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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks to reporters at a press conference on the state budget at the State Capitol in Sacramento, California February 19, 2009. (Max Whittaker/Reuters)

Winners will be announced Monday morning.

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.


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Comments (87)

Believe me now or pay me la... (Below threshold)

Believe me now or pay me latah, but we must learn to cut the fat. This still will work just as well with three legs as foah.

Ka le for ne a - I'm the Te... (Below threshold)

Ka le for ne a - I'm the Terminator and I can tax you to death!

This stool shows the typica... (Below threshold)
retired miiitary:

This stool shows the typical democract solution to govt programs. The longest leg by far is tax increases and yet everyone wonders why it keeps falling over.

Arnold - "Trying to balance... (Below threshold)
retired miiitary:

Arnold - "Trying to balance on a one legged stool would a more accurately representation of California's current financial position"

Arnold "... and if all you ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Arnold "... and if all you girlymen would do exercises with stools like this then we can cut our medical expenses by 50%"

".. And I made the legislat... (Below threshold)
retired military:

".. And I made the legislators sit in a corner on this stool wearing a dunce cap until they came up with something that made sense."

Arnold "In order to cut cos... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Arnold "In order to cut costs this picture shows the new chairs that the state will be buying for all govt offices."

My name is Ahnold, and I'm ... (Below threshold)

My name is Ahnold, and I'm a RINO...

Dis stool graph shows da Ka... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Dis stool graph shows da Ka-le-for-ne-a budget so simple even da chimps in Washington sees it.

I've terminated the state o... (Below threshold)

I've terminated the state of Kaleefornia...and you von't be baaack.

Governor Schwarzenegger exp... (Below threshold)

Governor Schwarzenegger explains that, until California receives its allocation from the Federal Stimulus Bill to upgrade to fancy bar and bubble graphs, it will be necessary to use a less expensive picture of a stool to inform the public about the state budget.

The seat of government!... (Below threshold)

The seat of government!

Strangely, even with Califo... (Below threshold)

Strangely, even with California on the brink of economic collapse, the Governor refuses to cut funding to Skynet.

I was the last gasp for the... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

I was the last gasp for the GOP but now it's dying along with my political career.

Announcing Terminator 4: Th... (Below threshold)

Announcing Terminator 4: The Rise of the Obatomists!

With a five gallon pail of ... (Below threshold)

With a five gallon pail of softener, we can pass this stool.

A reporter ask Schwarzenegg... (Below threshold)

A reporter ask Schwarzenegger if that's a stool behind him or is the stool behind the podium?

Dis is why we need moor mon... (Below threshold)

Dis is why we need moor money becuz you can see all we haf are theese girl-man chairs!

Schwarzenegger looks dumbfo... (Below threshold)

Schwarzenegger looks dumbfounded as a reporter asked if there should also be a pigeon incorporated in the picture.

"You do notice that there i... (Below threshold)
geo Author Profile Page:

"You do notice that there is no monkey in this picture, dont you?"

"...and this is the stool w... (Below threshold)

"...and this is the stool we will have the taxpayers bend over on while they take one for the team..."

The Govenator breaks out in... (Below threshold)

The Govenator breaks out into an impromptu rendition of "If I Had a Hammer" at a recent press conference.

In reviewing my medical rec... (Below threshold)

In reviewing my medical records, I want you to notice that my stool sample is clean. ww

Reporter: "Isn't this st... (Below threshold)

Reporter: "Isn't this stool out of proportion or did you pull it out of your ass?"

After 40 years in the Unite... (Below threshold)

After 40 years in the United States, Arnold Schwarzenegger still struggles with english and clearly misunderstood his aides when they told him he need to provide a stool sample.

Flying by the seat of his p... (Below threshold)

Flying by the seat of his pants, Schwarzenegger explains that this "stool" is Cali-fornia's only salvation. Jobs in toilet paper production are expected to rise.

If it looks like a stool; I... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

If it looks like a stool; If it smells like a stool; If it tastes like a stool; It's a stool.

