lot of us that have followed this case from the beginning. Until it ends we are going to be interested. I don't really care about Biaz/hospital, so I read passed that.

Lets not be critical!






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