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How Rush Limbaugh Saved Me

I haven't always been a staunch Conservative. Time was, long ago, I was as liberal as one could be. Around twenty, in college, asking in noble wonderment why people just couldn't live their lives the way in which they deemed acceptable: Gay, straight, dependent on government, God-fearing or not. None of it really mattered to me. And that is the crux of liberalism. Nothing really should matter to the individual except what they want, and what the government can provide for them. People should be allowed to conduct themselves in ways they deem important to themselves, where no real societal mores exist, and government should be there just to help people live the way they want, no strings attached.

I'll admit, I used to look down on the military. Wondered why we should use it or anything else but defense. Used to think Republicans were all about the rich, or here to shove God down our throats.

All that time, I was probably 18 or 19. I worked in a retail department, mostly in the back, prepping and stocking items. My boss, who is still one of my 2 best friends, was an unabashed Republican. A God-fearing man who held to and believed in true conservative principles. Though he helped me to think and see things in a different way, the biggest influence on my proper way of thinking was Rush Limbaugh.

Every day at 12:00 pm, my friend would put Rush on. And honestly, for a few months, I couldn't stand him. It was more or less boring noise in the background. But, eventually, I started listening to what it was that he was saying. And I'd never heard things explained in such an intelligent, clear-cut manner. After getting past his sometimes abrasive style, which I now admire and see it for the entertainment value that it is, I really started to absorb what he was saying instead of how he was saying it.

Long story short, I became a convert. Not just to his ideology, but to his way of looking deeper into things, that issues of the day were framed the way in which the media wanted it packaged and delivered to the masses.

Rush was entertaining, enlightening, interesting, and above all, right in his judgments of the liberal elite.

The left can demonize him all they like, but, truth is truth, and they hate him for it.

So lower your liberal armor, give the man a chance,and actually listen to what he has to offer, instead of hearing versions of his thoughts filtered through liberal screens.

Maybe you'll learn something.


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Comments (40)

Wait for it...wait for it..... (Below threshold)

Wait for it...wait for it...ready...

Queue the Libtards...

I'm really a libtard, havin... (Below threshold)

I'm really a libtard, having voted for McCain, a Bush 4 times, etc... but if the Republican party wants Rush Limbaugh to be their spokesperson, I'll have to find something else.

That's "cue" the libtards, ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

That's "cue" the libtards, bobdog. Like in theater.

So a 19-year old "liberal" listens to Limbaugh day after day, and finally "gets it."

Why don't you try listening to the Diane Rehm Show on NPR every day for months? Maybe you'll be converted back again.

Then again, you're not 19 any more, are you? And you don't have your boss standing by your side asking, "Don't you agree?"

Like you, in my teens I was... (Below threshold)

Like you, in my teens I was also self serving and worried only about what was good for me. Parenthood changed my views. As for Rush, he delivered a great speech the other night on behalf of all conservatives. If he could just tone down his arrogance a notch. But, I guess that's what makes you love em' or hate em'. He is very insightful and doesn't hold back and that's what scares the hell out of the lieberals and Mr. Transparency.

Bruce, again the official g... (Below threshold)

Bruce, again the official grader of all thiings grammatical and/or spelling. He can do this, because he has not ever made a mistake.

My wife and I were republicans since the Reagan Revolution. There was no media outlet that voiced our ideals or beliefs. Driving back to Texas from Colorado, we stumbled onto Rush. We could not believe what we were hearing. He and his callers were voicing the same ideals as my wife and I and also stating their frustrations at the MSM for stifling or misinterpretiing the message of conservatism.

The left hates him because he succeeded in getting the conservatives message out. The left loves to hate. They are a self loathing bunch. ww

Don't be mad at me, Willie.... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Don't be mad at me, Willie. See how careful you were when you knew I was watching? You got through a whole post without any spelling errors or grammar mistakes. Well, except one.

You're welcome.

I'm glad you like Limbaugh, Wee One. What's your point?

I'm a former Liberal myself... (Below threshold)

I'm a former Liberal myself (until my mid-20s) and have listened to NPR. However, I'm still not able to stand listening to Limbaugh for very long. The self-aggrandizing shtick gets on my nerves. When I do listen the radio now, I prefer Neal Boortz.

One day bruce henry will gr... (Below threshold)

One day bruce henry will grow up and his testicles will drop...

