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A Picture is Worth...

... thousands of Dow points.

... trillions of dollars.


No wonder the John Galt/tea party movement is growing daily with no signs of slowing. President Barack Obama has inspired a conservative reawakening.


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Can it truly be poss... (Below threshold)
gracecurl Author Profile Page:

Can it truly be possible that there is a group of people out there that see these numbers and don't see the catastrophic results of 8 years of conservative rule?

Nothing is more despicable to me than a person unwilling to take responsibility for their actions, blaming others for their problems.

You people live in an absolute fantasy world where heroes are drug addled, deaf comedians and half-witted beauty queens and where a truly separate reality exists. Man is your world a dark place.

For a fuller picture, look ... (Below threshold)

For a fuller picture, look at the Dow's tumble from around 11,800 in June 2008, when BHO sewed up the Democrat nomination, to today. The market understands that big social welfare (if not socialist) government is not good for business.

Unfortunately, when the con... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, when the conservatives awoke, the first thing they saw/heard was Rush Limbaugh and they are now bonding with him.

This is not a good sign for the conservative future.

Given the track records of ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Given the track records of Bush, McCain, Palin, Joe the Plumber, Steele, and Limbaugh it's no wonder that the Republicans have chosen John Galt, a FICTIONAL character, as their new hero. John Galt won't be voting on legislation or campaigning in any elections and, most of all, Katie Couric won't be able to interview him.

gracecurl: "....catastrophi... (Below threshold)

gracecurl: "....catastrophic results of 8 years of conservative rule?"

Nice try.

What we saw for the last eight years was not "conservative rule". Not by a long shot.

Big-government, big-spending Republicanism is NOT "conservative rule", no matter how many times that lie is repeated in the Obamastream media.

What President Walkonwater is proposing is MORE spending, MORE expansion of government, and MORE control over industry and the lives of ordinary Americans.

The American public and the stock market are responding in kind.

The leftist talking point of "conservatism is dead" is bullshit. True fiscal conservatism hasn't been applied on the national level for quite some time now.

A note to gracecurl and oth... (Below threshold)

A note to gracecurl and other liberal trolls:

The stock and commodity markets are essentially futures indexes; in other words, their value is based on estimates of FUTURE economic performance, not "the failed policies of the last eight years" or any other silly Democratic Party talking point.

For the last four months, the markets have been driven by forecasts and estimates of how the Obama Administration's policies will affect the economy in the next 12 to 18 months.

And would you believe it? Trillion-dollar deficits, trillion-dollar pork barrel spending, so many new government regulations and power grabs stuffed into gargantuan spending bills that we haven't even figured them all out yet, and massive tax increases on small business owners, working professionals, and particularly the oil and gas production industries -- all of these things have actually lowered the confidence of market analysts that the economy will improve during the next 12 to 18 months.

If the Dow had rallied after January and was now sitting at 10,000 would you be blaming that rally on "eight years of George W. Bush", or would you be giving Obama and his "brilliant economic policies" all the credit? Don't insult our intelligence here, please.

The Obama Administration owns this bear market. It owns declining consumer confidence. It owns trillions of dollars of wealth that have evaporated during the 25% drop in the Dow from the first week of January until today. And it will own the "double-dip" recession and severe inflation that are predicted to follow this administration's head-first plunge into massive bailouts and government debt.

Yeah gracecurl, didn't you ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Yeah gracecurl, didn't you hear? The definition of "Conservative" was officially changed at 12:01 p.m. January 20, 2009.

"The Obama Administration o... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

"The Obama Administration owns this bear market."

The tanking of the stock market is an indication that people understand that the looting is over. Politically, it's a good thing for the Democrats. It's like a Western when a new sheriff comes to town and the criminals shoot up the place and flee,

Michael: "If the Dow had ra... (Below threshold)

Michael: "If the Dow had rallied after January and was now sitting at 10,000 would you be blaming that rally on "eight years of George W. Bush", or would you be giving Obama and his "brilliant economic policies" all the credit?

As if you have to ask...

Adrian: "...the looting is over."

Please. You ain't seen nothing yet. The real looting has yet to begin. Bush was to Obama what Uriah Heep was to Kiss, a small-time warm-up act.

You folks are delusional. Please, do what the doctor said, and stop breaking the pills in half.

