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Grand Theft Train

A South Florida idea of a joy ride? From the Sun-Sentinel-

Miami-Dade County - Authorities in Miami-Dade don't yet know who took a 120-ton freight train for a weekend joy ride, CBS 4 is reporting.

The CSX diesel locomotive disappeared from the Kendall area late Sunday night, where it was parked in storage while awaiting assignment, the station reported.

Following the track southward, railroad personnel and Miami-Dade police located the missing train early Monday about 7 miles away, near Homestead, according to CBS 4.

The amateur engineer was nowhere to be found, but CSX officials suggested it would take someone with experience and a solid knowledge of trains to pull off such a caper.

This was almost certainly a prank. In this post 9-11 world, the culprit(s) could find themselves in a great deal of trouble. Don't you just love the Sunshine State?

Hat tip- SFDB


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Comments (4)

Not exactly stealing the Ge... (Below threshold)

Not exactly stealing the General, was it?

Who steals a train!? Do you... (Below threshold)

Who steals a train!? Do you know that all they police have to do is follow the tracks?

That is just as bad as someone near here who stole an ambulance and then parked it at his apartment building. DUH!


Inside job, someone had a c... (Below threshold)

Inside job, someone had a control key.

Based on a campaign of Smok... (Below threshold)

Based on a campaign of Smoke and Mirrors I'd put out an APB of the current resident of the WH.

YES, that was a bit of sarcasm to witless/humorless leftards.






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