Und thees, my fellow Cahl-e... (Below threshold)

Und thees, my fellow Cahl-ee-foa-neeans, is whaat you will need, when you lehrn you're onlly getting, an I. O. U. thees yeah.

After 40 years in ... (Below threshold)
After 40 years in the United States, Arnold Schwarzenegger still struggles with english and clearly misunderstood his aides when they told him he needed to provide a stool sample.

Damnit Jeff, you nailed it! Good one!

The problem with California... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

The problem with California illustrated -- the Governor compares the new budget to a stool sample, the PowerPoint presentation show a picture of the wrong type of stool.

"Zis is just a stool sample... (Below threshold)

"Zis is just a stool sample. We will be more deeply in ze stool by next week."

"This is California's stool... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:

"This is California's stool sample. No matter how much it stinks, it still doesn't stink as much as the stool sample that President Obama signed into law."

Ah-nuld: Hey, Blagojevich, ... (Below threshold)
Son of a Pig and a Monkey:

Ah-nuld: Hey, Blagojevich, down in front.

Schwarzenegger explains tha... (Below threshold)

Schwarzenegger explains that this "stool sample" was provided by Nancy Pelosi upon her return from the Pope's recommendation that her "depends" are not cutting it.

I haf here ze stool, but wh... (Below threshold)

I haf here ze stool, but why do I need ze pigeon?

I am here today to announce... (Below threshold)

I am here today to announce that we have found a solution to the budget crisis: the state will go into the furniture business. We plan to start small, and tax all of our competitors into bankruptcy.

Arnold: "So, a three legged... (Below threshold)

Arnold: "So, a three legged stool walks into a bar and orders a beer..."

When told that California's... (Below threshold)

When told that California's 3-legged stool had 4 legs, the Governor replied: "Dat's vie vee need to raise taxes, to pay for dat 4th leg"

Remember the $20,000 toilet... (Below threshold)

Remember the $20,000 toilet seat?

"I'll be back... for the re... (Below threshold)

"I'll be back... for the rest of your wallet."

Ahnold begins auctioning of... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Ahnold begins auctioning off the last items of California government worth anything.

"Goddammit, it's NOT a tu-m... (Below threshold)

"Goddammit, it's NOT a tu-mah!"

Pick up line at a gay bar..... (Below threshold)
Howie Felterbush:

Pick up line at a gay bar... "Hi, can I push your stool in for you?"

Now vee vill flip dis stool... (Below threshold)

Now vee vill flip dis stool over so vee can seat 4 tax payers.

Yah, anuder vord fur crap i... (Below threshold)

Yah, anuder vord fur crap iz stool. Vhy you ax?

Welease Bawabbas!... (Below threshold)

Welease Bawabbas!

Arnold prepares to unveil t... (Below threshold)

Arnold prepares to unveil the new government created stool which will stand on two legs thanks to new legislation.

The new, expanded model of ... (Below threshold)

The new, expanded model of government.

Considering California's st... (Below threshold)

Considering California's strict gun laws, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger briefs the press on what weapons are available to be used for home defense.

"The three chief leg... (Below threshold)

"The three chief legs of my fiscal plan are controlled spending, increased revenue, detailed planning... and responsible oversight... The four chief legs my fiscal plan are...."

I present the results of Ka... (Below threshold)
Al Pennam:

I present the results of Kaleeforneeya's five-hundred million dollar study to research carbon capturing furniture.

I can't be any plainer than... (Below threshold)
Al Pennam:

I can't be any plainer than this. The stool is the stimulus, and the buttocks is the economy. Without the stool, the economy takes a dump...Oh dear.

"You see revenue creates ta... (Below threshold)

"You see revenue creates taxes, and we need more spending for more taxes...oh why listen to me I thought 'Junior' and "Jingle all the Way' were good movies."

My stool don't stink... (Below threshold)

My stool don't stink

Here is a great example of ... (Below threshold)

Here is a great example of two homonyms. On the left is a "stool" indicating resting place. On the right is a completely different kind of stool.

I am the Stimulator! Come w... (Below threshold)

I am the Stimulator! Come with me if you want to live, in Socialism.

