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Fox News to Rerun Rush's CPAC Speech

You can catch Greta's special on Rush's speech at 9:00pm tonight on Fox News Channel. Their ratings must have been through the roof yesterday if they are rerunning it again.


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Could it be that this is an... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Could it be that this is an example of true Bipartisan agreement? It seems everyone is embracing the idea that Rush Limbaugh is the leader of the Republican Party.

It seems again, that Adrian... (Below threshold)

It seems again, that Adrian has absolutely no idea about what he is talking about. ww

Is someone at Fox/NewsCorp ... (Below threshold)

Is someone at Fox/NewsCorp throwing down the Fairness Doctrine gauntlet?

Rush Limbaugh is ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
Rush Limbaugh is the leader of the Republican Party

That's just the latest attempt by liberals to attack Limbaugh, but it works both ways. Others can claim the most whacked out liberal mouth piece is the leader of the Democratic Party. Nominations are now open.

Someone should see... (Below threshold)

Someone should see that Michael Steele gets a copy of that speech.

That speech was exactly the... (Below threshold)

That speech was exactly the shot in the arm we needed. It has been highly entertaining to see all the Libs on the Sunday news programs try to analyze it half to death.

To WizbangPost #7 ... (Below threshold)

To Wizbang

Post #7 is not this Justice58. I am sure you know that by the IP Address. Would you please ask this person to not use the same nic as mine?

WizbangTh... (Below threshold)


Thank You!

That's just the latest a... (Below threshold)

That's just the latest attempt by liberals to attack Limbaugh, but it works both ways. Others can claim the most whacked out liberal mouth piece is the leader of the Democratic Party.

No, it doesn't work both ways. Republicans made Limbaugh the keynote at CPAC. Take some responsibility for promoting who you imply is the "most whacked out conservative mouthpiece".

No, it doesn't wor... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
No, it doesn't work both ways. Republicans made Limbaugh the keynote at CPAC.

You got your facts wrong. Conservatives invited Limbaugh, and many, if not most, conservatives don't identify themselves as Republicans. Limbaugh himself says he's not a politician, but an entertainer.

It's a new strategy by Democrats to tie Limbaugh to the Republican party. However, if that's ok then it's also ok for Republicans to identify the Democratic party with the most whacked out liberal mouth piece around. I wonder who that would be?

Apparently Congressman Cant... (Below threshold)

Apparently Congressman Cantor needs a copy of the video also. He was on George Stepuponaboxanopolous and stepped right in Georges' pile of it. All we need is more wimps like Cantor in the Republican Party and Obamalala will be president for life.

wasn't it pretty recent whe... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

wasn't it pretty recent when all the idiots on the left were declaring Limbaugh irrelevant and nobody listens to him anymore etc etc...

I think his speech was incredible, and i hope it reached a lot of people who wouldn't listen to Rush initially.

And as for him being the leader of the Republican party? How so? He hasn't been elected or appointed to any such post. As far as leading through ideas and speech, sure. He definitely leads the CONSERVATIVE movement through his words, but he isn't some defacto leader, all will bow down and do as he tells them.

And even if he were the leader of the GOP, so what? whats the big deal? you libs afraid of him or something?

Does the Republican Party h... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Does the Republican Party have a leader? Of course he's the leader of the Conservative movement but who do a majority of Republican voters look to for leadership and ideas more than Mr. Limbaugh? There was a natural power vacuum created when McCain (not the most galvanizing leader anyway) lost. Perhaps Limbaugh is a temporary placeholder for a Republican leader -- not the worst thing in the world.

In the meantime: Limbaughpalooza!!!

If you're hot to condemn Li... (Below threshold)

If you're hot to condemn Limbaugh, you might want to actually listen to the speech before you start throwing the bricks.

I haven't listened to him in 5-6 years - used to listen because he was about the only palatable radio on in this area, aside from a handful of music stations that'd play two songs, break for 5 minutes of commercials, play two songs, break, two songs, break, you know the drill...

Don't think I'd want to listen to him again on a regular basis - but he did a hell of a speech.


I really want you to believe this because it's the truth. I'm not saying it just because I believe it. This is a core. I want the best country we can have. We want the most prosperous people. We want to be growing. We want to lead the world. We want everybody to come here legally. We want this country to be so damn great and we just cringe to watch it -- basically capitalism be assaulted and our culture be reoriented to where the people that make it work are the enemy. That's not the United States of America. The people that make this country work, the people who pay on their mortgages, the people getting up and going to work, striving in this recession to not participate in it, they're not the enemy.

They're the people that hire you. They're the people that are going to give you a job. They're the people that are going to give you a raise, the people that need you to do work for them. [Applause] President Obama, and take your pick of any Democrat, love to say we've tried it your way. Meaning Reaganism. We've tried it your way. We tried it your way in the '80s and it didn't work. We tried it your way eight years, the last eight years and it didn't work. Excuse me. Excuse me. Have you ever noticed those of you watching around the world in my first international address to the world, Fox is on some international satellites. They're watching this in the UK right now going (cringing). When Obama talks about past economies, he somehow always leaves out the recession of the '80s as worse than this one. Why does he leave it out? Because you know why he leaves it out, America? He leaves it out because we got out of that recession with tax cuts.
That's a very small bit of it. And he did the speech without a teleprompter, too. (Or he says he did, at least!)

So, before you condemn it, you might want to listen. You might loath Limbaugh, or love him - but you ought to listen.

Rush Limbaugh isn't whacked... (Below threshold)

Rush Limbaugh isn't whacked out or crazy. Anyone who says this hasn't really listened to him and has probably been watching MSNBC, CNN,ABC,NBC,and CBS. Or, they've been reading The New York Times or some other liberal local newspaper. (All Democrat Party controlled cities have liberal city papers.)

So why is Rush Limbaugh being singled out and attacked? Because every day he calls out Obama on the lies that he tells. President Obama is a good liar and Rush sets the facts straight on his show.

Don't think Obama lies? You should read this Karl Rove article about the fake straw men that Obama uses in his speeches. Here is the link: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123561484923478287.html

Obama uses fake straw men to lie about the conservative viewpoint to make it sound extreme and crazy. Every day, Rush stands up to him on his show and explains what the REAL conservative view is and why historical facts support the conservative solution.

How is Obama, Pelosi, Reid going to make us a Socialist nation if they can't be deceitful? By discrediting any and every person who openly challenges them. The list includes Joe the Plumber, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and now Rick Santelli.

I'm thankful that we have someone like Rush Limbaugh around who is willing to fight for basic American values and what is right. It's time that more conservative Republican politicians stood up, too!

Way to go Rush Limbaugh!

As an enlightened progressi... (Below threshold)

As an enlightened progressive I would never spoof my IP address or hang a noose on my own door or continue to insist that duke lacross players are rapists! Never!

It's a new strategy by D... (Below threshold)

It's a new strategy by Democrats to tie Limbaugh to the Republican party.

Oh, those clever Democrats, finding ways to associate conservatives and Republicans. Limbaugh is clearly a Democrat.






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