Barry owns this. Wall Stree... (Below threshold)

Barry owns this. Wall Street deals in reality, not the fictional Obamassiah you lefties worship. The dow is going down further. Three years of democratic leadership now add Barry, here is what you get. I can tell this hurts the lefties, because they are coming out in force to talk about.......GW. That is old news. You don't have him to kick around anymore. ww

The Republican hatred-grena... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

The Republican hatred-grenades lobbed at Bush since he left office is simply astounding. Pretending he and his Administration didn't exist is brutal.

I am not in denial of anyth... (Below threshold)

I am not in denial of anything GW did. I hated his immigration policy and worked hard against it. I did not agree on all the spending. It has nothing to do with GW being an honest, forthright, steadfast man. It is YOU Adrian who lives in the denial of what your party's leadership in its third year has done. ww

Bush was known for his loya... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Bush was known for his loyalty and this is what he gets in return. With friends like this . . .

"An old President says to a... (Below threshold)

"An old President says to a newly elected President, "You will run into trouble. In the middle drawer in the desk in the Oval Office, I have prepared three envelopes. When you get into trouble remember those envelopes." So after six months the new President gets into terrible trouble. He remembers the envelopes, so he opens the first one. It reads, "Blame it on my Administration." He does and his problems go away. Another seven months go by and this time the President is in greater trouble. He recalls the envelopes, so he opens the second one. It reads, "Blame it on me." He denounces his predecessor as irresponsible and blames him for creating the current crisis. Again, his problems go away. Then a year before he runs for a second term the President gets in worse trouble than ever before. He remembers the envelopes. So he opens the third and last one. It reads, "Prepare three envelopes.""

-from a Paul Weyrich column. He got one thing wrong, though...it took less than 6 weeks for them to open the first envelope...not 6 months.

I see Obama's stimulus plan... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

I see Obama's stimulus plan is working already...

He's 'saved' the job of one troll and created two new troll jobs!


When their "dazzling urbani... (Below threshold)

When their "dazzling urbanite" leaves office after one term, dopey liberal sheep will immediately brey, eat some grass, and insist that b. hussein "was the best 1-term President" ever. Right after jimmah...

The Dow, along with other i... (Below threshold)

The Dow, along with other indexes, are leading indicators of economic activity, and what they are telling us is that there is virtually no confidence in Obama's handling of the economy, or in any of his plans for the future.

Obama is pushing his extreme left agenda as hard as he can, not wanting to "waste a crisis." As a youth, he was raised by avowed communists, and was sent to study under a communist mentor. Later, he was a student of a communist community organizer. He is doing what comes naturally.

In short, he is destroying the country's capitalistic economy, and undermining the freedoms guaranteed to us by the US Constitution.

America will wake up. The question is will it be soon enough to get rid of this cancer occupying the highest office in the land.

Deployment of the race card... (Below threshold)

Deployment of the race card, by liberal trolls incapable of arguing the facts, in 10...9...8...

Barry is an empty suit who ... (Below threshold)

Barry is an empty suit who speaks well. Liberals who love symbolism over substance fell all over his and deemed him the messiah. Now, look what an empty suit does. It is so obvious he doesn't know what he is doing. He doesn't even know how to pick employees who haven't cheated on their taxes. But he gives them a pass anyway.

He has a warm and toasty superbowl party while citizens were freezing to death in Kentucky. You liberal are just seeing the beginning of what will happen. ww

WetWillie, we know how much... (Below threshold)

WetWillie, we know how much you hate immigrants (legal and illegal). You told Bill Jempty to "move on" when he described the plight of non-American widows of American servicemen who face deportation, because you don't think dead soldiers' wives should be fast-tracked towards citizenship. You have also said that you dislike Muslims of all stripes, including those who are hard-working American citizens.

You don't need to constantly remind people how much of a twisted freak you are. Not as easily forgotten as you would hope.

Hyperbullshit, all unproven... (Below threshold)

Hyperbullshit, all unproven hyperbole. What you do as does your ilk is twist and spin. Intelligient people are on this site and know when a lefty is lying. Any you little buddy, are doing just that. ww

Another Troll thread hijac... (Below threshold)

Another Troll thread hijack attempt fails miserably just as Obamas miserable first 2 months encourage growth in the private sector.


Wow! Obama and Gordon start... (Below threshold)

Wow! Obama and Gordon start to speak and the markets surge +6.06 points..oops, I typed too soon. Down -12.26

What this thread reveals to... (Below threshold)

What this thread reveals to me is that even someone like me with little financial background knows more about how the market works than most liberals. I don't have a clue how "the looting is over" when you look at how the estimated deficit under the Obama budget compares to even the largest deficit under Bush. It's like an ant and an elephant.

