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The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today's winner is Robert Pittman. He gets the award for the following-

A burglary suspect attempting to run from the law early this morning was brought to justice, in part, by a pair of sagging trousers, sheriff's deputies said.

At about midnight Tuesday an Escambia County Sheriff's deputy responded to an alarm at Beer City on West Fairfield Drive. When the deputy arrived, he saw Robert Pittman, 37, of Pensacola exiting the store through a smashed-out front door while carrying several packs of cigarettes.

Pittman attempted to flee, but the handfuls of cigarettes prevented him from holding up his pants, which fell down and tripped him up before he made it out of the parking lot, deputies said.

When a deputy caught up to Pittman, "he had cigarettes scattered all around him, and his pants were down by his ankles," said Sheriff's Office spokesman Sgt. Ted Roy.

Next time Robert Pittman should wear a belt or suspenders but in the meantime I name him today's Knucklehead of the Day.


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Comments (7)

I've seen guys with this 's... (Below threshold)

I've seen guys with this 'style' - the waistband almost down around their thighs, patterned boxers showing, one hand holding the waistband to keep the pants from going FURTHER down.... and having a heck of a time just walking down the street.

Seems damn uncomfortable and stupid to me... but then, who said fashion ever had to be practical?

Well, nobody said petty t... (Below threshold)

Well, nobody said petty thieves were SMART, did they?

HEY! The guy had to mainta... (Below threshold)

HEY! The guy had to maintain that 'gangsta' style clothing in order to impress his homies. Too bad the cop couldn't save the taxpayers some future tax dollars by just putting a bullet in his head. Be a lot cheaper in the long run.

Execution? Putting a bullet... (Below threshold)

Execution? Putting a bullet through his head? For petty theft? Are you serious? Cheaper in the long run? Summarily?

Perhaps you would prefer th... (Below threshold)

Perhaps you would prefer that this individual's "homies" be rounded up? Be a lot cheaper in the long run.

Save the taxpayers money. I... (Below threshold)

Save the taxpayers money. In the future. Future taxpayers. The future belongs to me. "Gangsta" style+petty theft=summary execution. HEY! Amarite? Garandfan?

Read a case of one theif wh... (Below threshold)

Read a case of one theif who was captured after his pants fell down after stealing DVDs HMMM 10 YEARS FOR BEING STUPID






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