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Gotta Keep Your Chimp Hand Strong

So now it's "offensive and divisive".

From the Associated Press:

NY cartoon appears to link Obama to dead chimp.

NEW YORK (AP) -- The Rev. Al Sharpton says a New York Post cartoon that appears to link President Obama to a violent chimpanzee is "troubling at best."

The cartoon in Wednesday's Post by Sean Delonas shows a dead chimp and two police officers, one with a smoking gun.

The caption reads, "They'll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill."

The cartoon refers to Travis the chimp, who was shot to death by police in Stamford, Conn., on Monday after it mauled a friend of its owner.

It links the chimp to Obama, who signed his administration's economic stimulus plan on Tuesday.

Sharpton called the cartoon offensive and divisive.

The Post had no immediate comment.

I went to the Post's online edition and could not find the cartoon.

Though the cartoon may be lacking in class (a women is critically wounded and the chimp was shot to death), it seems hypocritical of the Reverend Al to find it "troubling".

Is he troubled that it mocks the violent nature of the attack?

Is he troubled by its possible racial connotations?

Is he troubled by the fact that, at least by the author's view, "It links the chimp to Obama, who signed his administration's economic stimulus plan on Tuesday."?

For 8 years people on the left have likened George Bush to a chimp (I can't believe I actually just wrote that). Or a fascist , or Hitler, or Pol Pot, or pick your evil dictator.

To take this as a racial issue, one has to be ignorant of the fact that Obama outsourced the writing of this bill to his liberal kooks in Congress. He gave them a figure, and told them to write a bill. By signing it, it has become his.

Never once did I hear the good Reverend proclaim it "troubling at best" that people called Bush "BushChimpyMcHitler", or whatever other offensive phrases they used to disparage the man.

How this man carries any clout within the community is baffling. He's a race baiter, and he's hustling this instance like he's done so many other times.

Update: Here's the cartoon.



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Comments (67)

Sharpton's race baiting asi... (Below threshold)

Sharpton's race baiting aside, you do understand why it's worse to refer to a black man as a chimp than to refer to a white man as such, right Shawn?

Hyper,You can't ju... (Below threshold)


You can't just brush aside Sharpton's comments. It's mainly what the article and post is about.

Yawn. You know, the chimp ... (Below threshold)

Yawn. You know, the chimp really represents Congress. Obama takes credit for the stimulus bill, and he deserves all the blame for the problems it will cause, but Congress WROTE the bill.

Hyper not staying on point?... (Below threshold)

Hyper not staying on point? I am shocked.

Al Sharpton will probably demand that all monkeys be destroyed. This is a non story about a non offensive act. It is time for the black community to grow up.

Hyper"Sharpton's r... (Below threshold)
retired miiitary:


"Sharpton's race baiting aside, you do understand why it's worse to refer to a black man as a chimp than to refer to a white man as such, right Shawn?"

Umm how about refering to a white man as Hitler. Yeah thought so.

Maybe we should start compa... (Below threshold)
retired miiitary:

Maybe we should start comparing Obama to Idi Amin. Would that be better?

Shawn - "Though the car... (Below threshold)

Shawn - "Though the cartoon may be lacking in class (a women is critically wounded and the chimp was shot to death), it seems hypocritical of the Reverend Al to find it "troubling"."

Even more troubling, and to support Shown's comment, is the AP reporters race bating by asserting Obama "wrote the bill."

Chimp, Chump, whatever. Kom... (Below threshold)

Chimp, Chump, whatever. Komrade Hussein didn't write the bill. Doubt he even read it. He was just told where to sign.

Comparing one white man to ... (Below threshold)

Comparing one white man to another (e.g. Bush to Hitler) is not racially offensive, though you might take political or moral offense to it for other reasons.

Comparing a black man to a monkey/chimpanzee/ape trades on centuries-old misconceptions about the evolutionary position of black people vs. white, and is racially offensive, which is a special category of offense that denotes the offender as a morally inferior individual. Sort of thought this went without saying, but I guess the Dukes O' Hazzard demographic needs pretty much everything explained to them these days.

Hyper,The only peo... (Below threshold)


The only people who made the comparison to a chimp and Obama are the reporter, Sharpton, and you.

hyper - "Comparing a bl... (Below threshold)

hyper - "Comparing a black man to a monkey/chimpanzee/ape trades on centuries-old misconceptions about the evolutionary position of black people vs. white, and is racially offensive,"

Ok, then assign it to the Congressional Black Caucus or other blacks that hold office in the Senate or House of reps.

Quit trying to spin it into something it's not.

