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Democrats Deserve Credit

Democrats have spent the past eight years blaming George Bush and Republicans for everything including hurricanes (due to global warming, of course). They have been so successful at it that at least one poll showed a majority of voters in the 2008 election believed Republicans controlled Congress. Although is a bit harder now that most people realize Democrats control the House, Senate and the White House, it has been a successful strategy and they still have the media to help them so they are not giving up on it yet.

Democrats, including President Obama, will likely continue to blame George Bush and Republicans for projected deficits. Don't count on those in the news media to give their customers the following information (from the Republican Study Committee):

President Obama and Congressional Democrats have repeatedly claimed they "inherited" the massive deficits plaguing our budgets. Yet a look back at the year in taxpayer-funded bailouts, stimulus, and backstops shows just how unconcerned they are by skyrocketing deficits.

So, please, spare us the false outrage.

Deficit Spending Democrat Opposition? Not Quite

Feb. 13, 2008 - The first "stimulus" bill, H.R. 5140, became law, putting checks in the mail.

215 House Democrats (93%) voted to add $124.4 billion to the deficit (CBO). Senator Obama did not show up to vote.

July 30, 2008 - H.R. 3221 became law, allowing the government to insure $300 billion in mortgage loans.

227 House Democrats (96%) voted to add $24.9 billion to the deficit (CBO). Senator Obama expressed support but did not show up to vote.

Oct. 3, 2008 - H.R. 1424 became law, authorizing $700 billion for TARP.

172 House Democrats (73%) and Senator Obama voted to bailout Wall Street with $700 billion (CBO).

Dec. 10, 2008 - The House passed H.R. 7321 to bail out automakers.
When it did not pass the Senate, the Treasury provided a bailout with very similar terms.

205 House Democrats (87%) voted to spend $16.168 billion (CBO) with President-elect Obama's full support.

Feb. 17, 2009 - The non-stimulus bill, H.R. 1, became law, spending $787 billion on long-time Democrat priorities and pseudo tax relief for non-taxpayers.

246 House Democrats (96%) voted to add $787 billion to the deficit (CBO) with President Obama's full support.

Feb. 25, 2009 - H.R. 1105 passed the House of Representatives, spending $410 billion on a pork-laden omnibus bill that gave big increases to existing government programs.

229 House Democrats (91%) voted to spend $410 billion with President Obama's full support.

Democrats deserve credit where credit is due. I have a feeling that even though we are not likely to see this information in the news media, we will be seeing it in some congressional race ads between now and 2010.

UPDATE: Jim Hoft has a related post with lots of links.


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Great Post! It is amazing w... (Below threshold)

Great Post! It is amazing when you lay it out this way to see how much of the economic problems we are having IS the Democrats fault. All this debt is THEIRS. And, yes, this better be in political ads next cycle to inform the "drones" who voted for Obama.







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