After the latest briefing a... (Below threshold)
retired miiitary:

After the latest briefing about California's financial situation Arnold got the new nickname "The Stoolinator".

"I am made of superpoly ... (Below threshold)

"I am made of superpoly over an exo skeleton.."

In other words...

"I am compeetin with Obamah, to see if I can bankrupt Caleeforniua before He bankrupts America... "

Arnold is compared to a typ... (Below threshold)
retired miiitary:

Arnold is compared to a typical Rino.

Both are wooden, takes stances on both sides of the issues, has a circular IQ, and both can be bought for under $50.

"Your clothes, give them to... (Below threshold)

"Your clothes, give them to Me"

Thanks a lot Austria..... (Below threshold)

Thanks a lot Austria..

If I were only allowed to r... (Below threshold)

If I were only allowed to run for da Presidency, I could do this for all Americans.

"If it bleeds We can sti... (Below threshold)

"If it bleeds We can stimulus it"

I'm the state job terminato... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

I'm the state job terminator. Sarah Conner?

The Governator's Song and D... (Below threshold)

The Governator's Song and Dunce

Your stimulus has just been... (Below threshold)

Your stimulus has just been erased.

One of these things represe... (Below threshold)
retired miilitary:

One of these things represents the true reasons why California is an econimic disaster area. The other is a picture of a stool.

Arnold's presentation of th... (Below threshold)

Arnold's presentation of the Cucking Stool stimulus package is marked with breaking points for speedier results.

Only a RINO would justify s... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Only a RINO would justify spending educational funds on a class instructing people on the use of a stool.

The TARPinator... (Below threshold)

The TARPinator

Arnold, "Come back tomorrow... (Below threshold)

Arnold, "Come back tomorrow and I'll use the Octuplet Mom to explain why our economy to in the tank."

Undt den, I vip off Nancy P... (Below threshold)

Undt den, I vip off Nancy Pelosi's limbs undt use dem to make furniture!

"I got Sarah Connor. Now I... (Below threshold)

"I got Sarah Connor. Now I'm here to terminate the California Economy"

"Running Man called me the ... (Below threshold)

"Running Man called me the Butcher of Bakersfield. Now I kill all of Cal-ee-for-nee-uh"

Arnold's version of the lat... (Below threshold)

Arnold's version of the latest in drilling platforms. Bend over and he will drill you

"Frankly, a dildo is a bett... (Below threshold)

"Frankly, a dildo is a better analog."

"To those critics who are s... (Below threshold)

"To those critics who are so pessimistic about our economy, I say, 'Don't be economic girlie men stoolies!'"

A Tool and his Stool are so... (Below threshold)
Rich K:

A Tool and his Stool are soon parted.

Stool pitchin'.... (Below threshold)

Stool pitchin'.

And this is the seat where ... (Below threshold)

And this is the seat where the conservative stool pigeon sits

Only in America do we need ... (Below threshold)

Only in America do we need a stool to stand on and to see over the top of the stack of pages that make up a failed budget.

"I think Ahnolds depends ar... (Below threshold)

"I think Ahnolds depends are full"

Stoolinator 2 fudgement day... (Below threshold)

Stoolinator 2 fudgement day

A political girly man.... (Below threshold)

A political girly man.

"In the back over there I s... (Below threshold)

"In the back over there I see the womanizer nee murderer Gary Condit. Please focus your full attention on him since I have nothing good or substantive to say here about this."

With apologies to Steely Da... (Below threshold)
Son of a Pig and a Monkey:

With apologies to Steely Dan (My Old School):

Kah-lee-forn-yia tumbles into the sea
That'll be the day I go
Back to Arnold-dale
Tried to warn you
About RINO's and Step-Daddy K.
But I can't seem to get to you
Through the U.S. Mail
Well I hear the whistle but I won't go
I'm gonna let them in from Mexico
They said oh no
Sacramento won't do

Well I did not think they
Could be so cruel
And I'm never going back
To My Old Press Pool

Update: <... (Below threshold)

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.






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