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How to get skin cancer 101

A new type of class being taught in the United Kingdom. From the Daily Telegraph-

The new parity has been brought about by the Government relaxing the rules to allow schools and colleges to count practical qualifications obtained by students along with A-Levels and GCSEs in their league rankings.

It means that a merit in an ITEC diploma in "tanning treatments", for which students are taught how to operate sunbeds and apply fake tan without streaks over 72 hours, is worth 45 points in school league tables. This is equal to an A grade in one of the six units that make up an A-level in a subject such as maths.

I didn't know math was plural but who am I to criticize a member of the media.(Cue the sarcastic laughter)

Did anyone in Great Britain who approved tanning courses, know that the use of tanning beds increases the risk for skin cancer by seventy-five percent? I did, because as I write I'm fighting a battle with Stage IV malignant melanoma. The dangers of tanning beds has been known for a decade at least, and it is easily researched on the internet. If any education should be going on, it is not to use those potentially deadly devices.

The bigger point I'll make, is why is how to use a tanning bed being taught in school in the first place? Before you answer my question read what the above article also mentions

Courses in cake decoration, pottery and flower-arranging also attract similar points values.
At least those activities in theory could be put to use careerwise. As Joanne Jacobs asks-
"That self-tanning course will prepare students for . . . unemployment?"
Yes unemployed British can use this skill after being laid off. Absolutely!

Joanne also says-

Whenever I think the U.S. education system is nuts, the Brits make me feel like we're not so bad.
There are many degrees of nuttiness. If you aren't a reader of Joanne Jacobs already, I suggest you do. She is probably the best education blogger out there and I frequently hat tip here.


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"I didn't know math was plu... (Below threshold)

"I didn't know math was plural"-bj

MathematicS: algebra, geometry, etc.

Good point, though. You are only noting a symptom of the average Americans' shaky subject-verb agreement skills crossed with the completely valid (Shakesperean even!) deferring to Sound over Grammar. I.e. "are" doesn't always sound right, so we singularize "maths" to "math" to avoid "are". That's my theory.
And notice that I crabbed my own sentence badly. "deferring to" is in the wrong tense. I think.
Anyway, it's our English heritage, making up names, pronunciations, Alan Brooke becoming Sir Alanbrook, Hyacinth Bucket keeping up appearances, and so on.

"She is probably the best education blogger..."-bj

!Run away!Run away!

Regarding the tanning aspect of your post: what the hell is wrong with a pale complexion on women, anyway? Yeah, oldsters "look better", maybe. But young girls should play up their physical coloring contrasts (if you know what I mean), not mute them under (the inevitable) alligator skin.

*As you were. Just typing. Waiting for Hell's Kitchen.*

"Maths" is a British thing ... (Below threshold)

"Maths" is a British thing - just like sticking a "U" in certain words ("honour") and calling a flashlight a "torch".

A very creative way to simu... (Below threshold)

A very creative way to simultaneously waste money, waste time, and put peoples lives at risk.

My boss has a degree in "ma... (Below threshold)

My boss has a degree in "maths". I make fun of her for it, but she makes fun of me for living in a country that hasn't got any thousand year old castles in it. She wins the argument.

Notably this story from the... (Below threshold)

Notably this story from the BBC today, "Girl, 14, burnt in tanning salon" -- A health and safety investigation has been launched after a 14-year-old girl suffered burns over 70% of her body using an unstaffed tanning salon.

Kirsty McRae was put on a hospital drip after spending £4 for 19 minutes on a coin-operated sunbed on Monday.


I didn't know math was p... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

I didn't know math was plural but who am I to criticize a member of the media.(Cue the sarcastic laughter)

"Maths" is short for MATHematicS.







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