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A Billion Reasons To Reject Obama

As if the world doesn't have enough problems, China now wants to increase military spending by 15 percent this year.

From the Telegraph.co.uk:

China is to increase official military spending by almost 15 per cent this year as it seeks to upgrade its smart technology and improve the living standards of its soldiers.

The 14.9 per cent rise to 480.7 billion yuan (£50 billion), up 62.5 billion yuan from 2008, was announced in advance of the annual meeting of the rubber-stamp parliament, the National People's Congress.

But after rises of 17.8 per cent in 2007 and 17.6 per cent in 2008, it still amounts to a rise of more than half since 2006.

In addition, the United States claims that real spending is significantly higher, as many costs, including major arms purchases, are kept off the officially announced budget.

This claim was rejected by Li Zhaoxing, a former foreign minister acting as spokesman for the Congress.

He said that China had signed up to the United Nations code for reporting military expenditure in 2007.

"There is no such thing as the so-called hidden military expenditure in China," he said.

He said that this year military spending would be 6.3 per cent of the total budget, and 1.4 per cent of GDP, compared to four per cent in the United States and two per cent in Britain and France.

China is known to be upgrading its nuclear arsenal and has all but confirmed plans to build its first aircraft carrier, but it is unclear whether these heavy cost loads are included in the budget.

Mr Li said a major part of the expenditure was to improve the historically poor living standards of foot-soldiers in the People's Liberation Army. But he said money would also be spent on "informatisation" - the country has become fiercely aware in the last two decades of how far behind the United States it has fallen in "smart" technology.

This, as the Obama administration requests a 10% decrease, or about $55 billion, in Defense spending for the fiscal year 2010, a senior U.S. defense official tells FOX News.

And Rep. Barney Fwank has boasted in the recent past he would like to see the Defense budget slashed by 25%, or by $160 billion.

As the saying goes, with friends like these, who needs enemies?


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Comments (28)

Shawn Mallow's stimulus pla... (Below threshold)

Shawn Mallow's stimulus plan: arms race with China!

You do realize that the pro... (Below threshold)

You do realize that the proposed cut of $55 billion almost equals China's entire military budget (~$70 billion), which will still be less than one tenth of ours, right? Oh wait, that would require thinking about what you're writing. Nevermind.

You did good Shawn. Your fi... (Below threshold)

You did good Shawn. Your first two commenters are trolls. You made a direct hit.

This loser of a president has no clue. I even know the trolls deep inside have some questions about his abilities. Barry is even wasting his spokesman's time addressing tv talk show and radio guys. Obvious it is to distract the media from watching the stock market go down another few hundred points. Since Barry was nominated in late summer, the stock market has lost almost half its value. Way to go libs. I guess the business community doesn't think you know what to do. ww

Teh leftroid trollz are hat... (Below threshold)

Teh leftroid trollz are hate teh armeee an' teh naveeee! [/wingnut]

OMG, I can't believe I actu... (Below threshold)

OMG, I can't believe I actually cross-posted WetWillie's post with a parody of him. Fun!

(One could attempt to educate the Wild One as to the nature of AIG and Citi's imminent demise, and how their insolvency--initially mischaracterized by Wall Street wankers as illiquidity--is responsible for the Dow's plunge, but it's easier and more entertaining just to laugh at him.)

900 million reasons to impe... (Below threshold)

900 million reasons to impeach Obama and Congress for treason...funding a terrorist organization with American taxpayer dollars..HELLLLLO!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ALERT!!!!!!!!... (Below threshold)


Go read this page you won't believe what they are doing!


Hey Gordon, if you believe ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Hey Gordon, if you believe that site is for real, I'd like to interest you in this bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Cheap!

If we cut our defense budge... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

If we cut our defense budget by 10%, and the Chinese raise theirs by 10%, we'll still be spending more on defense than the rest of the WORLD, combined. Relax.

900 million reasons to i... (Below threshold)

900 million reasons to impeach Obama and Congress for treason

LOL.........Desperation is a very ugly thing.

I'm sure if we just follow ... (Below threshold)

I'm sure if we just follow along with The One, all will be made clear to us in His own good time. The seas will stop their rise, the air will clear, "free" and abundant energy will be made avaiable to all. Unicorns will dance unfettered in the streets. Everyone will have the same salary, so no more greed or envy. We'll all wear the same clothes, go to the same movies, ride the same kind of bicycle, eat the same healthy foods. Peace will guide the planets and love will fill the skies.

Oh, and "The Rich" will pay... (Below threshold)

Oh, and "The Rich" will pay for everything. Democrats as usual, will avoid paying any taxes at all.

It is not the dollar amount... (Below threshold)

It is not the dollar amounts that should worry about it. First, it is the message we are sending to our enemies. Cutting the budget shows weakness. By China increasing theirs shows strength.

Next, what will we be cut by cutting our budget. What programs, systems, research, etc will be affected? Obama listed what he wanted to scrap from nuclear weapon research and missile defense. When Clinton did this it drastically harmed our ability militarily.


hyper- "Teh leftroid tr... (Below threshold)

hyper- "Teh leftroid trollz are hate teh armeee an' teh naveeee! [/wingnut]

Canuck based leftoid.

