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Time warp

Another addition to the media's bag of tricks- They can speed up time!


Why didn't anyone at AP or the Sun-Sentinel who actually had this on the front page of the website for a short time, notice the discrepancy before posting it? It's like about a manager signing a large amount of documents. Most of which he doesn't look at and someone slips in a joke among them or a check made out to themselves.

In late 2007, the Sun-Sentinel proudly proclaimed the winless Miami Dolphins as being 12-0 instead of 0-12. I got a screen capture of that too. Isn't Snagit wonderful?


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A couple things to remember... (Below threshold)
James H:

A couple things to remember:

First, there's generally a seamless transition from the AP wire to the newspaper's Web site w/o human intervention. So, it's doubtful that an editor would have spotted that before it went to the Web.

Second, AP typically moves their "day in history" features about two or three weeks ahead of the actual day so newspapers can flow them into pages ahead of the day of publication.

My best guess it that somebody at AP moved the feature with "straight news" coding rather than the "features/advance" coding it should have moved with.

Just one more example of "a... (Below threshold)

Just one more example of "all those multiple layers of fact checking". You know, to insure accuracy.

Speed up time? During the R... (Below threshold)

Speed up time? During the Reign of Error™ that is Obama, it just seems longer!






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