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Beverly Young saves the day

My favorite wife of a Congressman is back in the news.

Beverly Young knew there was a reason she missed her flight to the nation's capital Monday.

Young, the outspoken wife of Florida Rep. C.W. Bill Young of Indian Shores, found out why on Wednesday, during a two-hour US Airways flight from Tampa to Washington, D.C.

Minutes after takeoff, Young heard the flight crew call for anyone with medical training.

An 81-year-old woman travelling to Pittsburgh with her 17-year-old granddaughter to attend her husband's funeral had passed out in the bathroom.

"We had just taken off and I was on page 13 of my new book," said Young, 53. "I think God put me on that plane for a reason."

Young, who did a stint as a firefighter and medic in her 20s, put down the book and jumped over her husband to get to the woman, who had reported feeling nauseated earlier.

"She passed out right away. Her lips were turning blue," Young said. "I just blew once, compressed once, and that made her cough."

After she revived the woman, who also has a home in Crystal River, Young did what she could to keep the woman awake.

They chatted about grandchildren, jewelry and politics. The woman said she was a Democrat but promised to vote for Young's husband next time.

Bill Young will soon mark 40 years in Congress. Is there a Republican in the House of Representatives who has served longer?

I'm guessing Beverly didn't speak to the grandmother like she speaks to wounded soldiers and Marines when she and her husband pay visits to either Walter Reed or Bethesda Naval Hosp.

But Beverly Young, the wife of Rep. C.W. Bill Young of Indian Shores, doesn't play by those rules. Spend a day with her visiting wounded Marines at the National Naval Medical Center and you'll hear a few expletives. When she sees a photograph of a former hospital official, Beverly says: "See this b----? If she were here, I'd deck her."

But mostly what you hear from Beverly is compassion for the Marines who lie in the surgical ward, wincing from their injuries. Many have had arms or legs amputated. She holds their hands and tells each of them, "We love you, Marine."

Go read the entire 2005 St. Pete Times article. I really wish Beverly would run for the Senate in Florida next year.


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Seems like a case of "Guess... (Below threshold)

Seems like a case of "Guess which party" in reverse. If you do something noteworthy or admirable (you know, like saving a life) and you're a Republican, the party affiliation is conveniently omitted.

She puts a whole lot of pol... (Below threshold)

She puts a whole lot of politicians to shame - from both sides of the isle.






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