Hyper and the left all of a... (Below threshold)

Hyper and the left all of a sudden, out of nowhere, want to put things in context and perspective after 8 years of continually blaming and bashing GW without the proper context or perspective. Hyper, they name is Hypercrit. You lefties are LOSERS. As demonstrated by Barry. ww

Barry won the election, so ... (Below threshold)

Barry won the election, so I'm not sure you understand the word 'loser'. And furthermore you predicted the Democrats would only have 55/56 Senate seats, and I said they would be one or two short of a filibuster. I was right, you were wrong. Turn, turn, turn...

Is there anything you do understand? If so, maybe someone should post something about it so that you might have the opportunity to make one substantive comment.

Bruce Henry"If we ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Bruce Henry

"If we cut our defense budget by 10%, and the Chinese raise theirs by 10%, we'll still be spending more on defense than the rest of the WORLD, combined."

Have you not yet learned to google before making ridiculous claims

Per this the US only spent more than the top 10 or so countries in the world.
Please stop lying through your teeth.

Please learn to do research on your own rather than listening to liberal talking points.

If ignorance is bliss than liberals are the happiest people in the world.

BTW I saw the stock market actually went up about 75 points today. I guess Obama didnt make any statements on the economy today.

retired military: the stock... (Below threshold)

retired military: the stock market should go down, insofar as it is responsive to certain facts about the economy--e.g., the financial sector being revealed to be a gigantic house of cards, and the automotive and housing sectors being rotting husks (for the time being, anyway).

Would you have Obama slash taxes to make the 2% of earners in the upper bracket happy, such that the Dow might tick up a little bit? You might--rightly or wrongly--but that isn't the President's job.

Our little canadian friend ... (Below threshold)

Our little canadian friend is getting a little uppity. Maybe his messiah is starting to grate on him? Hyper, do you really, really think I care what you think let alone, of me? That cannot happen. You lefties are so into "look at me, see how smart I am". Your like Stewart on MadTV. ww

What is the Presidents job ... (Below threshold)

What is the Presidents job Hyperpotomus? Besides putting future generations 2 trillion in debt before there even out of the womb?

I should hope you don't car... (Below threshold)

I should hope you don't care, Willie. For all you know, I'm a CIA computer virus designed to make you dislike Canadians.

1,000,000,002 reasons.... (Below threshold)

1,000,000,002 reasons.

He has moobs and he's a malignant narcissist.

Of course, 914: it's to tap... (Below threshold)

Of course, 914: it's to tap dance and tell you that your economy hasn't totally gone to shit when it actually has. Instilling investor confidence--the most fundamental of all Executive responsibilities. Sean Hannity (pre-November 2008--now he's such a downer!) for President!

Although the Chinese milita... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Although the Chinese military has certainly upgraded over the last few years and their total open and secret military spending may run as high as $70 billion, that's still only 1/10 of the U.S. military budget estimated at $745-765 billion for fiscal 2009 and 2010.

For all you know, I'm a ... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

For all you know, I'm a CIA computer virus designed to make you dislike Canadians.

The CIA hasn't been that creative in years. Some bored Chinese goldfarmer wrote you, obviously.

...forgetting, of course, t... (Below threshold)

...forgetting, of course, that a lot of that military budget is for things like payrolls (they can pay a platoon for what we pay one soldier), as well as a lot of stuff that doesn't convert directly to military power, like dependent housing. We also waste a huge amount of our military budget on dead-end R&D, while they stick with a simpler style of hardware.

They also don't list a lot of things as military expenditures that the US never could - like the massive number of sailors who are part of their "merchant" fleet - but who would be considered Navy personnel by the US. Or the "security forces" that "aren't army," but have the same training and equipment.

In a ground battle, China could certainly field several times as many soldiers as we could (the PLA alone is about 2.5 times the size of our entire armed forces, active and reserve). The US would own the air, but if it came to a big war in Asia, the Chinese could choose to attack in places that the US couldn't do anything about except fly strategic bombers over and drop some bombs.

The US is also very supply-dependent. If the Chinese got us into a war and managed to shut down the supply train, we'd be in deep trouble after about a month - especially if we were trying to manage a long-distance land war supplied from Europe. And China has at least 60 submarines, so you can pretty much forget about ocean supply lines.

When you compare actual budgeting for fighting, the US only outspends China about 4:1.

...and if China decides to invade, say, Indonesia, would you really bet on Obama standing up to them?

"...and if China decides... (Below threshold)

"...and if China decides to invade, say, Indonesia, would you really bet on Obama standing up to them?"

Bluntly? No.

Oh, there will be diplomatic language to pretty it up, but in the end it'll translate down to "Not our problem, as long as we can ignore it."

But I'm doubtfuil China would do that. I think they've seen over the last decade or two that there's a lot more profit to be made from peaceful trade than a smash and grab for territory - not to mention the fact you have to rebuild what you smashed after you grabbed in the first place.

RM, it really was woefully ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

RM, it really was woefully ignorant of me to post that. What I should have said is that the US military budget would still be "larger than those of all other powers who could possibly seriously threaten us, combined, including many who are now our allies."

I don't lie on the Internet, but, as I'm sure you've noticed, I sometimes say stupid things.






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