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The devil made her do it

New York Times columnist Gail Collins joins the long list of media members who don't understand blogging

Long, long ago there was a television series, called "Kolchak: The Night Stalker," about a newspaperman who spent most of his time tracking down demons of the underworld. Since his editor never believed his stories, Kolchak did not get in the paper much. Today, of course, he would be a blogger and have a wide international following although no real source of income.
There are many bloggers who make money blogging. I've made money. Don't gasp or laugh Wizbang readers. The total is in the low three digits however.

A blogger like Michelle Malkin with a big following, will make a good deal of money. How much, enough to do nothing but blog? I don't know but the more successful or popular a blogger is, the more they can make from selling advertisements.

Other than that Collins column is lightly amusing.

But I digress. The point here is that in one memorable episode, Kolchak was confronted by a politician who sold his soul to the devil in order to win a seat in the State Senate.

When I first saw this particular program, coyly titled "The Devil's Platform," I was covering a real-life State Legislature in Connecticut. My first thought was that accepting eternal damnation in return for a career as a state senator was a little like swapping your house for a pair of socks.

Anyone who can weave Carl Kolchak into a column about present day politics will make me check their work out again in the future.


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Comments (8)

Sounds like Gail gets paid ... (Below threshold)

Sounds like Gail gets paid by the word, and suffering from writer's block unable to produce something substantive, decided to write some about 'those blogger people'. It's not the first time a NYT's columnist wrote about something they know little or nothing about. Things are getting hard at the NYT. They don't have George Bush to kick around anymore.

See where Pinch's family isn't going to get their quarterly NYT's dividend. As that is their main source of income, will they be going on welfare?

You speak of welfare, Garan... (Below threshold)

You speak of welfare, GarandFan? L-to-the-l-oh-l, thou without a sense of irony!

Since Jeff Goldstein et al have witnessed their wingnut welfare trough dry up as of late, one would hope that it's only possible to make a living these days whilst blogging from the perspective of the reality-based community, as Roger L. Simon has tacitly conceded.

The Nutty InstaPerfesser and NRO would be counterexamples to my wishfulness. Still, I continue to hope that the rightwing blogosphere will continue to be the leftwing blogosphere's poor and irrelevant punching bag for years to come.

Keep saying stupid things! Defend the indefensible! Jesus loves ya.

A politician who sold his s... (Below threshold)

A politician who sold his soul to the devil for a seat in the state Senate?

And where was this guy say, 13 years later, I wonder?

Life imitates art, they say...


I loved watching The Night ... (Below threshold)

I loved watching The Night Stalker. Just recently I saw it on the channel guide, but it turned out to be a pay channel (Chiiler) stuck in the middle of all the regular basic FIOS channels. What a tease. Oh, well - there's always Netflix.

Anyone / "their" work?<br /... (Below threshold)

Anyone / "their" work?
Bill, really.

hyperbolist, have you had a... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

hyperbolist, have you had an aneurism or something? Off your meds, or back on the non-prescription kind? You're usually much clearer in your lopsided leftroid garbage, but that rant left spittle.

It does seem that "Keep saying stupid things" is your personal motto, though.

Reality Based,Globa... (Below threshold)

Reality Based,
Global Warming?
Cultural Bias on IQ tests?
Bristol Palin's pseudo pregnancy-only uncovered by the reality based community
Eric Holder's blue balls?
Roland Burris ?
Bush?Repub conspiracy to boost oil prices?
Hyper,I like to say that some of my best friends were Liberal Arts majors.But I don't think I can explain my thought about your intellect as well as Bertie Wooster:"I say:what,Jeeves?"

Too many liberals demacrats... (Below threshold)

Too many liberals demacrats have sold their souls to the devil so they can hold onto power their a real disgrace but remember time will come when satan comes to make a collection






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