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The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today's winner is Mark Rimkufski. He gets the award for attempting to impersonate a US Marshall in order to get on a plane at Miami airport. Mr. Rimkufski must have been having a bad day and or was very stupid. For he

He said he was a US Marshall but flashed a badge that said he was Fisher Island's Chief of Police
Fisher Island doesn't have a police department
He got on board the plane to find there were two real US marshalls on board. He got kicked off but not arrested.
He then went to an airport bar where he got drunk and complained loudly he wasn't allowed on the plane. That's when airport police arrested Mr. Rimkufski

What a loser but Mark Rimkufski did win one thing. I name him today's Knucklehead of the Day. The Miami Herald article is below the fold.

Carrying a ''Fisher Island Chief of Police'' badge and claiming he was a U.S. air marshal, Mark Rimkufski persuaded Miami airline employees to allow him onto a flight after the gate had closed, police said. The ruse landed him in jail, Miami-Dade police said, when he was confronted by genuine air marshals on the plane.

Rimkufski, 49, was charged with impersonating a law-enforcement officer. He was scheduled to appear in Miami-Dade court Thursday but did not because he was hospitalized for unspecified reasons. There is no Fisher Island police department.

Rimkufski, a former island resident who also goes by the name Harry Henry Rimm, also faces a federal charge of impersonating an air marshal. When arrested, he was carrying almost $14,000 in cash and had plans to travel to Los Angeles, Hawaii and Dubai.

According to Miami-Dade Detective Javier Prellezo's arrest report, this is what happened:

Wednesday night, Rimkufski was rushing to Miami International Airport to catch American Airlines Flight 299, bound for Los Angeles. But the gate had closed and the plane was departing.

He flashed his Fisher Island badge to employees at the ticket counter, announcing he was an air marshal. Employees stopped the plane and allowed him to board.

But real air marshals inspected his badge and booted him from the plane. Why they did not detain him was unclear, but the plane went on its way.

Then, Rimkufski went to the Admiral's Club bar and restaurant and loudly complained about not being allowed onto the flight, police said. Miami-Dade airport police came and arrested him.


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Comments (4)

This guys a twofer for knuc... (Below threshold)

This guys a twofer for knucklehead. First, he tempts fate by impersonating the marshals, and gets caught. At that point, he COULD have gotten away with it, if he'd just left well enough alone, or went home or whatever.

But no. He had to go tempt fate again and be loud at the bar.

I dare say, he's that rare breed of knucklehead (commonly found in Florida), the [email protected]$$.

My daughter was one of the ... (Below threshold)

My daughter was one of the flight attendants on that flight. She called me from the plane and asked me to look up his name, when I searched the name that he was using, nothing came up. She was very grateful for the two air marshals on board (who were flying incognito, not like this IDIOT who was flashing a fake badge and leaving it on his armrest for everyone to see.) I believe the air marshals were the ones responsible for his arrest. My disappointment is with the Miami Dade Police Deptmant at the airport, have they forgotten September 11th. They should be on administrative leave ASAP.

this dude is a mess. He us... (Below threshold)

this dude is a mess. He used to own a travel agency in LA and also on Fisher Island. Every creditor in the world is after him, he owes millions of dollars (i used to work for him and still owes me 80g, forget that). He is a con artist and always has.. Has stolen from everyone he could. What a real dumb ass. He finally got his ass caught. There is a GOD. and karma does work !!!!

I was one of the jurors dur... (Below threshold)

I was one of the jurors during his criminal case. The government did not present a strong enough case and there was a REASONABLE DOUBT so the unanimous vote was "NOT GUILTY." Unfortunately he wasnt on trial for being a con artist, or shady, or a liar...

Let hope he learned his lesson. This was a close one. If not Karma still owes him one. :/






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