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Big Mouth Democrat Contest

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Reported by KGMB television, Hawaii:

Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., sent bank stocks into a tailspin Friday with an unguarded comment. The White House had to issue its own comment later to restore equilibrium to stock markets. Some speculators could have made or lost millions.

What Dodd said, to Bloomberg News, was that while he did not like the idea of nationalizing banks, he could see where it might become necessary for a short time. And investors, thinking, "What does he know that we haven't heard yet?" sold their bank stocks.

He didn't know anything. He was just shooting off his mouth. But major bank stocks lost a quarter to a third of their entire value in a matter of minutes. The White House was obliged to issue its own statement that the administration feels private ownership is the way to go.

And remember this summer, when Sen. Schmucky Chucky "the American people really don't care" Schumer (D-NY) sent IndyMac Bank into a death spiral when he issued a public statement questioning the bank's viability?

That got me to wondering ... who will be the next Democrat to say something incredibly stupid and put ordinary Americans in financial peril?

Will it be Vice President Biden, who was just picked by President to oversee the implementation of all the Democrats' new Porkulus spending? Will it be President Obama himself? How about Barney Frank? Maxine Waters?

Who do you think, and why?


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The "community Based Realit... (Below threshold)

The "community Based Reality" still lives. Don't these people know that words have meaning? I'm not one of the people who think that the Democrats are trying to destroy our economy, but the doom and gloom crowd sure seem to be trying.

And we are still wondering ... (Below threshold)

And we are still wondering when John Kerry is going to release his military records and Chris Dodd is going to release the details of his sweetheart "Friends of Angelo" mortgage.

It will depend upon who the... (Below threshold)

It will depend upon who the democrats next target happens to be. The fiscal "crisis" was a pure creation of the left for the purpose of winning an election. And, of course, for the more important purpose of destroying the free enterprise system.

"And we are still wondering... (Below threshold)

"And we are still wondering when John Kerry is going to release his military records and Chris Dodd is going to release the details of his sweetheart "Friends of Angelo" mortgage."

When? When a certain nether region freezes over.

My bet for the next big mouth is a sure thing. You can always count on Joe Biden. Stand up Joe, take a bow. Let's here it for Joe from Scranton!

even with the "vaunted" MSM... (Below threshold)

even with the "vaunted" MSM trying its best to ignore, or at least downplay every bit of stooopidity there's just too much of it!

That doesn't stop the MSM from trying to ignore it, however. When Sen. Schmucky Chucky "the American people really don't care" Schumer (D-NY) made his now famous utterance, ABC clipped that part OUT...and instead ran the 10 seconds at the end of his speech when he said: "Everything we do is for the American people" BIG difference between being ALL for the people...and considering ALL the people beneath your contempt!

Democrats can't keep milita... (Below threshold)

Democrats can't keep military secrets, they run their mouths off affecting the stock market, they spew forth BS and expect people to take them seriously.

Watch Barney Frank open his mush-mouth and let's see what the markets do.

And you believe in accident... (Below threshold)

And you believe in accidents? I do not. This is all Soros-driven manipulation which is HOW that immature naif was elected POTUS (and I still don't believe he's legally eligible). Soros is evil incarnate!

Now that they see how effic... (Below threshold)

Now that they see how efficiently they can destroy capitalism with their stupid comments, the will probably never shut up.

"they" will never shut up.<... (Below threshold)

"they" will never shut up.

Here's my best guess (with ... (Below threshold)

Here's my best guess (with probability)

"Standup Chuck" Biden 92%

Baahnee Fwank 81%

Diane Feinstein 52% (foreign policy only)

Maxine Waters 41% (Extra points for comedic value)

Patrick Leahy 27% (disclosing Intel assests only)

Lil' Dick Durbin 16% (disparaging the military only)

The question is "What wo... (Below threshold)

The question is "What would Reagan do?"

He sure as hell would stop scaring the crap out of the country. But then, I believe that Obama is scaring the bejesus out of everyone to make him look glorious in the end- sort of an Barack Muchausen-by-proxy disease. It fits with his predisposition for narcissism.






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