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He's two for two

Hugh Hewitt has written two of the funniest things I've read in a while. First-

Rush eschews "leadership." He doesn't tell people who to vote for or where to show up and march.
Limbaugh isn't telling listeners to vote Republican. Yes, and I'm not passing judgment when giving out Knucklehead awards.

Here's laugh #2

And Rush is authentic. And deeply appreciated as a result. Long may he prosper.
He may be authentic sometimes, but I agree with Doug from Below the Beltway who calls Limbaugh "an entertainer whose job it is to maximize ratings for his network and it's advertisers. To the extent he does that by making controversial political statements that cause people to tune in to hear what he's going to say next, he succeeds." Dr. Taylor at Poliblog concurs. An overdose of blind ideology has caused that Harvard and University of Michigan educated brain of Hugh Hewitt's to malfunction. It isn't the first time.

Counting to ten before someone comments I belong at Wizbang Blue again. Ten.....Nine.....


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I don't personnally listen ... (Below threshold)

I don't personnally listen to Rush (his show isn't on at a convenient time for me). But I do know that his show galvanizes Conservative thought, and that many of the shows I DO listen to derive their content/lead from him.

The Left is spinning like mad to claim all kinds of things about him...99% of them un-true, while alternately dismissing him as an "Entertainer" and then in the very next breath calling him "The Leader of the Republican Part".

Speaking of "entertaining", I love it when the MSNBC boys (Mathews and Olbermann) complain about Rush being a rabble rouser and bombastic. Pot meet kettle. Difference is, of course, aht Rush can back most (if not all) of his stuff up. Whereas Mathews and Olbermann just MAKE their stuff up!

What's with people on the R... (Below threshold)
Mike A:

What's with people on the Right attacking Limbaugh? Is it a jealousy thing? Do you just want to prove that you are somehow better because you don't "approve" of what Rush has to say? Seriously. Who cares?

Rush has a coherent philosophy on conservatism and may people find it compelling. And he is an excellent communicator.

Mr Jempty, I am sure that your snark is wildly applauded within your little circle, but I am still not sure what in the hell you are actually talking about.

I listened to the entire sp... (Below threshold)

I listened to the entire speech by Rush. I started listening to him about 20 years ago. At times I have turned him off -- sometimes his ego bugs me -- but he was right on saying what I've been thinking for the past year. Obama is a liar and a smart politician. He isn't very intelligent, just a good speaker (and only with prompters) -- look at the stock market. Please don't lump those of us who give a damn about this country into a category of Rush followers. Since when can't you make money while you speak from your gut? My instinct tells me Obama and his friends are going to damage this country in frightening ways ... and not just financially.

No, really, stick ... (Below threshold)

No, really, stick around. Nice to see what the other side thinks without visiting that deranged mess labeled Wizbang Blue.

Seriously, I think you better fit the term "classic liberal" than what has been co-opted by the left today.

What has always kept me com... (Below threshold)

What has always kept me coming back to Rush is the accuracy of his analysis and opinions. His blowhard personality is annoying, and I over the years I have found myself disagreeing with more of what he says, but he has an incredible knack for seeing through the BS of politics and telling his audience exactly what is happening and exactly what the consequences will be. And we appreciate him for that.

I think that the left is betting that Rush's pompousness can be magnified and used against the Republican Party. They will try to find Rush at his rudest and most offensive and then say, "This is what the Republican Party is like." I'm convinced that they are doing this because right now the economy is tanking and people are scratching their heads and saying, "Is this what we voted for?" Rush is simply being used as a distraction from the poor performance of the Obama Administration.

Good luck President Obama. The way things are going, you're going to need a s**tload of distractions during the next 4 years. And when the Republicans start countering and deflating your distractions, then what are you going to do?

Alright, I'll get it over w... (Below threshold)

Alright, I'll get it over with.

"You belong on Wizbang Blue."