I became and DittoHead a co... (Below threshold)

I became and DittoHead a couple of years back when I bought a new truck (American made GM truck. Good truck.) and the radio on it was tuned to an AM station with Rush on board. The am station on that truck has rarely been changed. There have been times I disagree with Rush but I love the P.T. Barnumesqueness of his delivery and his approach to life. He doesn't have to be diplomatic about anything because he is beholden' to no one. You can choose to listen or not. His honesty means you know where he stands - take it or leave it. How much better off would we be if we could tell where politicians really stand? There has got to be something to Rush for the leftoids to be peeing their pants over everything he says.

It sounds to me like you ha... (Below threshold)
Brian D:

It sounds to me like you have been just looking for a stereotype to hate and ridicule.

"Used to think Republicans were all about the rich, or here to shove God down our throats."

It's no wonder that Rush Limbaugh started appealing to you. This is what he does. He creates stereotypes to ridicule, and frames opposing arguments as reinforcing those stereotypes. And then you stop listening to the arguments; you just see the stereotype and automatically hate it.

"...and above all, right in his judgments of the liberal elite."

I think everyone who listen... (Below threshold)

I think everyone who listens to Rush had a similar experience. I was driving to my brother's wedding in Los Angeles and came across this brash, hilarious, conservative voice on the radio. I've listened to him when I can ever since, but I'll never forget that long night, driving across the desert, realizing that there were others out there like me. I was not alone!

Republicans ... (Below threshold)


Keep letting Rush Limpballs lead. He's doing a heckava job.

Nothing would make me happi... (Below threshold)

Nothing would make me happier than to look back on these times ten years hence and be able to say "Obama was a good President". There is no need or reason for me to hope for failure. The abject failure of his present agenda is manifesting itself with alarming rapidity. My hope is that he reads the writing on the wall and reverses some of his ruinous policies.

The liberal trolls just pro... (Below threshold)

The liberal trolls just proved one thing Brian D, one can easily say, "Pot, meet Kettle"...

Burt -I don't thin... (Below threshold)

Burt -

I don't think he can reverse course. Pelosi and Reid wouldn't allow it, and his own self-image would prevent even considering it.

Right, because Pelosi and R... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Right, because Pelosi and Reid have proven themselves so very brave by cutting off Iraq war funding, or overriding Bush's S-Chip veto, or blocking wacko Supreme Court nominees, and countless other examples

I was as liberal as one ... (Below threshold)

I was as liberal as one could be. Around twenty, in college, asking in noble wonderment why people just couldn't live their lives the way in which they deemed acceptable: Gay, straight, dependent on government, God-fearing or not. None of it really mattered to me. And that is the crux of liberalism.

No it's not, and you weren't a liberal, you were just a dumb teenager. That you were converted by Limbaugh is not surprising, it sounds like you were pretty much a blank slate with no real deep thought on politics or ideology at all. Not that it's bad, mind you, I was very similar at that age. Difference is I found that reading the great political thinkers through history led me to a greater understanding of how the world of people works and what purpose government should serve, you found a gasbag to define an enemy for you.

I had a coworker who listened to Rush every day too, and while talented, I never found him to have any unique insight into much of anything. He does clearly define an imaginary enemy for you to fear and loathe, though, and that's what's important for wingnuts.

Yeah Mantis! There are many... (Below threshold)

Yeah Mantis! There are many more full slate teenagers then not. What an idiot. How about all the universities with their liberal arts education grabbing all the blank slates.

Rush, like another commenter above stated, is beholding to no one. He is conservative voice because he believes in it and lives it. He does not have editors or political bosses explaining to him what he should say. Liberals should embrace that unconditional freedom of speech, but you want to silence it. Hypocrits. ww

If Rush Limpballs is the vo... (Below threshold)

If Rush Limpballs is the voice of the republican party, you're in big t.r.o.u.b.l.e.


Nope, Bruce - Obama wouldn'... (Below threshold)

Nope, Bruce - Obama wouldn't DARE cross Reid and Pelosi.

Obama may be the President - but he knows he won't get anything done without those two. They're the ones pulling his puppet strings - he hasn't realized yet he can cut the strings and act on his own.

Around twenty, in... (Below threshold)
Around twenty, in college, asking in noble wonderment why people just couldn't live their lives the way in which they deemed acceptable: Gay, straight, dependent on government, God-fearing or not. None of it really mattered to me.

Funny the right is accusing Obama of intruding on individial liberties, when they are the ones who don't want people to, "live the way in which they deemed acceptable." And that's conservatisim and Rush in general, lie about who really wants to control the way people live their lives.