That's funny, I don't recal... (Below threshold)

That's funny, I don't recall race hustling gasbag Al Sharpton getting upset when blatantly racist cartoons about Condi Rice appeared a couple years ago. I guess he must not have seen them. That has to be it.

Hyperbolist,"Chimp... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:


"Chimp" is just another term for whoever the president is. Just go back and look at how many times Bush was called chimp in comments on this site. The term chimp is based on an "evolutionary" insult, not a racial one. If liberals weren't ok with such name calling they wouldn't have done so against Bush.

Here's a link to the cartoo... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Here's a link to the cartoon:


I don't think the intention was to link Obama with a chimp, but that the stimulus bill looks like it was written by a chimp. Now that's funny and likely was the intent.

hyper - "Comparing a black ... (Below threshold)
retired miiitary:

hyper - "Comparing a black man to a monkey/chimpanzee/ape trades on centuries-old misconceptions about the evolutionary position of black people vs. white, and is racially offensive,"

Funny I dont remember Hyper (or anyone on the left ) expressing outrage when Ted Rall published a cartoon calling Condi Rice a house n*gger. I guess he feels that term isnt offensive to African Americans.

the problem is we have a ha... (Below threshold)

the problem is we have a half black in the white house and it is still not enough for them the blacks will not be satisfied until all whites have been slaves but that is not what mlk wanted for our country if you do not get over the past you can never move onto the future so we can all be brothers and sisters and not hold the color of my white skin against me!!!!!!!!!!!

Racist jabs are wrong, incl... (Below threshold)
John Smith:

Racist jabs are wrong, including cartoons that
compared bush to Hitler. Those cartoons are very inappropriate, and so are cartoons
paiting Obama as a chimp...or referring to a
stimulus bill...the reference to Obama is pretty obvious

This is all apart of the ga... (Below threshold)
steve me:

This is all apart of the game. You call me a name I'll call you one. In the end you hope you have more friends then your foe.

IT'S A GOD-DAMNED INFINITE ... (Below threshold)


Jesus. H. Magillicutty, what the hell is wrong with you people? Did you let partisanship steal your brains?

john smith - "Racist ja... (Below threshold)

john smith - "Racist jabs are wrong, including cartoons that compared bush to Hitler."

Funny, I didn't know "hitler" or Bush for that matter, was a race. When did that happen?

I don't think the intent... (Below threshold)

I don't think the intention was to link Obama with a chimp, but that the stimulus bill looks like it was written by a chimp.

That was my take, too.

There was a theory once pos... (Below threshold)

There was a theory once posed that went something like this...If you gave a thousand monkeys a thousand years, they would come up with the works of Shakespeare. I think the victim really are chimps and they should be offended. They are much smarter than Congress.

And besides, was Darwin racist for saying we evolved from chimps?

No, VagaBond, but geneticis... (Below threshold)

No, VagaBond, but geneticists/eugenicists who argue for performative differences between "races" (whatever that means) based on how far evolved we are from chimpanzees is racist, and Darwin probably would have agreed.

Well what is confusing to m... (Below threshold)

Well what is confusing to me is did people from China, Australia and South America all evolve from chimps? If so, where there different chimp races? Or a more social structure like Planet of the Apes? And then people say porpoises are highly intelligent. Did some of them evolve to a weird like chimp or evolve directly to a human?

And why aren't present day chimps evolving? THAT is what's troubling.

Hyper,Centuries? Re... (Below threshold)

Centuries? Really? Do you know when Darwin was alive?

Awesome cartoon, and to the... (Below threshold)

Awesome cartoon, and to the point.....It would have been better if OBAMA was in the place of the chimp.....How dare you be racist to the chimps!

I really don't understand t... (Below threshold)

I really don't understand the racial connection. Aren't ALL people (if Darwin is right, that is) supposed to have evolved from chimps?? The cartoon may be offensive but not in anyway that is different from other critical political cartoon. There is no racial reference and it seems to me that those who find something there are really just aggravating historical divisions rather than trying to alleviate them.

Bush-moron-chimp good. dead... (Below threshold)

Bush-moron-chimp good. dead chimp bad? What's missing from the picture.

OK I have a vision, Obama as a chimp swinging through the trees, blowing dollar bills out his butt yelling, I can help, I can help, I can ..

Is that racist too?

So we are all racist now, for criticizing the one, I don't think so. Maybe if the leftards hadn't overplayed the Bush-moron-chimpy thing it might have been different.

Sharpton's comments are an ... (Below threshold)

Sharpton's comments are an insult to all chimpanzees.

Americans are too cowardly ... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Americans are too cowardly to engage in a dialog about race.

