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The Obama Report Card

So, how has Obama chosen to lead over his first 30 or so days in office?

Let's see:

  • US money for overseas abortion? Check.
  • $900 Million to aid the Gaza strip in rebuilding after the "Israeli aggression"? Check
  • Plans to drop the US missile shield in the Chech Republic and Poland in hopes that Russia will help deter Iran from building a nuke? ('Cause we all know we can trust the Russians) Check
  • $787 billion spending bill which no elected official had time to read? Check
  • $75 billion mortgage bailout to help people who can't afford mortgages they should not have been allowed to have in the first place? Check
  • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac get $200 billion more each to mismanage their affairs? Check
  • 19,000 more troops sent to Afghanistan with no explainable mission statement? Check
  • $410 billion omnibus spending bill which is entirely made up of pork-laden earmarks and pet projects as pay-off to crooked lawmakers? Check
  • The Dow is down almost 2500 points since Obama's election? Check
  • Consumer confidence at an all-time low (It's at 25. A year ago it was in the high 70s)? Check
  • $2 trillion in more spending for Timothy Geithner's "Financial Stability Plan". Check
  • Money we actually have to spend for all of these bailouts? Zero
  • Screwing America's future? Check
  • Feeling hopeless from all the change? Check

Have a nice day.


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Comments (17)

Watching the obama faithful... (Below threshold)

Watching the obama faithful lament how they got fooled so badly? Priceless.

Uh, I'm thinkin' there be g... (Below threshold)

Uh, I'm thinkin' there be grades if this is a 'report card'.

Just a thought.

(OK, that's it. I'm requets... (Below threshold)

(OK, that's it. I'm requetsing new fingers. Even my quips have typos and missed words.)

The U.S. still has great ho... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

The U.S. still has great hopes to promote peace between Israel and the Palestinians, so must attempt to publicly appear to be somewhat "even handed". The other alternative would be a rival like Iran to spend a lot of money in Gaza to influence the situation.

Iran is also far closer to building a bomb than many in West ever expected, and hard-line Israeli leader Binyamin Netanyahu could attempt to undertake a failed military mission on his own, although his nation has no ability to take out the 75 foot deep bunkers that Iran uses to protect their nuclear program. This could leave the U.S. with a serious military mess to clean up that would make Iraq look like a Sunday afternoon ice cream social by comparison.

For pragmatic reasons, the U.S. government needs to bring the Russians on-board as partners to prevent an Iranian nuclear bomb or hardliner Netanyahu from acting on his own and creating a serious problem requiring a great deal of American blood, sweat, tears and cash to bail Israel out of a deep problem of their own making. Israel has proved itself unable to defeat Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Hamas in Gaza, and certainly cannot defeat the huge Iranian state in a hand to hand ground war without the use of Israel's own nuclear weapons. A nuclear war in the Mideast would be unthinkable. Israel does not have the bunker buster capability required to destroy the Iranian program, so it cannot leave the military option up to the U.S. either. Some sort of diplomatic solution involving support from Russia and China is the only good option for the U.S. at this point. Let's have a serious discussion about this issue here. This is a very important issue. Iran cannot be allowed to build the bomb, but also Israel cannot be allowed to trigger a serious war in the region either.

The small force of 10 anti-missiles in Poland or the radar site in the Czech Republican are certainly not capable of countering at least 5,518 active and armed Russian warheads which could be as high as 8,000 or more that could be deployed into service. At best this force could knock out perhaps just five incoming warheads. Giving up this small program that aggravates Moscow, and does nothing to bolster Western defenses might be a very small price to pay to bring the Russians in as partners to prevent a serious war between Israel and Iran over their nuclear program.

Wow! What a stellar list of... (Below threshold)

Wow! What a stellar list of "change"

Just think what this list will have in the next 30 days. Carbon taxes, Dow below 6000, more bailouts, and more bailouts, more spending, and more taxes.


$410 billion omnibus spe... (Below threshold)

$410 billion omnibus spending bill which is entirely made up of pork-laden earmarks and pet projects as pay-off to crooked lawmakers? Check

Ummm...the numbers being bandied about are $3.8 to $7.7 billion out of the $410 in earmarks. Most of it is simple operations stuff (you'll recall last year that the Dems didn't bother to do a budget because they didn't want Bush to veto it so they're simply paying for it all retroactively). Saying it's all pork is simply going too far here, Shawn.

And, Paul, you're badly off track if you think the interceptor sites are really there to (hopelessly) prevent a Russian attack instead of being there to intercept a rogue missile launch from a terrorist state (you know, unless you assume Bush was lying the whole time instead of telling the Occam's Razor truth).

Aw cmon, folks. Look on the... (Below threshold)

Aw cmon, folks. Look on the bright side. Hussein's about to institute another assault weapons ban. So once again, there will be no crime. Just like last time, remember? Surely we can give Hussein an A for that! But then, what will we do with the two letters that follow?

As I was reading your post ... (Below threshold)

As I was reading your post the sound of John Denver's Sunshine On My Shoulders cued in my head. Thanks for brightening my day! I feel all hopey and changey!!

b. hussein was a great camp... (Below threshold)

b. hussein was a great campaigner (liar). I can now see that he's an awful leader. I wouldn't let him organize a team to bring my garbage cans in from the street.

