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Paul Harvey Dies

Paul Harvey died tonight. Jim Robinson, president of ABC Radio, released a statement earlier this evening:

Paul Harvey was one of the most gifted and beloved broadcasters in our nation's history. As he delivered the news each day with his own unique style and commentary, his voice became a trusted friend in American households. His career in radio spanned more than seven decades, during which time countless millions of listeners were both informed and entertained by his "News & Comment" and "Rest of the Story" features. Even after the passing of his loving wife Angel in May 2008, Paul would not slip quietly into retirement as he continued to take the microphone and reach out to his audience. We will miss our dear friend tremendously and are grateful for the many years we were so fortunate to have known him. Our thoughts and prayers are now with his son Paul Jr. and the rest of the Harvey family.

Jim Robinson

President, ABC Radio Networks

Paul Harvey, Jr. issued a statement as well:

My father and mother created from thin air what one day became radio and television news. So in the past year, an industry has lost its godparents and today millions have lost a friend. Paul Harvey Jr.

From USA Today:

Harvey never viewed himself as a newsman, even though some 18 million people tuned into his daily reports to hear his 15-minute take on the day's events.

"I'm a professional parade watcher who can't wait to get out of bed every morning and rush down to the teletypes to pan for gold," he told CNN's Larry King in 1988.

That he did with a vengeance since those teletype days in 1951, arriving at his Chicago studio in the pre-dawn hours to produce two news and commentary segments and his evening The Rest of the Story (written by his son, Paul) which were carried on some 1,100 radio stations and 400 Armed Forces Radio Network stations.

Update: See-Dubya, filling in for Michelle Malkin, has a tribute to Harvey that's worth reading.


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Comments (11)

RIP and nowRa... (Below threshold)

and now
Radio is Palimpsest

Haven't heard him in a numb... (Below threshold)

Haven't heard him in a number of years, but his voice was always like hearing an old friend.

He will be missed.

This country was made a muc... (Below threshold)

This country was made a much brighter place through the presence of Mr. Harvey.

Mr. Harvey positively influenced lives and brought smiles to millions of people whom he never met.

May God comfort the hearts of his family and friends during their time of loss.

I hate to see this guy go. ... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

I hate to see this guy go. He provided me so many laughs with his absurd stories and goofy delivery style. He was one of the greatest inadvertent comics ever.

RIPHis take on the... (Below threshold)


His take on the daily goings on never disappointed and his 'Rest of the story' was entertaining to everyone.

I remember, as an involunta... (Below threshold)

I remember, as an involuntary army brat, being prisoner in a 1965 Chevrolet station wagon* in summer, sloooowly carted across the deep south to our next "home" via two-lane state highways at no more than 50mph**, being refreshed with the only familiar voice that did not come with a belt attached***; namely Paul Harvey.
Plus "Paul Harvey" = 12:00 noon = LUNCH****!

*no air conditioner
**maybe slower. It was RIDICULOUS! SFC Grampa Grunt!
***slight exaggeration. The above is not.
****old-style Kentucky Fried Chicken!!! (It's not been the same since the Colonel kicked the bucket.)

Paul Harvey was a great voi... (Below threshold)

Paul Harvey was a great voice who spoke to America as though it were a neighborhood. I often disagreed with his conservative views but Harvey was an American first unlike the Limabughs and the Hannitys of today. May he rest in peace.

There's always at least one... (Below threshold)

There's always at least one in a crowd, RD.

My parents had a little rad... (Below threshold)

My parents had a little radio built into the oven overheat fan/light that played every morning as got ready for school. Paul Harvey was always on. 40 years later, the radio had quit but Mr. Harvey's verbal discourse on what was right with the world, or simply worthy of noting, was still playing in their kitchen every time I went to visit.

The radio is now silent, and I don't think there's anything that will replace it.

Paul Harvey was born and ra... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:

Paul Harvey was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Here is an excerpt about Paul's early life from the Tulsa World newspaper:

He was born Paul Harvey Aurandt in a house on East Fifth Place in Tulsa on Sept. 4, 1918. At the age of 3, Harvey lost his father, a Tulsa policeman, when he was gunned down in a Bonnie and Clyde-type shootout with a band of robbery suspects. His mother supported the family by taking in roomers during the Depression.

Harvey began his announcing career when one of his Central High School teachers convinced management at KVOO in Tulsa to let him talk on the radio. He ended up dropping his last name when he went on the air. He continued working at the station while he attended the University of Tulsa.

One of the most recognizabl... (Below threshold)

One of the most recognizable voices of all time. Paul Harvey- RIP and Well Done, Sir.






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