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Have you no honor?

A petty thief in South Florida has an interesting excuse for his crime.

Authorities say they arrested a man who claimed he was justified in stealing candy from a Fort Pierce truck stop because he had served in the military.

Police say an officer confronted 31-year-old Eric T. Ambrose at the truck stop early Monday morning. The officer reported finding several packages of candy and nuts, two black T-shirts and a 20 oz. bottle of beer in Ambrose's pockets. He said he had paid for all the items, but a clerk denied ringing up any purchases for Ambrose.

A report states that while in the patrol vehicle, Ambrose screamed out the window that he had served in the military over in Iraq and could steal all the M&M'S he wanted.

Serving in Iraq or anywhere else doesn't give a man or woman the right to steal.

His veteran status could not be immediately verified.
What do you think the odds are he never served in Iraq? Or any branch of the military? I make a bet Ambrose is lying.


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Comments (7)

If he did serve, I can thin... (Below threshold)

If he did serve, I can think of a few true veterans who would be willing to provide some wall to wall counseling for this bloke.

Vets are forced to steal ca... (Below threshold)

Vets are forced to steal candy to survive now?

I blame Obama!

"What's a little candy stea... (Below threshold)

"What's a little candy stealing after murdering women and children?"

And on what do you base your statement Justice? The Daily Kos? You probably believe all those stories about 'deranged Vietnam vets' as well.

Pathetic is the word that immediately springs to mind. And that's being kind.

I think this "justice69" pe... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

I think this "justice69" person punk'd you again, Mr GarandFan.

See, "69" is a different number than "58." And it has kind of a joke connotation, am I wrong?

Umm, Maggie? Little help?</... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Umm, Maggie? Little help?

My uncle, who lived into hi... (Below threshold)

My uncle, who lived into his 80s, to his last day believed he should get anything he wanted from the government because he fought in WWII. I doubt he stole candy because of it, but still.

is the candy part of the ... (Below threshold)

is the candy part of the stimulus bill?






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