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The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today's winner is Keele Maynor. She gets the award for the following-

A former Chattanooga city employee suspected of lying about having breast cancer, and accepting hundreds of hours of donated leave from her city government co-workers, has been arrested.

According to Sgt. Jerri Weary, Public Information Officer for the Chattanooga police department, a two-month investigation by the City Auditors office and the Chattanooga Police Department has ended in the arrest of the 38-year-old Keele Maynor. Maynor was picked up a short while ago in Union City, Georgia after authorities were notified of her nine count indictment on theft and fraud related charges.


Maynor resigned from her job at Chattanooga's city hall, leaving behind a mound of questions from angry co-workers. She worked as an administrative assistant in the city's land development until Dec. 12, when an apparent lie she had been telling for five years, finally caught up to her.

City officials say Keele Maynor received nearly 200 days of leave donated from her coworkers during the five years she was pretending to have breast cancer. In her resignation letter, she said she did have cancer in 2000, but has been cancer free since 2001.

The letter went on to say "I started fabricating this story about cancer in 2003 and it has snowballed and finally came to a head. I am relieved for two reasons. I don't have to keep up this charade anymore and I am finally getting some help to figure out why I did this in the first place."

Memorial Hospital notified several charitable organizations who had helped Maynor about her false story, including the Helene DiStefano Fund. That's where Rachel Houghton got Maynor money to help pay her rent for several months.

This is despicable. I am fighting a battle with cancer and I've never asked for help. There are some cancer patients who do need assistance and Maynor basically stole from them. To borrow a line from Jay, she's lower than whale shit. If I could Keele Maynor the cancer I(or DJ) has, I'd be very happy to, instead I name her today's Knucklehead of the Day.


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My dad was diagnosed with c... (Below threshold)

My dad was diagnosed with cancer a month ago. I wish her the best of luck in her quest to discover just what it is that caused her to pretend to have this particular illness. Maybe she should set up a fund so that people can donate to help her pay for a psychiatrist...? ELLL OHHHH ELLLLL!!!!!

10:30 a.m. and alreay I could use a big f*cking bowl of gin--thanks, Bill! :)

Mr. Jempty,I pray ... (Below threshold)

Mr. Jempty,

I pray that your battle is defeated in a timely manner and you continue your good work here. I too am battling a bone marrow disorder that I plan on defeating.(the prognosis, so far, is positive) This lady is nothing short of the scum of the earth and I find little room for simpathy in this deception. Her actions rate down there with child-molesters and the most deviant of the human species. "knucklehead" just isn't befitting of this travesty.

Unfortunately, this happens... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, this happens all to often all over the country. Usually it's employees who earn a sick day, take a sick day. Then they get hit with a major illness and have no time on the books. So they hit up fellow employees to donate time to them. When these pleas came in, we as supervisors, were supposed to pass along the info at briefings. After one particularly notorious sick time abuser put out a plea, I'd had enough. So at briefing, without mentioning names, I asked how people could donate their own sick time benefits to people whom everyone knew abused their own benefits repeatedly. The one's who called in sick on Monday or Friday, the one's who called in sick on major holidays. The one's who bitched at briefings about being short-staffed because people were on vacation....just after they themselves came back from vacation. Oddly enough, right after that, there was a precipitous drop in sick time donations. Go figure.

She was also arrested for f... (Below threshold)

She was also arrested for food stamp fraud in 2000! What a class act.

Its a shame that someone ha... (Below threshold)

Its a shame that someone had to steal from the needy to suit their own greed and selfish behavior

"I am relieved for two reas... (Below threshold)

"I am relieved for two reasons. I don't have to keep up this charade anymore and I am finally getting some help to figure out why I did this in the first place."
It's unbelievable to think someone would do this kind of thing then say they are relieved. What a pile of BS.






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