Whenever I am flipping chan... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Whenever I am flipping channels and see a downward pointing arrow on the news screen I wonder 2 things.

a. Are they talking about the Dow
b. Did Obama just gave another speech.

Here are some you can add.<... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Here are some you can add.

Obama opens mouth, Dow drops like a stone - Check.

Obama nominates person X for cabinet position, Person X turns out to be a tax cheat - Check.

Obama gets shown up as a naive chump by Iran and Russia - Check.

Obama pisses off our only major ally in the Middle East - Check.

Others feel free to add their own.

Obamas appointment to attor... (Below threshold)

Obamas appointment to attorney general has a blue scrotum- check.

Out do even the Clintons loathsome level of corruption and do it with a smile- check.

To do list for next 30 days:

Take away guns from law abiding Americans- check.

Run up another trillion in debt- check.

Proclaim Bush and the Joos did it-checkmate.

Ohh, I forgot one on to do ... (Below threshold)

Ohh, I forgot one on to do list.

Give Florida to Castro, Texas to Mexico and California to Chavez..

I know its a tall order in thirty days but hey, He screwed the economy harder in three weeks than its been screwed in 200 years.

The Dow should drop ... (Below threshold)

The Dow should drop because the value of your economy was inflated by banks' asset sheets that were filled with fake money. That's not Obama's fault--though it is his fault if he continues to let that asshole Geithner continue to funnel your money to his cronies so that they can continue to set it on fire in the name of capitalism, or whatever the hell it is he thinks he's doing.

Sorry, but it was never a liquidity problem--it's a solvency problem, meaning, a shitload of wealth sort of evaporated into thin air (but not really, because it doesn't make sense to refer to AIG's and Citi's assets as "wealth" in the first place).

Nouriel Roubini has been right for years. You should start paying attention to him. I did (via Atrios), and was able to avoid huge losses in my investment portfolio--and I don't even live in the same country as you.

You forgot a couple of more... (Below threshold)

You forgot a couple of more things:

1. Reciprocate gifts given by Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of England. Gordon Brown came bearing a pen holder made from the wood of an antislavery ship. Thoughtful and appropriate.
2. Second gift from Gordon Brown - The actual commision (framed, no less) of the sister ship to the Resolute.
3. Third gift from Gordon Brown - FIRST EDITON of a seven volume set written about Winston Churchill.

All priceless gifts really, and what does Obama give The Prime Minister of England in return?

Are you ready?

25 DVD set of American classic movies.

I kid you not.

What a moron. Inept just does not describe this imbecile.

Some nice punchlines that m... (Below threshold)
Jacob M:

Some nice punchlines that miss all the details. None to mention putting all thats occured in perspective of what was given to Obama to start. The previous administration inflicted more damage to this country than any other in generations.

The economy has shown growth finally √

On course to pull out of Iraq √

Guantanamo closing √

Secret Prisons closing √

Gloriously expensive and not even tested and proven nuclear missile deterrent against our old school enemy removed in favor of more mobile (and viable/cheaper)solutions that will work for the modern nuclear threats √

At long last a health care reform. (We pay twice as much as other first world nations, and get less. The status quo WILL bankrupt us) √

Spare me the one line rhetoric and do some research please.

"Spare me the one line rhet... (Below threshold)

"Spare me the one line rhetoric..."


All of my points were factually based.

Your rebuke of this post contains the same type of rhetoric of which you accuse me of using.

Just to be a sport, I'll address your "points.":

1) I'm assuming your statement that "The economy has shown growth finally" is a reflection of the recent 3.5% increase in quarterly GDP. Sorry to disappoint you, but, all of that growth was government created.

-1.66% was a direct result of "Cash for Clunkers," which was taking tax dollars to subsidize the auto sales industry for a few months. Since the end of that program, all growth has ceased, and sales have plummeted.

-The next main component of this "growth" was from the new home buyers tax credit.

*These gains are government-related, not private sector. This does not equal economic growth. Sorry.

2) He promised during the primary that he would pull out of Iraq in 2009.

3) On what do you base your concrete statement of "Guantanamo closing"?

-Obama issued an executive order to close Guantanamo Bay by January of 2010. Attorney General Eric Holder said in a recent interview, the "possibility still exists, but it will be difficult to meet that deadline."

4) "In his first week in office, President Obama banned coercive interrogation and ordered the closing of the agency's detention program, though the agency can still hold prisoners for short periods." Does this mean the practice has ended completely? Just because it is a stated goal does not make it reality.

5) I'm all for a missile shield that is goal-oriented and budget-streamlined, however, this was more out of kow-towing to pressure from Russia then anything more pragmatic. The thinking was if we concede to the Russians on this issue, they will be more apt to side with us regarding Iran. This policy has failed.

6) "Health care reform," last I checked, was not in effect. Having the government take control of one-sixth of the economy is not my idea of "reform."

-Large federally-managed government programs have a pesky tendency to fail miserably: The Post Office, Social-Security, Medicare, Medicaid. All are bankrupt. All are passing their costs and failures down the line to other generations, ensuring the status-quo is maintained.

-The list of health-care problems in other first world nations is too long to address and debate.

-One huge over-arching aspect of this discussion that gets over-looked is the fact that these other "first-world" nations spend much less on defense then we do. They fall under our protection at a tremendous expense to us.

To finish quoting your last line : "...do some research please."

Take some of your own advice and look at the date of this post.

It was in MARCH. You know, EIGHT MONTHS AGO?







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