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Micheal Steele's Inauspicious Leadership

Michael Steele's charge of successfully operating as an effective leader of Conservatism just took a step backward with his admonishing of Rush Limbaugh..

Steel, in response to Limbaugh's address to CPAC, has branded Rush as more of a "performer" than a GOP leader. He further insisted that his brand of discourse is "incendiary" and "ugly".

Way to alienate 22 million people you need to help establish a Conservative comeback, Mike!

Rush is successful because he plants the seeds of true Conservatism during a time when Conservatism is essentially on the outside looking in. Steele should be embracing this bulwark of Conservative thinking, and amalgamating it into his own message. Instead he shuns it because it comes from an "entertainer". I don't care if you deem the man to be an "entertainer" or a donut salesman. Right is Right.

Really, Michael Steele is nothing more than an entertainer or saleman himself. He's trying to sell a brand of Conservatism which is no more than liberal-lite. If I hear him say in answer to another question, "Aw, I'm ready baby", I think I'll puke.

Get serious Micheal. Stop putting down people who you should be trying to enlist as allies..

You might just win over 22 million ditto-heads.


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Comments (39)

I would say that Steele's r... (Below threshold)
James H:

I would say that Steele's remarks combined with his retraction weakened him significantly. Steele's smartest move, IMO, would have been to not make those remarks in the first place. But by criticizing Limbaugh, then apologizing so quickly to Limbaugh for those remarks, Steele only succeeded in marginalizing himself and validating liberals' criticism that Limbaugh is the "real leader" of the Republican Party.

If Steele had stood by his remarks in some way, he might have at least garnered some respect in some corners for his moxie. But right now he just seems a cowardly type who lacks the courage to stand by his own words.

I contributed to Steele's S... (Below threshold)

I contributed to Steele's Senate campaign a few years ago...and I congratulated him when he became RNC chariman.

NOW I am communicating to him my EXTREME displeasure...and my refusal to contribute ANYTHING (time, money, whatever) unless and until he gets his not-very-entertaining "Act" together!!

Steele is falling for the same old "If I bash my OWN Party the MSM will love me!" trap. and that TRAP is CRAP!

McCain couldn't do it witho... (Below threshold)
Jeff Shaw:

McCain couldn't do it without Rush's listeners. What makes Steele think anyone else can? And I'm sick and tired of hearing the "Rush is an entertainer concerned only with his ratings" crap. Sure he's an entertainer, but he's a conservative above all else, which he would never sacrifice for ratings. (Not that he would have to.)

He's a hell of a lot more e... (Below threshold)

He's a hell of a lot more entertaining than Air America was, that's for sure!

The worst of this is when D... (Below threshold)

The worst of this is when DL Hugley said the republican convention looked like a nazi party meeting Steele said "Right".

I sent him an email stating my displeasure with his ability to handle and be handled by the media. He fell right into their trap and we are at a time when we need to show intelligience and courage. Huge step backwards in my opinion. Not unsalvagable but he better think of something quick or the money will dry right up. ww

Mr Shaw, are you seriously ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Mr Shaw, are you seriously suggesting that all 22 million Rush listeners either stayed home or voted for Obama?

The GOP is shrinking because it appeals almost exclusively to older white males, a shrinking demographic. Pandering to Rush will only alienate the independents, not increase the base.

Steele just committed harik... (Below threshold)

Steele just committed harikari ala McCain....Bash Your own lifeline and expect to be supported.. Not as bright as I thought.

rush represents all the myo... (Below threshold)

rush represents all the myopic views and partisan tactics that lost the GOP their power, and which put the party into a tailspin that it isnt close to climbing out of

if the same party that fully supported bu$h until the bitter end now wants to annoint the almost sociopathic limbaigh as its voice, then it deserves the utter failure it is to be rewarded with, and it means true conservatism is dead and buried

maybe its better this way

"rush represents all the my... (Below threshold)

"rush represents all the myopic views and partisan tactics that lost the GOP their power, and which put the party into a tailspin that it isnt close to climbing out of"

Um, pea,

Rush has been around for over 20 years.

Through Reagan, Bush 1, the Republican Revolution of 1994, and Bush 2.

Seems a pretty good track record of helping the GOP win during those years.

Or did you just start paying attention to politics the past 2 months?

Rush seems rather upset to ... (Below threshold)

Rush seems rather upset to be called an entertainer. Hmmm.