Mostly because the left throws the "Racist!" card faster than Josey Wales can pull his revolvers.

BTW............ <br ... (Below threshold)


This has to be the best cartoon I have seen in a few years.

Every one needs to back up Sean Delonas for doing this.

I am a Black man and I do n... (Below threshold)

I am a Black man and I do not think they were referring the President as a chimp but to Congress. I do see where someone could think he was talking about the President, the cartoonist was walking a VERRY FINE LINE. I just think we need to sit back and watch and see if the stimulus plan works, Everyone is giving him hell over what he is trying to do. If sits back and does nothing and he will get complaints. The same people that are complaining are the people that sat around and let President Bush get us in the position that we are in. If it fails lets hold him accountable, lets keep our eyes on the new administration, but let us not forget about everyone and everything else that is goin on around the world. The last time we got preoccupied with a Democratic President Al-Queda planned 9/11.

What is next? I fi... (Below threshold)

What is next?

I figure they will have take this product off the market. Gorilla Glue


It doesn't take a rocket sc... (Below threshold)
Lucy Johnson:

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the blatant racist implications in this cartoon. Political cartoon's by their very nature are designed to elicit an immediate reaction upon first glance. WTF does a stimulus bill have in common with a chimpanzee? Absolutely nothing. Therefore, anyone with half a brain can reasonably conclude that the stimulus bill represents the President and the chimp reference is a throwback to the bigoted, narrow-minded, prejudiced Slave owners, who viewed African Americans as being closer to animals than human beings. It's racist and offensive, period!

www.bushorchimp.comT... (Below threshold)

This site was ok, right? I guess all those crying that the cartoon was pointed at Obama were feeling guilty of laughing at the above site. Grow up. These are the same clowns that bashed President Bush for 8 years. Never a nice thing to say. All of a sudden, they're sensitive to anything near President Obama. This cartoon wasn't about him!

I think this cartoon, like ... (Below threshold)

I think this cartoon, like many this "cartoonist" has done, is offensive. I hope the Post apologizes, because it would show some class in what is basically an offensive newspaper.

This is why I said that we ... (Below threshold)

This is why I said that we have not seen anything yet. They are going to make it so you will not be able to say one damn thing.

Photo of Obama is taken down at Peterson

The head of the local NAACP and a commissary employee say it was blatant racism.


Until 1971, both February 1... (Below threshold)

Until 1971, both February 12 and February 22 were observed as federal public holidays to honor the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln (February 12) and George Washington (February 22). In 1971 President Richard Nixon proclaimed one single federal public holiday, the Presidents' Day, to be observed on the 3rd Monday of February, honoring all past presidents of the United States of America.

Dear Mr. sharpton & Mr. Mar... (Below threshold)
john samuel:

Dear Mr. sharpton & Mr. Martin.

Keep your hand on your heart. Just calm down please. what about President Obama's statement of Gov. Palin saying Lipstick on a Pig. I know many black called the white "white Pigs". Is all white people are pig? and is it not afensive to the white race. Till today obama nor any media that potrayed the gentle women.
never appolagized. will you all stop the race talk.

"Egg-shell thin skin" - tha... (Below threshold)

"Egg-shell thin skin" - thats what we need to evolve. So we can be like the hypersensitive minority of America.

America used to be proud of un-censored, free speech and our ability to criticize government without being pegged for a public apology or criticism as being racist/sexist/agist/?.

Now, you can't criticize government without first thinking like Al Sharpton. Al is preaching "If you're in the media, you need to think like a racist. How would a racist interpret this cartoon? Could one of the 300 million people in this country that have the uninformed right to be a racist somehow link this back to one of the many ugly, deragatory terms associated with America's dark past of slavery and segregation?" People like Al Sharpton expect all media comments to be reviewed like this - because that's how his racist mind works. I'd love it if all media outlets across the nation bombarded Al Sharpton's office with every single article they publish (print or video) for his personal "sensitivity review".

The cartoon would have been really funny if it was just a big picture of Al Sharpton. His credibility as a public figure (maybe even as a human being) is laughable.

Throw shoes at Obama, compa... (Below threshold)
Miss Salsa:

Throw shoes at Obama, compare him to a goat or a birdbrain, or just call him an idiot- that is clearly just your political preference or opinion of the stimulus bill. but a monkey? have you been living under a rock all your life? this is offensive to me and I'm white.

I don't think the tragedy in Connecticut, (leaving a woman fighting for her life) is something to mock or make light of. This is just bad taste and incompentent management of a national newspaper. i hope political extremists on both sides learn from this disgusting blunder. i am never going to pick up this paper.

