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The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today's winner is Republican Congressman Phil Gingrey. He gets the award for the following-

"Chain migration is a ticking time bomb. Under current law, one legal immigrant could potentially yield visas for up to 273 other legal immigrants in a 15 year period. You can imagine what would happen if Congress granted amnesty to the 12 million illegal immigrants currently in our nation - each one of them could start the chain migration process. I don't understand why we are giving the second-cousin of a legal immigrant visa priority over someone with good job skills and an education. My bill would limit family migration to the nuclear family: spouses, dependent children and parents. This would reduce the 'chain' to a maximum of about 30 visas.
Columnist Claudia Melendez writes-
With all due respect, Mr. Gingrey, what are you smoking?
I'd like to know what the Congressman is smoking too. A legal immigrant, can only petition their spouse and any children they have. Once they become a citizen, they can petition for parents and siblings also. Don't believe me? Check here. By the way the wait time for a petition for a brother or sister is 12 to 20 years. That further blows what Gingrey says out of the water.

Realistically a immigrant can apply for maybe 15 people in 15 years. Remember that doesn't come for free, there is a $355 fee for every petition. If someone could petition 273 family members, they would need almost $100,000. That's a little bit high if that immigrant is cleaning hotel rooms and picking fruit.

Congressman Phil Gingrey isn't just dangerously ignorant about US immigration laws he wants to change, but he is also today's Knucklehead of the Day.


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Forget it, he's rolling...<... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Forget it, he's rolling...

Only one problem with your ... (Below threshold)

Only one problem with your thesis Jim. They (illegals) didn't wait their turn, what makes you think their relatives will wait either?

Oh, any resolution on Obama's 'auntie'? The one ordered deported TWICE.

You seem to fail to underst... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

You seem to fail to understand that the people who are sponsored can then sponsor others themselves. So, if siblings can be sponsored, then they can sponsor their kids and spouses. All those siblings of spouses, kids of siblings of spouses, kids of siblings, siblings of spouses of siblings, etc. all add up. Hence the descriptive "chain migration". It's not that difficult a concept.

Knucklehead, indeed.

Mous has the right of it. C... (Below threshold)

Mous has the right of it. Chain migration and illegal immigration need to be stopped. As I have mentioned before, my grandson is the only child in his class who speaks English as a first language. Immigration and illegal immigration are forcing undesirable change into American communities all over the country. Our way of life deserves some protection. I never wanted to move because I liked where I lived, like my community and it's people. Now, without moving, I live in a country that is foreign to me.

Since I seem to be the resi... (Below threshold)

Since I seem to be the resident expert on the effects of out of control immigration, allow me to give everyone as idea of what happened. We moved into our neighborhood 21 years ago. My wife grew up 2 miles from here and I grew up a whopping 4 miles away. The neighborhood was "diverse" when me moved in but we always assumed that at some stage the US Government would start to enforce the law. We were, of course, to be sadly disappointed. Our next door neighbor is a nice guy and over the decades we have become friends. However, during that time at least 60 "family" members have moved into and out of his house. A one time there were 6 men, 6 women and at least 10 children living in a three bedroom, 1 bath house. Most of these people were wonderful and I speak a little Spanish so we have always gotten along well. However, theirs is not the only house on the block to have this constant influx of new immigrants. Because of the overcrowding in the homes, our schools, emergency rooms and police are overtaxed. My middle son was one of only six in his kindergarten class who spoke English, now my grandson is the only one in his class that does. Our neighborhood is no longer "diverse" and when the old lady nest door moves out I will be last adult on the block who was born in Orange County. I am an outsider in my own community. The "different" one who flies the American flag on holidays. Much of the junk mail I get is in Spanish only. What happened to me should not happen to any American because there are laws against it. Laws that Nancy Pelosi's "Culture of Corruption" refuse to enforce. I don't want anyone from the Government to try to compensate me for the loss of my community, but it would be nice if they would flag the laws we don't have to obey, because it is discriminatory to enforce some and not others.

California spends two to th... (Below threshold)

California spends two to three times what other states do for education. Yet students from those states consistently score higher on standardized tests. Wonder why? Could it be that those 'non-English speaking students' are dragging the scores down? Yet we're told that illegal immigration "is not a significant cost factor" in state education. The fun part is when state educators point to those same low scores as justification for MORE MONEY.

This is the same Gingrey wh... (Below threshold)

This is the same Gingrey who was railing against Rush and Hannity. He's an idiot.

The number of people that c... (Below threshold)
Thomas Jackson:

The number of people that can be brought into the country is dependent on the size of families. In Latin America and the Middle East siblings can number rather more thaN ONE, TRY SIX OR SEVEN. These siblings can then pettion for their relatives. While the Congressman is wrong the idea that reuniting families is more important than allowing people with skills is perverse.

Worse the number of parents who enter the US who swear they will not become public dependents is laughably large. This wouldn't be a problem if the law was enforced and public charges were deported as the law requires. But this is just another ignored law.

We'd be better off if we did what other nations did and just charged 100,000 for each immigrant visa.

Why else did they pass NAFT... (Below threshold)

Why else did they pass NAFTA for its all part of the sinister NORTH AMERICAN UNION along with the NAFTA SUPER HIGHWAYS its all part of this whole sinister plot by the evil CFR and its wicked plot

"" That's a little bit high... (Below threshold)

"" That's a little bit high if that immigrant is cleaning hotel rooms and picking fruit. ""

As that remark is also a little bit of a worry.

Either your projection of your feelings toward criminal and other migrants/aliens: that they're all cleaners and pickers; indicates you had better go clean out the content of your character or;

That the post-1965 Kennedy/IRA-baby slaughterers and other criminal and third-world alien favoring immigration legislation has worked, the collective IQ of non-Northern Europeon immigrants is somewhere south of 67 -- and they're all pickers and cleaners.

The other point you've dipped out on, though, is that every one of the 15 folks you say a new migrant can bring in can bring in his own 15 who may bring in his own 15 -- and so on. Fifteen times 15 times 15 times 15 is alteady more than 50,000.

Which tells this immigrant American that Mr Gingrey's suggestion of 200-odd in 15 years was conservative.

Brian Richard Allen
Los Angeles CalifOBAMAcated 90028 and the Far Abroad






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