Rush in 2003:

"I combine two elements: irreverent humor and serious discussion of issues," says Limbaugh, who doesn't know when he'll stop. "People tune in for both. But the key is having credibility. This has led to critics saying I am just an entertainer. I'm proud to be an entertainer. This is showbiz. At the same time, I believe everything I say."

shawn - im still a register... (Below threshold)

shawn - im still a registered republican from those years when i actually voted for reagan et al, so think again

peabody, you must have slep... (Below threshold)

peabody, you must have slept through the two + years of democratic congressional leadership where all things money come from. Also, where was the oversight of the banking industry? Isn't the chairperson a democrat? The tailspin started with your people. Live with it. If I am incorrect, please tell me how. Thanks. ww

willie you are incorrect in... (Below threshold)

willie you are incorrect in that you are trying to claim that the current problems all arise from the past two years, or that the GOP was voted out because the dems messed up. both parties contributed to the credit market collapse (dems pushed for irresposible low-income lending, repubs pushed for irresposible deregulation)

the iraq war is today widely regarded as a GOP fraud. bu$h has now been revealed as working to subvert democracy, and there is plenty more to be thankful about that GOP power has at last been checked. if the dems are given as much power for as long, it will only be a matter of time until they become just as rotten to the core. thats why i support a rebuilt and relevant republican party, but it wont happen with dittoheads, no way

peadbody, find a capital le... (Below threshold)

peadbody, find a capital letter at beginning of your sentences and in your proper nouns. You ain't the second coming of e.e. cummings.

Pardon the typo; add'the' b... (Below threshold)

Pardon the typo; add'the' before 'beginning'.

Pardon the typo... (Below threshold)

Pardon the typo

The ironing is delicious.

hooboy......... (Below threshold)


Rush Limpballs:<br... (Below threshold)

Rush Limpballs:

I'm counting on him to keep digging that hole!

The ironing is delicious... (Below threshold)

The ironing is delicious.


+1 from me.

I knew you would get that o... (Below threshold)

I knew you would get that one. ;)

re: peabody3000 writing:"bo... (Below threshold)

re: peabody3000 writing:"both parties contributed to the credit market collapse (dems pushed for irresposible low-income lending, repubs pushed for irresposible deregulation)"

What deregulation are you talking about?

I don't think that Rush is ... (Below threshold)

I don't think that Rush is a good leader for the GOP, but I believe that he is important to the GOP at this moment because the party has no leadership. The Democrats don't have good leadership, either. The Democrats have risen to the top because they have built a good grassroots system, they are good at gaming the system, and they have benefited from numerous GOP mistakes.

The American people don't have good leadership because they haven't really asked for it. They want lots of good stuff, they want it free, and they want it now. That is a program tailor-made for Democrats, and in the short term, they intend to deliver. Conservatives have a tougher argument: they have to ask people to work hard, plan for the future, and save. When conservatives don't feel that they can make that argument, they act like Democrats.

What we're left with is a two party system, where the conservative party cannot run the country, and liberal party can run it into the ground.

Whoa! Peabody said the econ... (Below threshold)

Whoa! Peabody said the economic mess is both demo and repub's fault? You better start explaining that to your fellow libs. ww

Rush is a good radio host b... (Below threshold)
Mariann Pepitone:

Rush is a good radio host but the republicans shouldn't allow him to think he is the leader of the republican party. Steele is the leader and should not have apologized to Rush. Rush can get out of control at times and Steele said the right thing. Rush should not have said he hopes Obama fails. He should have said he hopes his policies fail. For an educated person he missed on that statement. I like Steele and I hope he continues as the chairman.

I'll give it at least until... (Below threshold)

I'll give it at least until the end of March before Michael Steele resigns! He should've told Rush where to stick it & let the chips fall where they may but he wussied out. No way he'll be able to pull the hip-hop crowd.

Rush need to shut up. Who will have the balls to stand up to him and tell him he's not the leader of the party? Who?

The Daily Show pretty well ... (Below threshold)

The Daily Show pretty well summed up my feelings about this recent saturnalia of self-serving sound-biters of what passes for a political party meeting. When you folks get warm tingly feelings up your legs about a speech like his and the other folks at the meeting, its a sad day for our country.

I know many will scream blo... (Below threshold)

I know many will scream bloody murder for saying this but here goes: Just why was Steele appointed...could it possibly be, ah, well, 'affirmative action' attempt by GOP leadership to counter all the 'affirmative action' being done by the Obamassiah?

why was Steele appointed... (Below threshold)

why was Steele appointed?