This is such poppycock. Th... (Below threshold)

This is such poppycock. The chimp is Congress. Congress wrote the BIll. Obama not only didn't write it, he barely read it.

Sharpton's tactics are old and hackneyed. How many of you CHUMPS are going to continue to fall for it?

SCSI--yes, he was born abou... (Below threshold)

SCSI--yes, he was born about 10,000 years after the Earth was created.

Awesome cartoon, and to ... (Below threshold)

Awesome cartoon, and to the point.....It would have been better if OBAMA was in the place of the chimp.....How dare you be racist to the chimps!

I'll see that Secret Service pay you a visit!

I dont like Sharpton, but ó... (Below threshold)

I dont like Sharpton, but ón this point he is right. A different reference should have been made a stupid Donkey or anything but refering a black man as an Ape. There is a difference between calling Bush an Ape and a black man one. In this Sharpton is unfortunately right to raise a flag and point it out.

Seriously come on lets than... (Below threshold)

Seriously come on lets thank about it, every chance al sharpton gets I am so sick of all the power they attempt to achieve pulling the race card. There needs to be equality in all blacks and whites so where the F is white history month you got you black president so stop pulling the card its not the 1930's anymore.

Sharpton and similar people... (Below threshold)

Sharpton and similar people were trying to pick bones out of eggs. It's a none-issue and plain stupidity.
It's just ridiculous and waste of resources to even raise such an issue. yes, they also waste my time making me writing this comment but i just have to because I just can't take it anymore. Sharpton better channels his energy to more meaningful effort such as mountain gorilla conservation, opps! excuse me! I am a racist already putting him together with a primate in the same context.
It's unfortunate that they say it's racist when they find monkey or primate associated with anything of a black person together.
Why don't Sharpton criticise the zoo for having monkeys and primates since black people may be offended when seeing ones or near ones.
be careful if you want to treat a black person to 3-monkeys restaurants (actually available worldwide and good food), because they may get offended like Sharpton.

For the millionth time...fo... (Below threshold)

For the millionth time...for the dumb people in the cheap seats: THE JOKE. WAS ABOUT. THE AUTHOR. OF THE BILL.

Was that Obama? Only if you're an idiot. It was Congress, and the cartoon is saying that now that the monkey (chimp) is dead, someone else will have to bang out the nonsense that the thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters wrote.


How bad is education in this country that so many adults can't comprehend what they read and use basic logic?

I say Sharpton is the racis... (Below threshold)

I say Sharpton is the racist for automatically assuming that all white people associate monkeys with the current holder of the office of President of the United States.

Sharpton, Jackson, et al, always seem ready to assume the worst things about Caucasians. This makes them racists. They have no place in polite society.

Al Sharpton has offended me. I am considering class action against him on behalf of all white americans and will be seeking $3,000,000,000,000 in damages.

and just to be clear, chimp... (Below threshold)

and just to be clear, chimps are apes. Monkeys have tails.

WTF does a stimulu... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
WTF does a stimulus bill have in common with a chimpanzee? Absolutely nothing. Therefore, anyone with half a brain can reasonably conclude that the stimulus bill represents the President. . .

Those with half a brain may think the chimp represents Obama, but those with a whole brain know a chimp as an author of anything is a long standing joke. The cartoonist used that joke to link two current events, the authoring of the stimulus bill and the shooting of a chimp by police. Obama wasn't the author of the stimulus bill, congress was and their work looks like something a chimp could do.

The cartoonist's mistake was in underestimation how many people only have half a brain.

to those blacks who are off... (Below threshold)
simon muhammad:

to those blacks who are offended at this outrage
do not look for a sincere apology ever to come from whitepeople they just don't have it in themselves to do that how can a people who are not natural or original to any thing in life but are the direct opposite(contrary)be truthful in any thing they say or do.the very nature and mindset of these people is wickedness and satanic they don't see the hurt that you and I as blackpeople feel because they are not black. but let me say this in closing no true jewish person would ever allow a person to depict them being killed by hitler in a cartoon but yet they can have a jewish artist depict black people as monkeys but yet the election of a black man as president has suppose to have chaned the way white people see us please don't be bedazzled by these lies this man is still the same as ever so we don't expect this man to apologize but we expect him to remain the same wicked ass bastard as he has always been

simon muhammad,So ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

simon muhammad,

So you think your racist rant helps? It's a true racist that sees racism where it doesn't exist. Not even scientific terms coined in the late 20th century can be used without racists claiming the terms are racists. Eric Holder is right that we are a nation of cowards for tolerating this bull s*it for so long. It's high time we start calling out the professional racists like Al Sharpton.

