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Get well Barbara Bush

She just had AVR Surgery. From AP-

Former first lady Barbara Bush was recovering Thursday following 2 1/2-hour heart surgery to replace her aortic valve, hospital officials said.


The surgery was scheduled last week after Mrs. Bush, 83, experienced a shortness of breath, McGrath said. He said doctors determined the aortic valve had started to harden.

Dr. Gerald Lawrie, a heart surgeon at the Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center, replaced the valve with a biologic valve, which is made of natural living tissue, the hospital said in a statement. Lawrie said the surgery went "extremely well."


Family spokesman Jim McGrath said Mrs. Bush was up and talking Wednesday night in intensive care only hours after undergoing the procedure at The Methodist Hospital.

Hospital spokeswoman Gale Smith said there was no change in her condition Thursday morning. "We're still monitoring her," she said.

Former President George H.W. Bush was at the hospital with his wife, McGrath said. The hospital said the former first lady was expected to be released in seven to 10 days.

Up and talking means you feel like you been hit by a bus. I know, I had similar surgery(and repair of a aneurysm) last summer but my replacement valve was mechanical. Lets pray she has a speedy and uncomplicated recovery.


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