Michael Steele's appointment was to draw WHITE independents. In order to win elections, republicans have to reach outside of their base. If they can't pull independents, minorities...they'll never win another election.

African Americans are watch... (Below threshold)

African Americans are watching to see how Steele is treated. If Steele doesn't get any support from republicans, African Americans will know without a doubt that republicans aren't serious about reaching out to include them in the party. If he's dumped... kiss the hip-hop & black vote good-bye.

I'll lay money down Steele won't last until a month.

Justice, I don't know why I... (Below threshold)

Justice, I don't know why I bother responding to your racist comments, but the "hip hop" crowd has their hand out for freebees and will vote for anyone that will give them things for nothing. That will never be a republican. We are the party of earning. Of working. Of taking care of our community. Why don't you get a job and see what it is like to EARN a living, not just exist. ww

Justice, I don't know wh... (Below threshold)

Justice, I don't know why I bother responding to your racist comments

Then don't respond to me, you racist piece of scum. Republicans will NEVER pull the hip-hop vote. Therefore, republicans will NEVER win elections again. This is a new era. Either get with the program or get left behind.

The End!

I believe the vote to garne... (Below threshold)

I believe the vote to garner is the hispanic vote. The black vote has become ineffective to turn races around. See 2004. ww

So cancel the shipment of E... (Below threshold)

So cancel the shipment of Ebonic dictionaries and order some red, white and blue sombreros. Hispanics up in the GOP's Big Tent! Holla!

but the "hip hop" crowd ... (Below threshold)

but the "hip hop" crowd has their hand out for freebees and will vote for anyone that will give them things for nothing. That will never be a republican. We are the party of earning.

You're a backwards old racist bigot. No wonder you're so behind the times. If you think hip-hop consist of black people, you're sorely ignorant. It's the WHITE kids that are more hip-hop than blacks. If you weren't so f-ing racist, you'd have known that. White kids are the ones buying the hip-hop music. They're the ones spending huge mega bucks on the music. You'd better ask somebody!!!! Do some research before you open your stupid racist mouth and learn a thing a two. This is the reason the party is going nowhere. You're too ignorant & racist. Times are changing & if you don't change with it, you'll be left behind. Republicans will NEVER pull the hip-hop crowd because they aren't going for the racist BS. No way!!!! The young hip-hoppers aren't filled with hate. They socialize together with all races. The republican party is a party of old white men that is on its way out. It's a new era!

"It's the WHITE kids that a... (Below threshold)

"It's the WHITE kids that are more hip-hop than blacks."

That's funny. I could swear that 99% of hip-hop is created by black kids.

"The young hip-hoppers aren't filled with hate."

Nah, they just kill eachother in the hood. That's love, man..

Justice, you better tone down your race rhetoric.

ShawnDo your own r... (Below threshold)


Do your own research. The face of hip-hop is young White kids! I know it's shocking to you, but it's true!!!!!!!!!!!

You must not have kids in h... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

You must not have kids in high school, Mr Mallow. Hip hop is pretty universal these days. Yeah, most of the music is created by black kids, but most of the product is purchased by white kids.

Justice can be over the top sometimes, but she's got a point here. If you and Wet Willie think "the hip hop crowd" consists mostly of gangbangers, you are very wrong indeed.

Ever see Stephen Colbert's satirical bit about how "I don't SEE race?" Kids today, for the most part, very often don't.

Bruce,Nowhere did ... (Below threshold)


Nowhere did I claim "the hip-hop crowd" to be exclusively black.

I said the one's who create it are mostly black.

Colbert is an ass.

As far as Justice and his white-kid hip-hop claim, I happen to agree.

So I'm not exactly "shocked".

Personally I think it's all shit.

Well, Mr Mallow, it is tech... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Well, Mr Mallow, it is technically true that you didn't claim that "the hip-hop crowd" is exclusively black. But in response to j58's claim that "young hip-hoppers aren't filled with hate," you said, no, "they just kill each other in the hood." Isn't "in the hood" a reference to a black neighborhood? And wouldn't the reference to killing imply gangbangers?
You also said that "99%" of hip-hop music is created by black kids. Well, maybe, but 99% seems kinda high. Ever heard of Eminem? And there is lots of Latin hip-hop out there now.
Hip-hop is as ubiquitous now as Rock was in my day, or boy bands in yours. And the culture reflects it. It will never be the 1950s again, Mr Mallow.
And for Willie's benefit, it will never be the 1890s again, either.






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