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Life in Florida XXI

The weird, absurd, and even some good news from around the state of Florida.

Is it November yet? Casey Anthony trial set for October.

Thank you- Couple gives 21 million dollars to Cancer center

Red Queen on Black King- Cop tries to read laptop while driving, crashes

Will Justice be served or will it be business as usual?- Central Florida policeman with long history of accidents and traffic infractions may be charged in 104 MPH crash.

A victory for freedom of specch- Deltona City commission backs off bid to sue critics.

Wiped out- Woman out of cash, steals toilet paper.

What too much time in the Florida sun does to a person's brain- Fort Pierce woman calls 911 when McNuggets run out


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surprised the dems haven't ... (Below threshold)
ken harlow:

surprised the dems haven't nominated casey anthony for governor of florida. she's a stone
liar and baby killer, two major requirements to be a democrat politician.

When we first put laptops i... (Below threshold)

When we first put laptops in patrol cars, officers were warned not to try and read messages while driving. The very first week, a sergeant drove into a telephone poll. When asked what happened, he said, 'I was trying to read a message while I was driving'.

Ya can't fix stupid.






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