Now, on a more serious note, I don't believe Rush is necessarilly telling people to vote Republican... but if the choice is between Liberal Democrats, and Republicans who are (generally) more to the right of dems (though not necessarily center-right, or even center). I'll chose GOP every time with those circumstances. Yeah, I'll hold my nose while doing it (most of the time), but (as we can so CLEARLY see with current issues) even centrist GOP is so much better than Lib. Dem leadership of this country.

*YAAAAAAAWWNNNNNNN* First M... (Below threshold)

*YAAAAAAAWWNNNNNNN* First Michelle Malkin and now Rush Limbaugh. Jempty is playing armchair quarterback for the big leagues while actaully playing for the no contact flag football league. BJ you are a fantastic example of a backbencher. You dont have to support EVERY little thing that every commentator says. Unless you really do belong at WB Blue. Because on the left if you dont agree with everything, you are useless and disposable. But to make up complete lies and mischaracterize others is a tactic of the left and of MSNBC. You applying for a job there or something?

And you know who this helps... (Below threshold)

And you know who this helps?........Mitt Romney

Also, how do you count to t... (Below threshold)

Also, how do you count to ten by starting at ten? Counting TO ten is One... Two... Not Ten... Nine...

There is a difference betwe... (Below threshold)

There is a difference between being entertaining and being an entertainer.

Is that a metric s**tload o... (Below threshold)

Is that a metric s**tload of distractions, English, or Imperial, Michael?

Anyway, I think he's going to need more than that...

"What's with people on t... (Below threshold)

"What's with people on the Right attacking Limbaugh? Is it a jealousy thing? "

It's the new fad. I'm convinced that for some, they think if they condemn Limbaugh they can either get liberals to like them or avoid being ridiculed for listening. You don't see liberal politicians telling you not to listen to Olbermann or Matthews, do you? No. They weren't telling you or anyone else how devisive and shrill Randi Rhodes or Al Franken were on Air America, were they? Heck no. They were too busy contributing to Franken's campaign. "We don't demand more civil discourse from our liberal commentators. We help put them in office!"

The idea is to put YOU on the defensive. And some Republican politicians have fallen for this crap, "See? I just put Rush Limbaugh down. Aren't I reasonable?"

Rush is right more often than he's wrong. But even though I don't have to listen to him to tell me if I'm right or wrong, I don't feel compelled to dismiss him entirely because some people don't like him.

davidt and Oyster have it r... (Below threshold)

davidt and Oyster have it right I believe.

People are people and some people don't have the intestinal fortitude or tough epidermis to stand by their core values when slings and arrows and villification is lobbed at them day after day, year after year for those views. So if you don't agree 100% with Rush, it gives you a little breathing room to diss him now and then. Or so they think.

Whether or not Rush is strictly an "entertainer"...I do know that I get more relevant, factual, verifiable information from his broadcasts than all the cable news shows and newspapers anywhere, so while he is indeed highly entertaining, his information is substantive and his analysis is dead on virtually all the time.

The critiques I see in comment boxes all over the internets focus on his weight and his former (because we'd know otherwise) drug addiction. There's no substance in that. And neither is the critique "he's just an entertainer". Entertaining? Definitely, but "just"? No freakin' way amigos.

I love Rush, but he does sa... (Below threshold)

I love Rush, but he does say things in an intentionally provocative way at times, just as Ann Coulter does. It is partially to be more interesting/entertaining, but mostly to make an impression and be heard and remembered. He makes strong arguments for conservatism better than most Republican representatives, but he does present things in a different context than an elected official might. I am thinking about some of his pet names for people on the left, for example. There are things he can say as an independent observer, that an official spokesman for the GOP would not (or should not). Democrats are trying to paint him as the leader of the party so they can take any such comments and tar and feather the party with them. Funny how the media plays along, but won't hold the Dem party accountable for things said by the extreme left or even some of the wacky stuff from prominent Dems like Jimmah Carter.

I shouldn't have said "wack... (Below threshold)

I shouldn't have said "wacky" stuff from Carter -- nasty, bitter stuff is more accurate.

