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The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today's winner is U.S. District Judge Samuel Kent. He gets the award for the following-

A federal judge pleaded guilty Monday to lying to investigators about sexually abusing his secretary in exchange for prosecutors dropping five sex-crime charges alleging he groped the secretary and another female court employee.

As part of the plea agreement, U.S. District Judge Samuel Kent admitted he tried to force his former case manager into unwanted sex acts in August 2003 and March 2007, and did the same with his secretary from 2004 through at least 2005.

Kent, the first federal judge ever charged with a sex crime, also retired, effective immediately. But because Kent was appointed for life it was unclear whether the retirement would help him avoid possible impeachment by Congress or whether he would still collect a salary.

Kent's guilty plea to obstruction of justice came as jury selection for his trial was to begin Monday. Under the plea agreement, prosecutors will seek no more than three years in prison when Kent is sentenced on May 11.

I think this judge is getting off easy. He abused his powers and is not going to spend long in jail. It's always been my opinion that those in charge of administering the law(Police and Judges) should be held to a higher standard. During my almost four years of blogging I can show over 100 instances of the reverse happening.

U.S. District Judge Samuel Kent is today's Knucklehead of the Day.


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Comments (4)

This goes beyond 'knucklehe... (Below threshold)

This goes beyond 'knucklehead' status and can't really be viewed in the same light as most of your other awards. This wasn't simply stupidity or a lack of clear thinking, this was a criminal abuse of power. Actions like this deserve a category of their own.

That plea agreement looks l... (Below threshold)

That plea agreement looks like it will do one more GIANT favor for the judge. He pled guilty to obstruction of justice, but not to a sex crime. I would suppose this would keep him off the sex offender registry and all that entails. Pretty sweet deal for a serial offender.

I'm guessing this is anothe... (Below threshold)

I'm guessing this is another crappy Bill Clinton appointment - birds of a feather, etc.

No, the knuckle head of the... (Below threshold)

No, the knuckle head of the day is the sentencing judge! 3 years may ass, if it was you or me we would be looking at getting out sometimes in the next millennium.







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