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I Guess Schumer Should Have Read the Porkulus Bill Before He Voted For It

Sen. Chuck Schumer is dismayed at a regulation put into the Stimulus Bill and for which he voted. From Crains via The Corner:

Sen. Schumer has pledged to undo a provision included in the stimulus package that will make it nearly impossible for New York's banks to hire foreign workers through the H-1B visa program.

The amendment to the stimulus bill, proposed by Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Chuck Grassley, D-Iowa, originally would have banned the visas for any company that received money from the Troubled Assets Relief Program, or TARP. A compromise lifted the ban, but companies will still be required to hire from the growing pool of laid-off American workers first. Advocates say that the mandate is so onerous that it will virtually stop banks from bringing foreign workers into the country.

According to a report released last year by the Partnership for New York City, roughly 13,000 workers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are here on H-1B visas. The top visa sponsors in the area are the very same banks that have received TARP money. Those banks also have significant overseas operations, says Kathy Wylde, and this provision will hurt most when the economy turns around and the banks look to hire talent to tap new markets.

"When they require someone with a language or other skill who they feel is the best person for the job, if they can't bring them to New York, they will move the function," says Wylde. "That's what's happened in the past when we've had a shortage of the H-1B visas."

Since the bill was signed with the provision included, Schumer will need to undo it in another bill, which could be tough sledding.

"This is a counterproductive amendment that could hurt New York's economy, and we are going to work hard to change it," Schumer says.

You don't say! Well, if you had been given time to read the bill, you would have noticed this amendment and had it stricken from the bill before it even passed. Instead, you voted for this monstrosity blind. You didn't offer your state very good representation in doing that.


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FYI... Chuck Grassley is a ... (Below threshold)

FYI... Chuck Grassley is a member of the Republican Party, not that he and Bernie aren't idiots for putting that provision in the Porkulus bill and Schumer because of temporary illiteracy.

Kim,The charade has ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

The charade has gone on long enough. Tell everyone you're really a writer for The Onion.

America needs more Represen... (Below threshold)

America needs more Representatives who will read, discuss and debate before they sign something. I would also help if they would think before they act.

Not long ago in this country, a household could only use one income to qualify for a home mortgage. Houses were smaller (and had smaller carbon footprints!!!!!)if one wage earner lost their job there was less chance of a foreclosure. It was a lot easier to have a stay at home mom or dad in those days. They changed that regulation and homes got bigger, more expensive, and homes became overcrowded with multi-generational families crammed into a house intended for 5 people. Changing that regulation was "CHANGE", but for most of us it was not change for the better.

Representatives like Chuck Schumer have done a lot of hard work to ruin the America I knew. My father told me one day I would understand why he held politicians in such contempt. As usual, he was right.

Senator Schumer was blinded... (Below threshold)

Senator Schumer was blinded by the bill's transparency, Adrian.

Something that's transparen... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Something that's transparent can be hard to see. Maybe that's what Obama was hoping for.

HAH!!!!I'd throw i... (Below threshold)


I'd throw in a witty comment about chickens coming home to roost... but I haven't had my morning coffee yet. GRRRRR.

Boo hoo. C'mon Chucky -- n... (Below threshold)

Boo hoo. C'mon Chucky -- nobody cares about the little stuff in this bill.

A stimulus bill that is sup... (Below threshold)

A stimulus bill that is supposed to put american workers back to work and Chucky is mad banks can't use foreign workers? The dems. The gift that keeps on giving. ww

Tell Chucky not to worry. ... (Below threshold)

Tell Chucky not to worry. In a few short months Pelosi and Obama will write a bill that mandates all natural born American citizens will be required to have an H-1B visa. Our "new majority" will be foreigners.

I just can not stand politi... (Below threshold)

I just can not stand politicans anymore, any of them. They are disgusting. And yet you have people in this country willing to hand over everything to these politicans, who I fear more of destroying this country than any terrorist.
This is how countries/cultures are ruined from the inside...not the outside.

Chucky wouldn't have read i... (Below threshold)

Chucky wouldn't have read it if he had a month to go over it. His Aye vote was cast long before the first word was written on that bill.

Schumer signed a bill that ... (Below threshold)

Schumer signed a bill that shuts out foreign workers? What a xenophobe!

Strange...he was surprised ... (Below threshold)

Strange...he was surprised about the provision. You would think he would know about it.


Just, think about all the other "provisions" in this bill that no one knows about. For we know, they made Spanish the official language and Islam the official religion of the US.


Waht other provisions... ma... (Below threshold)

Waht other provisions... maybe they sold all the bank account numbers to Nigerian spammers to get money to fund the bailout!

Let's see - what other wacky stuff could be put in?

In medical - Free performance enhancers for men over 60, but you have to prove your inability to perform by taking a certified sex worker to your doctor and demonstrate your 'inability'...

Free furniture for homeless people.

To bump up revenues for auto parts suppliers - a program to give a free car - you assemble, IKEA style - to people who pass a test showing complete mechanical ineptitude. Professional assembly is not permitted.

"Personal Passenger travel modules" about 2x2x6 ft for a 'safety in the skies' program by the TSA. You're loaded into it, double-locked in with an airline-supplied meal and flashlight. Then you're gently loaded into the plane, hooked up to air-conditioning, and transported to the other end. Where they lose the keys.

Just, think about ... (Below threshold)
Just, think about all the other "provisions" in this bill that no one knows about.

Like this one?
The $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that passed Congress last week allocates $19 billion to establish centrally linked health data infrastructure to contain the health information of "each American" by 2014 and to set up the new office of the "National Coordinator for Health Information Technology."

Though the legislation says there is a "prohibition on sale of electronic health records or protected health information," there are five pages of exceptions to the prohibition that include research, treatment of an individual, or a decision by the Secretary of Health and Human Services to wave the prohibition.

Oh c'mon guys, give Chucky ... (Below threshold)

Oh c'mon guys, give Chucky a break. We need foreigners for this. Everyone knows banking is one of the jobs Americans don't want to do.

A little humor.</p... (Below threshold)

A little humor.

This brought back some memories of a piece I was reading at the Endive ( Its been called a conservative "ONION")


Democrat Sneaks Shopping List into Stimulus Bill

Nancy Pelosi, D-CA raised ire among Republicans and talk radio hosts alike when it was discovered that she snuck her shopping list into the stimulus bill.

"We need to pass this bill immediately," said Pelosi, "Not just because people are losing their jobs, not just because our country is headed to hell in a hand basket, but also because I'd like to get some light mayonnaise so I can make Chicken Marsala Monday night."

You didn't offer your st... (Below threshold)

You didn't offer your state very good representation in doing that.

I think most of NY would be shocked if he started now.

I think people should be mo... (Below threshold)

I think people should be more tollerant of Senator Schumer's having not read the bill before voting for it

I don't think his religion allows him to handle pork

Another weasel-like liar lo... (Below threshold)

Another weasel-like liar looking to run the h1 and l1 scam to displace and destroy American worker prosperity. I wonder how much of a kickback Chuck is getting from indian lobbyists?

The guest worker programs are a complete sham. They are manipulated to drive down and crush American workers wages and morale with cheap foreign slave labor. Americans are getting more and more outraged at this despicable con game.

Senator Schumer is a traito... (Below threshold)

Senator Schumer is a traitor to his working class constituents. I hope everyone in NY remembers this at re-election time. Vote this anti-American working class Senator out!!






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