Anyone who thinks that Rush... (Below threshold)

Anyone who thinks that Rush is out there for his ideals and solely for the cause is as naive as those who thought Barry was going to bring hope and change. He's an entertainer and whether you like it or not, his job is a lot easier when the GOP is out of power. People tune in more to hear you attack someone else than to hea you defend someone. The people here who attack someone for stating the obvious just becasue it doesn't jibe with their blindered view of the world are the intellectual equivalent of Kos-sacks.

Rush is much less a Republi... (Below threshold)

Rush is much less a Republican cheerleader than Hugh Hewitt, both of whom I enjoy listening to occasionally. Rush is much more of a blanket conservative, and the reason people listen to him is because he can clearly (and without the aid of speechwriters and teleprompters) elucidate the conservative viewpoint. How many times have I listened to him and thought "absolutely!". Is he a conservative voice? yes. Is he the voice of the Republican party? No.

Yes Wordygirl, primarily be... (Below threshold)

Yes Wordygirl, primarily because the RNC is not truly conservative. So Rush could be the spokesman for The Conservative Movement, but for the RNC? Not hardly.

I've listened to Rush twice... (Below threshold)

I've listened to Rush twice in my life and I'd guess thats more times that Bill J. has ...

Rush eschews "leadership... (Below threshold)

Rush eschews "leadership." He doesn't tell people who to vote for or where to show up and march.

Hewitt needs to look up a little thing called "Operation Chaos".

Yes Operation Chaos was in ... (Below threshold)

Yes Operation Chaos was in the primaries, for the nomination. Rush didn't tell anyone who to vote for in the presidential race.

And Operation Chaos was simply to jack with the dems during their primary like they did in our early primaries.

Literal much?

Rush didn't tell anyone ... (Below threshold)

Rush didn't tell anyone who to vote for in the presidential race.

Hewitt: "He doesn't tell people who to vote for"

Nothing in there about "in presidential races".

Literal much?

Well, yeah. Spin much?

Or do you think that "what he meant to say..." is now just a standard asterisk whenever a conservative speaks?

Geez, you can't even acknowledge when Hewitt says something outright false?!

Snarky snark. You can slam... (Below threshold)

Snarky snark. You can slam Limbaugh as much as you want, but he has remained amazingly consistent in his philosophy for twenty years. Go read his first two books. He espouses the same philosophy today. There is no question he's making money and is entertaining to a lot of people, but he makes sense and mirrors what millions of conservatives are thinking, every darn day.

It doesn't matter if he tells people who to vote for. He is true to his philosophy, so you know beforehand who he supports.

And what was "controversia... (Below threshold)

And what was "controversial" about Rush`s speach? If you ladies are getting the vapors over this, well, were`re finished. Lib politicians say the same provacative things every day, and Rush is only a radio host. Can someone tell me one thing he said that wasn`t true? Can you tell me of a politician that gives a speech where everything is true? Grow a pair, ok guys? What do you want in a conservative radio host, somebody nicy nice and act like John McCain? How did that turn out for us? Conservatives win by acting and talking like conservatives, like Rush, like Reagan.

For the record, I don't dis... (Below threshold)

For the record, I don't disagree that Hewitt is a rah-rah for the GOP regardless. He has made far more asinine statements than those about Rush.

Rush IS far more straightforward and honest than any politician today, and quite frankly, I have yet to hear anyone successfully debunk anything he said in the speech at CPAC.

What I resent is being told... (Below threshold)

What I resent is being told essentially that I have to like or agree with Rush or at least DEFEND him when I've never liked him and always considered his commentary more rude than illuminating... IF I'm a "real" conservative?

That's BS of the highest order.

You, sir, are a useful idio... (Below threshold)

You, sir, are a useful idiot.

Brian,Nice to see ... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


Nice to see you still can't think your way out of a paper bag.

You sure can distract and deflect, though...






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