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What Conservatives Should Be Doing

Update: The link is getting heavy traffic so you may have to try several times.

Pattrick Ruffini has written an excellent piece that covers both the Bobby Jindal dust up with the liberal media/ blogs and what conservatives should be doing to get a message out. Read the whole thing.

H/T Glenn Reynolds


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The article is right on the... (Below threshold)

The article is right on the money. The left is like muslims, they can lie if it is to or about the enemy. I call it the 3 D's. Demean, defame and dismiss. Everytime. The left kills reputations, steals their integrigy and destroys their credibility. Oh wait! That is what Jesus says satan does. ww

WW, take your morning meds ... (Below threshold)

WW, take your morning meds before you start posting.

"the left is like muslims, they can lie if it is to or about ????"

I would attack that if it was a coherent sentence. I gather that you're on the right and you hate muslims. No news there. Then you bust out Jesus and Satan. Wow.

I'll tell you one thing conservatives should NOT be doing, and that's making Rush Limbaugh your CPAC keynote speaker and face of the Republican party. In all seriousness, that is not the path you want to travel in the next few years.

Actually Ryan, if you watch... (Below threshold)

Actually Ryan, if you watch the news, muslims hate us.

There is nothing wrong with the sentence structure. Also, why would I or any other conservative take your advice? You have our well being in mind? I don't think so. ww

I can't read the article. W... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

I can't read the article. What's wrong with the link?

BruceHeavy traffic t... (Below threshold)

Heavy traffic to the link

Try the Google cache page. ... (Below threshold)

Try the Google cache page.

WW, muslims don't hate Amer... (Below threshold)

WW, muslims don't hate America. Certain extremist groups do. Your little brain is simultaneously denigrating 2 billion people and spitting in face of millions of muslim American citizens. But, I suppose if you could think above a third-grade level, you wouldn't be a Republican.

Re the article linked. Neit... (Below threshold)

Re the article linked. Neither Palin nor Jindal were done in by left wing blogs. They were done in by themselves. You didn't have to read a blog to know how awful Jindal's speech was. When Palin learns to intelligently answer a question with some thoughtfulness and knowledge she may be thought of in a better light.

Whatever happened to that core conservative principle of taking responsibility for ones own successes or failures? Oh, I know. It only applies to the poor and disadvantaged.

Good try JFO but your usual... (Below threshold)

Good try JFO but your usual missing the point. And Ryan, of course you go to the democratic play book of demean, defame and dismiss anyone that disagrees with you.

When 9/11 happened, I remember the thousands upon thousands of muslim americans marching in the streets denouncing the action of the "few" radical's. Oh! Er,,, that didn't happen. I wonder why? Could it be most agree with the message? Your call. The muslims did act very quickly to get CAIR involved in anything that may seem like we are picking on the people that want to kill us for being us. So, go ahead Ryan, defend away and live in the dream world where no one wants to kill you.

By the way, I am a conservative. You liberals with your very long snooty nose sure do like to put people down. ww

WeeWillieWe don't ... (Below threshold)


We don't need to put you down. You do it to yourself admirably.

When 9/11 happened, I remem... (Below threshold)

When 9/11 happened, I remember that Muslim Americans were too afraid to leave their homes, let alone march the streets, because your ilk were busy burning down their businesses and jumping them in the streets and beating them.

You people wonder what has ... (Below threshold)

You people wonder what has gone wrong with your "movement"? You got a guy on this thread who unapologetically calls 1/3 of the world population "the enemy", and he gets 5 out 5 thumbs up. Look in the mirror. You have yourselves to blame. Why don't you pool your money and buy some south pacific island where you can have Rush Limbaugh as president and live happily ever after?

Hmmmm...another dem cabinet... (Below threshold)

Hmmmm...another dem cabinet guy not paying taxes...these folk are pillars of the community...eh, ryan...jfo?






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