...the election of a black man as president has suppose to have chaned the way white people see us...

You got it backwards. Whites have seen blacks differently for decades and the election of Obama should have changed the way black people see whites. Maybe that's true of many blacks, but I see you and Sharpton are stuck in plantation mode.

Welcome to Chimpy Mc EmptyS... (Below threshold)

Welcome to Chimpy Mc EmptySuit's America.

Poster #53 Simon, please re... (Below threshold)

Poster #53 Simon, please refer to post #48. And do you want to be the pot or the kettle? I've been called various colorful names in my life but never wicked and satanic. Geesh...

To the idiot race baiters w... (Below threshold)

To the idiot race baiters who think the cartoon is a reference to Obama. OBAMA DIDN'T WRITE THE STIMULUS BILL. THE CARTOON WAS DIRECTED AT CONGRESS AS A WHOLE.

Good grief, get a clue and get a life, you dumbasses.

"STIMULUS BILL"Sor... (Below threshold)


Sorry, PORKULUS BILL. I should've gotten my terminology right.

Congress = Barrel of monkey... (Below threshold)

Congress = Barrel of monkeys. (Not the game - THAT at least was entertaining.)

But Congress?

All the shit. None of the entertainment value.

JL: if your Barrel of Monke... (Below threshold)

JL: if your Barrel of Monkeys has feces in it, you should probably contact the manufacturer; and, just to be safe, look into hiring a different babysitter.

That's one of the funniest ... (Below threshold)

That's one of the funniest cartoons I've seen in a long time. Anyone who has been paying attention knows Obama just approves and signs the bill.

The MSM is really reaching this time, but unfortunately, they are also aware of how easily people are swayed. Anti-guns and anti-racism are the current meme being pushed with bad stereotyping. Don't give up your guns, because that dead chimp might as well represent the remains of our economy.

Day By Day for 2/20 has my ... (Below threshold)

Day By Day for 2/20 has my feelings about Sharpton well summarized. If he manages to incite more hate again, with the help of the new AG, then they both need be held accountable now.

my question in all this is.... (Below threshold)

my question in all this is... why is there a "beware of dog" sign on the electricity pole? is there like a dog doing some electrical work up there?

I got tired of reading the ... (Below threshold)

I got tired of reading the same comments, so I went to the bottem to write my own. We all know Obama is more middle eastern then he is black, he is also more white then he is black. So I think to make this truly a raciest cartoon they would, have to shoot joe camel. For 2 reasons

1. Jeo Camel is rich according to black people all white people are rich

2.He's middle eastern so a camel is more likely to represent him.

Get over it, it wasn't a racist cartoon, some are just trying to find a reason to be a "victim"

Sweet I am retarded....<br ... (Below threshold)

Sweet I am retarded....
Its Joe Camel not to be confused by the Jeo Camel, or for that matter the GEO metro that would get crazy.

I think that the funnest th... (Below threshold)

I think that the funnest thing about this cartoon is the fact the people are still going to believe whatever they want to. Yet many people believe they can change the other side when they can't.I laught at the comments because you are all saiding two points, that may be true depending on which way you want to take the cartoon has. The truth is that the cartoon is meant has whatever the way you want to take it has depening on your owen views so quiet trying so hard to change the other side it will never happen. Personaly I would like to knew what Obama has to think of the cartoon I think that is the only way to find out if it is funny or just plain wrong.

I don't think it's that goo... (Below threshold)

I don't think it's that good a cartoon, actually. Regardless of whether Congress or Obama was the chimp.

I personally thought the ca... (Below threshold)
Royal Warrior:

I personally thought the cartoon referred to Congress, agreed with the thought, but find the cartoon simply stupid satire, not entertaining. I was rather amazed to find Al Sharpton throwing his shrill demagoguery at it.
Amazed, but not surprised. I may be wrong, but my mind closes up when I hear the words 'Al Sharpton', same reaction when I hear the words 'Charles Gibson'. Of these two, one of them helped someone lie in court to try to cause racial trouble, and the other tried to foist fraud upon the whole American public and pass it off as 'reporting'.
During the mid-1980s, one Twana Bradley accused an un-named white police officer of raping and abusing her. It was later proven that she had concocted the whole incident, and that two, or three other persons helped her fine tune her story so as to make it more believable and acceptable. The idea being (I suppose) to get some innocent white police officer convicted and imprisoned by their accusations. I don't remember the names of the other persons involved in abetting this attempted travesty of justice, but I do very well remember one prominent name- Al Sharpton.
After that, I have always been surprised that the man is listened to at all.






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