I think the current reaction to the Obama economic policies will help Obama though. I believe the US economy is resilient and may even bounce back with all the handicaps put on it by spendulus and all the bailouts. When it does recover sometime in the next two to four years, Obama will point to the all time lows he created and say look how far I have brought us back. That is what all the "talking down the economy" has been about. Tell people this is the worst economy in the history of man, and that we may never recover, do everything possible to scare the bejeezus out of the markets and drive them to astonishing lows, then when there is any positive movement whatsoever it will seem miraculous and significant by comparison. Possibly a smart strategy for O, but more likely devastating to US business. But if it helps the Democrats and The One that is all that matters, right?

Willie, I'm not lying. Jemp... (Below threshold)

Willie, I'm not lying. Jempty actually directed a response to that sick comment, and anyone else with a decent memory who is offended by racism and homophobia is well acquainted with your history of expressing hatred for others based on their personal identity.

Oh, but lest we forget, it's the left who are "consumed with hatred", or whatever soundbytish turd you're always dropping.

gracecurl - "Can it tru... (Below threshold)

gracecurl - "Can it truly be possible that there is a group of people out there that see these numbers and don't see the catastrophic results of 8 years of conservative rule?"

Why yes it is possible, and while doing so we also see 8 years of Bush budgets that were ALL inflated beyond what was offered to Congress and done so by BOTH parties.

P.S. Catch-up with the news cycle, it was 6 years of conservative rule. Guess you didn't notice thise that hold the purse strings, the House, was ruled by the Dems.

More wit (in a twisted ironic way) and wisdom from gracecurl - "You people live in an absolute fantasy world where heroes are drug addled,"

That's pretty funny stuff coming from someone who presumably idolizes the most drug addled president in U.S. history who got his drugs while in office from "Dr. Feelgood" Max Jacobsen.

P.P.S. For once rather than dropping your turds of wisdom and fleeing the thread why don't you, for once, stick around and actually debate the points you raise?

Or is that far above your intellectual capacity?

God, what a fantasy world y... (Below threshold)
NJ Liberal Author Profile Page:

God, what a fantasy world you conservatives live in.

nj liberal - "God, what... (Below threshold)

nj liberal - "God, what a fantasy world you conservatives live in."

That's all you have in response?

No rebuttal to the graphics/data offered? Or are you like gracecurl and it's "far above your intellectual capacity?"

Stripped of his TelePrompTe... (Below threshold)
Brian Richard Allen:

Stripped of his TelePrompTer and moonlighting Hallmark Cards' "writers," Mumbles the failed Alinskyist street agitator, mobbed-up murtadd Muslim Marxist mock messiah, pretender to the presidency and "commander" in thief, is to clear thinking, Economics literacy and coherent expression what Michael Jackson is to heterosexuality.

George Soros, ACORN, moveon.org, the Daily Kos and those of their ilk who project their FasciSSocialist Psychosis's psychopathology here -- and their hero, Zero -- deliberately-launched, politically-exploited and now outright own their "economy."

And will all sink with it, too!

And, in time, will rot and burn in Hell.

I saw the stock market grap... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I saw the stock market graph and without looking at the numbers on the side I thought "Oh Obama must have given a speech today"

I feel that the US is entering the period of Germany in the 1930s.

We are getting ready for hyper inflation and our glorious leader is blaming our misery on the Jews (Today known as people who make over $250k a year).

Lorie, I too believe the st... (Below threshold)

Lorie, I too believe the stock market and investors will weather this storm but for the next couple of years they will be very cautious. Barry is after their money and that is one thing all wealthy people have in common; do not touch my money.

Hyper, Justice58 is probably the most racist hater around, but she is new. I would have to give you a close second. It is you little buddy that likes throwing labels around. If you disagree with homosexual marraige, you label them homophobes and haters. If I think immigration laws should be followed, you label me a racist and hater of immigration. I know you don't see it but maybe you will have an epiphany and realize that it is YOU that labels and hates whomever you disagree with. So, go ahead and cast your little stones. It does not bother me or have any significance in my life at all. I wish you would grow up though and realize there are many people in this world that are not impressed with you or me or wait for what insightful ditty we will comment on. Go ahead my man, continue on. ww






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