Just-a-dumbass58, don't you... (Below threshold)

Just-a-dumbass58, don't you have some fake "hate crimes" to stage somewhere?

Like carving a backwards "B... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Like carving a backwards "B" into a face?

Hey Willie, are you under t... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Hey Willie, are you under the impression that "liberal arts" means teaching students to be liberals?

Plus, talk radio <a href="h... (Below threshold)

Plus, talk radio makes you stupid. Of course, for folks like Limbaugh, that's not a bug, it's a feature.

No Brucy I am not.... (Below threshold)

No Brucy I am not.

I am aware that most universities are huge areas of liberal philosophy put forth by the faculty. ww

Willie, you are aware that ... (Below threshold)

Willie, you are aware that "liberal philosophy" includes the ideas of that arch Marxist Adam Smith, right?

Do you think anyone would believe that your acquaintance with university faculties and what they portend to do extends beyond those slurs propagated by the anti-intellectual populist conservatarian movement, of which you yourself are a shining example?

Didn't Smith die well befor... (Below threshold)

Didn't Smith die well before Marx was born?

Hard to be a 'Marxist' before the term was even invented... unless...

Oh, god - time travel! At last there's proof!

(Cues X-Files music. Or Twilight Zone, depending.)

Sarcasm is lost on the dumb... (Below threshold)

Sarcasm is lost on the dumb.

Just-a-dumbass58, don't ... (Below threshold)

Just-a-dumbass58, don't you have some fake "hate crimes" to stage somewhere?

Bruce Henry quoted:

Like carving a backwards "B" into a face

Master Shake, you walked right into that! rotflmao!!!! Props Bruce Henry!

Rush Limpballs and Jindrawl... (Below threshold)

Rush Limpballs and Jindrawl. I'm so smrt and funny! And if you don't agree your racist! LOL!
notiz=And you're disemvoweled!

Yeah, that's one rock-solid... (Below threshold)

Yeah, that's one rock-solid wall of moral equivalence Brucy has there, Just-a-58-IQ. "Reverend" Sharpton is doubtlessly so proud of you both!

Wizbang,Post #31 d... (Below threshold)


Post #31 does not belong to this Justice58. It is someone impersonating me. Would you please stop the person from using the same nic as mine? I am sure you know the difference in the IP Address.

AhPost #31 is Just... (Below threshold)


Post #31 is Justice"S"8. Whoever it is want to be a clever sob. You're still a #uck up!

Wizbang does not censor nic... (Below threshold)

Wizbang does not censor nics, including
similar ones.
You might also try staying on topic j58.

Maggie,Wizbang did... (Below threshold)


Wizbang did delete a post before from this same person posting as Justice58 and using racial slurs. This Justice58 do Not use racial slurs against anyone. Just want to make that clear.

Nice try Just Ice. You have... (Below threshold)

Nice try Just Ice. You have the most racist hate filled comments of anyone I have seen on this board and I been around here for years, so that is saying something.

Hyper, we are all sooooo impressed with your IQ. We all wake daily wondering, "What will that magnificent canadian Hyper comment today?"

Besides, I do not think Groucho, Harpo or Chico would be taught in a university. ww

John, you said,> The... (Below threshold)
Brian D:

John, you said,
> The liberal trolls just proved one thing Brian D, one can easily say, "Pot, meet Kettle"...

I didn't mean to imply that this type of discourse or this way of thinking is unique to Rush Limbaugh or to those who agree with him. But we do our democratic process a disservice when we fall into a mindset of stereotyping and ridicule, and that includes on any side of any argument.

Nice try Just Ice. You h... (Below threshold)

Nice try Just Ice. You have the most racist hate filled comments of anyone I have seen on this board and I been around here for years, so that is saying something.

You're a liar. My comments have nothing to do with someone's race. It's about the individual or the issue. Race has nothing to do with it, moron! But I do have in mind a few choice words for you and they're not racist words either...

As an entertainer or one wh... (Below threshold)

As an entertainer or one who stimulates thought, well, I suppose there is some room for praise for Rush there. His detractors seem to miss the mark (aiming at the OxyContin thing) as much as his supporters (just cause the preacher can rally the flock, doesn't mean he can lead them somewhere appropriate once he has them galvanized). Project Chaos didn't stop Obama. It didn't help the Republican party. BFD.






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